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6 hours ago

Also melee vs melee lanes aren't boring to the people who like playing fighters top lane. Believe it or not there's more to laning skill than "dodge the skillshot".
Can you give me an example or two of what you consider an interesting melee vs. melee encounter in top?

6 hours ago

I just wish you guys would just balance **** all the time and not cater to Professional Players. At all. Professional Players will adapt because they're godly at this game. You don't need to baby them.

And not balancing a champion immediately just because they're popular is also really aggrivating.
We don't balance the game just for the pros. We do pay a lot of attention to how they are playing because A) they tend to influence what a lot of other players are playing, and B) their skill is such that they are very sensitive to small balance nuances that many other players might not notice.

As far as champion popularity, the issue isn't that we are afraid of player wrath if we nerf popular champions. Sometimes the champion is popular just because they're overpowered. But sometimes they are popular because they are fun or because others in the same role aren't as much fun. We try to be very responsive to players, and that includes having a game that is balanced but also a game that is fun to play. If you keep slapping players across the wrists for playing fun champions it's really easy to send the unintentional message that we don't want them to have fun.

We have been told by RIOT employees numerous times that although this is a multi-million dollar company nearly all of the departments consist of like 3-4 people.

The balance department in particular has only shown to be 4 people, in any discussion that asks why everything takes so bloody long. Now you could defend this and post some number about how many of you are actually on the balance team, but that would be even worse PR then you create by taking the blame yourself, because then we know you have the resources to do things much quicker, with higher quality, and you are simply bad at your jobs.

So which is it? Are you a low staffed team, and therefore the blame rests on exactly what these forums think it does, or have we been mislead and your actual team is just lazy?
Riot tends to have small teams, but it depends a lot on what that team is working on. The live team has more than 3-4 people, but that's really not the whole story. A lot of Rioters contribute to balance, from playtesting, to live data analysis, to assimilating community feedback, to "Hey this experience happened to me last night, maybe we should look at it." There are also risks to having too many people working on a team -- it's hard to keep in tight communication and make sure two groups aren't trying to solve the same problem in different ways. In any case, "design" is my team. I don't tell the balance team what to do, except at a very high level. I talked a lot about WoW class balance, which led to this persistent myth that I did it all myself.

The slowing of champion releases may be one way Riot is trying to help get the game balanced. Introducing a new cog to the wheel affects the whole thing....but what happens when league reaches 200+ champions. What is Riot planning to do at this point?
There are some solutions to having a huge champion roster. Yes, the game would probably be easier to balance at 100 champions or even 5, but that would be boring. One of the things that keeps League fresh (by which I mean it contributes but isn't sufficient to solve the problem all by itself) is a constant stream of new champions (and some updated old ones as well).

With that in mind, what does riot want to do with other roles? Support has changed a lot with season 4's gold income, and there is currently a large gap between utility mages, tanks, and 'traditional' pure utility supports, what identity to you want supports to have, and how are you going to try to give all supports an equal opportunity to meet this identity?
Utility is fun. We don't want supports to just be warders, nor we want them to just be the dudes who don't get any kills in order to funnel all the gold to their carries. We also don't feel that we nailed the season 4 gold income, so it's something we're going to have to keep working on.

The bruiser rework was promised for season 4, but we haven't seen much other than the Skarner and Rengar reworks, both of which were controversial. What is riot going to do for bruiser itemization? What are they going to do for making immobile bruisers viable? Will champions like Darius or Sion ever get a chance to be viable in higher tiers of play?
Promising anything is dangerous, because it implies we should ship changes that we aren't happy with just because we said we would. The game still needs a fighter / bruiser rework. Some of that is itemization changes. Some of it is just giving melee champions some interesting ways to interact with other champions beyond just smashing someone with an axe or be kited endlessly.

And finally, where does riot want to balance League of Legends? Around the professional scene? Casual? Somewhere in between? What demographic of players is most important to the company when it comes to champion balance decisions?
Ultimately, we try to balance for the players who are playing the game, which means all of them. I know that's a tall order, but we wouldn't be happy with a model that was to only balance for the best players or to neglect them. We do want LCS to be fun to watch, but we also want League to be fun to play for the Bronze player who is still finding their way. Sometimes those directions are contradictory, say for a champion that is only good in organized team play but not solo queue, and in those cases, balance gets super tricky.

What are your thoughts on pigeon holing a champion to a certain role vs letting them be able to go multiple places. Alistar is a good recent example of this, back in I think season 2 he was buffed up so that he could be a jungler as well as a support but found his ganking power to be super strong so he was nerfed so that he was a much less appealing choice as a jungler. Now he's gotten some buffs to be a better support, and even more nerfs to be less of a jungler.
All things being equal, champions that can fill multiple roles are cool. There are two big footnotes to this. First, we haven't always been great at supporting novel use of champions. In the past, if an AD Marksman started to get played as an AP, we'd sometimes stomp it out quickly because it was unintended without really establishing if the play pattern was healthy (e.g. did it have sufficient team play and counterplay) and if players would be able to come up with strategies to counter that play. We are trying to be less reactionary to those opportunities. Second however, game health still is a thing we have for which we have to be mindful. Jungle Alistar tends to be pretty frustrating for the other team, so it's not something we're likely to support without some fundamental changes to his abilities. Support Annie, Mid Lulu, AP Ez are champion roles we have no fundamental issue with, as long as they don't eclipse the champion's performance in all other roles.

How would you respond to accusations that your design goal is to make sweeping changes every now and then in order to drastically change the game to try to artificially keep people interested?
It isn't our philosophy to constantly reinvent the game. We think the core games is pretty compelling. There is a risk that League can get stale though. New champions and alternate game modes can help offset that, but you do see players who just get bored if they think the meta is too rigid or each game just feels too similar to the last. So in that sense, we do think it's healthy for the game to evolve. I think I am reacting most to the subtext of the accusation (which I realize isn't yours per se) that the changes are sweeping, arbitrary or thoughtless. There is a happy medium between the extremes of ossification and the wild, wild west.

Is there truly no room for melee DPS? If it is because they have no outplay, how much outplay does an autoattacking ranged champion have? You can't block them, you can't peel them, they don't use skillshots and some ADCs such as Quinn can even build semi-tanky. Do you think that fighters should be buffed, and how would you do it?
There is room for melee DPS, but we're not there yet. It's harder to give melee skill shots. It's harder to give melee a reason to go in, do damage, then break off the attack, since they are designed to do damage in a small window (when they are in melee) and spend the rest of the time gap closing / being kited. It's harder to keep the distinction between fighters and tanks, since fighters have to be fairly survivable to even get to melee. We think we can address all of those issues, but they will take time, and sadly longer than we originally thought. Some of these changes are champion updates to give them more to do than just whack at an opponent. Some of these changes are more systemic, such as making sure fighters and tanks build items differently.

How can we speak with the developers when they so rarely speak up or have discussions?
We are trying to get back to that. There was a time when more Rioters were all over the boards and Reddit. For a variety of reasons, that has eroded somewhat, but it doesn't have to be that way. I personally always loved that about Riot, and it's something I am passionate about trying to get back to.

6 hours ago

I mean I ultimately understand that's what's going on, but I don't mind expending a little bit of energy to address player concerns, even if the concern is about how I roll.

20 hours ago

Originally Posted by Dyrone Darius View Post
Just another thing Iron Stylus, I do have tons of free time and was wondering if there are ways I could use said free time to teach myself how to do any of the things you listed?

Any free things I can download to try to teach myself these things then in the future I can potentially put these skills to work?

Just anything for any of these, I know this isn't really giving you anyone to help you guys work on these things but I can be a person who can do these kinds of things in the future.
Well, it might be hard to get the software, but there are trials, student versions, etc, of all sorts. But if you want to shoot for some extremely valuable disciplines:

Technical Art/Animation - Rigging, skinning, weighting, etc. EXTREMELY valuable and hard to find specialists in.


Visual Effects - painting your own textures, making your own models, and being able to implement them. Again, extremely valuable skill set which we always have a need for. Photoshop, Maya


21 hours ago

Originally Posted by Awakezzz View Post
You mentioned that live balance was a direction of interest or possibly a position at Riot. Is this a specific position or part of a more broad position?

What exactly would be the qualifications necessary for someone to be a "live balance" designer.
I'd suggest looking here:


That said, do your best to reach out casually to designers in the field. Whether it's at Riot or whatever. That's a big reason I actually tout twitter. Everyone from Morello to Scarizard is on there. Try reaching out. I know the design application process is really rigorous and I'm probably not the best person to give context on it.

21 hours ago

Originally Posted by Arcus Veles View Post
Everything that makes you not a ****** to work with.
Haha, I sometimes go to the cut-and-dry and tell people pretty much this.

"What are soft skills?"

"Basically don't be an @$$hole."

1 day ago

Originally Posted by rtsRANGEL View Post
So what you are saying is that you will never be able to hire another person because the requirements are so specific?

In seriousness, I'm sure there are a ton of people with your skill requirement that would love to work at riot if you guys advertised at all that you were hiring. And if they don't have quite what you are looking for, you can't train people that at least have somewhat of a background in this? It was my understanding that the gaming industry was very competitive and all of a sudden these people do not exist?
No, we hire the people who are right. We're certain hiring, just head over to the jobs page. All the positions I've listed are available. The requirements we put down are industry standard. Maybe the only exception is hand-painted texturing ability and hand-keyed animation. Those are genre and sometimes company specific.

Not sure what "advertise" means, but we go to a lot of conventions, conferences, schools, etc. We're always looking to recruit.

You can indeed train people, but the skill sets I've listed are minimum requirements for pretty much any industry job. Also, it's best to have people who already have a great start than to train up someone from nothing. Just throwing more bodies at the project helps no one.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Fiora All Night View Post
I was a computer science major and would love to do stuff like this for a living, as would many of the people I know in the department.

Sadly these are very specific skills that don't seem to be taught in any school or readily available trade program that I know of. Unless you and the entire game industry wants to rely on there being enough people willing and able to master these tools on their own in their spare time...

...would you consider training people, possibly an internship?
It can be difficult to get a straight answer in school as to what skills (technical and personal) one needs to know to get into the industry. That's why it's super important to look at specific companies and what they specifically need in order to tailor your education. Part of learning is knowing what you want. Sometimes that's hard to find, I understand. No one told me how to get where I am, I had to learn in a fairly difficult way. Now I try to communicate best I can to students and aspiring professionals what the qualifications are for the industry.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by I Smited Nexus View Post
Company that large shouldn't have so many issues to find a team. Post jobs around, take more initiative to find people.
We have a whole page of postings. We also visit a lot of places talking to prospective hires. It can be a challenge to find the right people who have the necessary skills in both technical areas and personal areas. "Soft skills" are super important to culture fit.

2 days ago

Quoting Lyte from http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com...php?p=48344274

There's been a lot of discussion recently about Leavers/AFKs, and I wanted to jump in and just dump some thoughts. We absolutely agree with players, games shouldn't start when a player fails to connect. We also agree that 4v5s in general are pretty terrible experiences, but there's starting to be a lot of misquoting and misunderstandings going around the forums.

Some players are saying that we wouldn't do any of the proposed "obvious" solutions like restarting a match or some type of heavy penalty queue because of potential abuse. This is false. When we talk about "Prisoner's Island" and separating playerbases or forcing players to play alternative queues with long queue times, we are specifically talking about Prisoner's Island not working well with nuanced, subjective behaviors like whether a player was toxic; this is completely different than a binary behavior like whether a player left a game or not. We're completely fine with some sort of solution that restarts the match or allows an early restart/surrender if there's a player that fails to connect to the game, or DCs in the first few minutes. However, we're not OK with allowing players to leave very late in games and still allow players to all abandon the match with no penalties. These are two very different scenarios. Most games (even DOTA2) still record stats/hand out harsh penalties if you leave after 5 minutes.

For awhile, there was a team (not Player Behavior) at Riot was working on this feature, but they were taken off to work on some other important issues.

To give you some more insight behind the scenes, the Player Behavior team has been working on Team Builder for awhile, and we still have a few things lined up; for example, we have finished designs that we need to implement for Honor to make the system feature complete, and we were also responsible for revamping the Tribunal to make it globally available while also improving some of the known flaws of the system. It's a lot of stuff, and they aren't trivial features so it takes awhile to implement systems that function at the scale League operates at.

However, we've known about Leavers/AFK issues in League for awhile, and have wanted to address it as soon as we can, in-between the larger projects above. Most teams have a big project they are focused on, but also work on "small scope" improvements to the game whenever they can; for example, the Player Behavior team recently worked on an improvement to matchmaking that will drop queue times for high MMR players to ~5 minutes instead of ~30-45 minutes or more--this feature is currently running in Team Builder so if you're high MMR, test it out and give us feedback. If it works well, we'd love to bring it to other queues. We also took some time off Team Builder to look into map issues between Blue/Purple and did a few fixes there to get it into a better state. We worked on these problems ahead of Leavers/AFKs because at the end of the day, they affected a lot more players.

When we look at Leavers/AFKs, we have to look at a few things. As a baseline, how often do Leavers/AFKs happen in games? What about in different queues? What you see is that even with a 5% rate of Leavers/AFKs in games globally across the world, you'll still have players who see up to 50, 60, 70, even 80% of their games have Leavers/AFKs. That's simply statistics and unlucky streaks--with millions of players playing the game, you actually have thousands (even tens of thousands) of players with streaks of games with Leavers/AFKs in all of them. But, globally, the Leaver/AFK rates in League is acceptable (but could be better). In fact, if you look at other MOBAs, you generally find similar Leaver/AFK rates and their forums also have a large number of players complaining about Leavers/AFKs. Feel free to do a poll, or run statistics on the last 10 matches of every player on the forums or game and see what the leave rates are--they will probably surprise most players even though they probably could be better still.

What's interesting is that if you look at Leaver/AFK data, you can see that a % of the Leaves/AFKs are due to hardware issues, ISP issues, or other issues outside of the game's control. There's nothing Riot (or designers in general at any studio) can do to solve those issues. For these types of "external" issues, we'd like to allow players to reconnect or restart matches if a player fails to connect at the start of a game. But, we won't be allowing full resets or restarts if a player "fails to connect" 45 minutes into a match for example.

There's also always room for improvement for Leavers/AFKs that are intentional (the rage quitter). We'd like to improve the LeaverBuster system to be a lot more harsh to these players; there's a few ideas on the table (including forcing them to play with other leavers, reduced IP per game, and other strong penalties like that). Hopefully, this gives you more info on what's going on at Riot regarding Leavers/AFKs, and why it's work that we do want to do. At some point, I'd love to go over the Leaver/AFK data in-depth for League of Legends and talk about how each feature of LeaverBuster affected the numbers, but that'll have to be when I'm not at home typing away.

(Apologies on the brain dump)

3 days ago

When I first played League, Sivir had just been introduced.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by MasterOfTheOrder View Post
I'm not trying to be a jerk here… but all I understood from that was "these are good reasons, but the only reason it'll never happen is because we want you to buy the champs instead".

I may only feel that way because what you wrote is EXACTLY what I would say instead.
Can't stress enough how much the above is not the case. I believe L4T3NCY was referring more specifically to how the re-roll system in its current state doesn't necessarily work as well in a situation where all the champs are unlocked. Imagine 2 situations:

1. Current situation, player has a limited amount of champs available in ARAM (assuming it's a non-ARAM only account). These are likely Champions they are familiar with or have been interested in at some point, even if they're not great ARAM champs. Rerolls will consistently get them something they are likely to know.

2. Unlocked situation, player has access to all champs available in ARAM. The day this gets turned on, you're likely to start playing with a slew of unfamiliar characters. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in the long run, but it is very different. Your re-rolls mean something a little different now. Instead of rolling out of a champ you don't want to play into another you're familiar with, you're much more likely to get another champ you don't know which can feel pretty disruptive.

If we're going to design something new, we want to keep that second player experience in mind. I think exposing players to more champs is probably a good thing in the long run, but not at the expense of a really poor initial experience. Don't know the exact solution, but it likely revolves around revamping the re-roll system in some way to give players a little more control, or some alternative that meets the same need.

Anyway, as someone who plays a LOT of ARAM I'm pretty passionate, if we do ever do this I want us to approach it in a way that feels good for my fellow ARAM players

3 days ago

Anivia in the Beta, then onto Morg

Took a long break for a while though!

3 days ago

Originally Posted by lojician View Post
Would the vayne thing just be because it increases her movement radius under stealth? If anything I'd think champions with repositioning skills would be affected less. Or is it speed effectiveness scaling inversely with range or something?
Not completely certain, couple of things I'm inclined to attribute it to though. Vayne doesn't have any way of projecting influence beyond her auto attack range. Combine that with the way ADC trading/CSing/harassment bot often skirts just around AA ranges (to the extent that a 550 AA versus a 575 AA is a really noticeable difference) and a small difference in MS can make the difference between being able to land or avoid a hit or not. Similarly kills or escapes will often come down to a single AA's worth of health, often just barely landed or escaped.

Agree with your point that dashes/blinks should be expected to reduce such impacts. In Vayne's case however I think the factors amplifying movement sensitivity are strong enough to outweigh the mobility she gets from her kit though.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Lulu Our Goddess View Post
One thing I'd like to know if the hitbox could be increased a little because I swear varus ult feels like it's far more difficult to hit than other skillshots.
A higher hit rate, via width, was something we've talked about as well. Agree it feels like it's missed a lot, it's a pretty fast skillshot (2000) with a fair bit of width already (around 100 from memory, not certain off the top of the head) though so I'd be a little hesitant to make it too generous (would also reduce the current cases we see of chaining it with allied CC from your support which can add some interesting play to bot lane comps, CD reduction by contrast supports that).

3 days ago

Originally Posted by doublelift fg View Post
then why don't you buff his slow? it had 18 seconds cd, and only 20-36% slow
No shortage of champs with slows. As above we're seeing if there's mileage in buffing something more distinct. On top of that a slow's fairly or completely ineffective against a fair number of diving champs, in contrast to a root.

4 days ago

Hey guys, I wanted to clarify that we do not give free transfers to LAN if you're having connectivity issues on NA! Sorry for the confusion.

4 days ago

The problems with the lee sin debate is one side complains that he's "op" yet Lee Sin has NEVER had the best win rate in LoL. I think I need to repeat that again LEE SIN HAS NEVER HAD THE BEST WIN RATE IN LOL. Lee Sin IS a problem, and Riot has nerfed him MULTIPLE times.
There are many ways to measure diversity or even effectiveness. His win rate isn't a problem. What a lot of players are saying is that they feel fatigue from seeing him every single game (even that is an exaggeration but you get the idea).

4 days ago

Originally Posted by Rosy View Post
Do they have to know how to do all of those things?
No, each of those is a separate set of requirements.

5 days ago

First off, when a post receives so many replies that Rioters don't want to read them all to continue a discussion, you don't just ignore it for convenience. You commit a little more time to understanding what the issue under discussion is and you DO something about it QUICKLY because it's clearly a post PEOPLE CARE ABOUT.
I didn't say that we weren't reading it. I was saying it was increasingly harder to make responses that contributed to the conversation. Later posters weren't even reading the earlier posts (even though we still were) and increasingly off-topic posts were happening just because of the red posts. As an aside, we totally appreciate that the proverbial pot was bubbling over on this issue and had we addressed it earlier maybe it wouldn't have exploded. But the fact is that it did explode, and it's one of the limitations of forum communication that threads just become unwieldy at some point.

I'd also challenge that doing something QUICKLY is always the best solution. If it's something that affects the enjoyment of the game for a lot of players, then quick and clumsy may be the best approach. At other times, it makes more sense to wait a few patches for a change that has a chance of lasting more than a few more patches.

We understand some of you would be happy with us essentially deleting Lee Sin by nerfing his stats so much that nobody will play him competitively. That's a nuclear option for us. It ends up being just as controversial and making as many players unhappy as not doing anything. We thought we had a good solution for him several months ago. The response from players was pretty negative. Yes, some players wouldn't tolerate any change to a favorite champ and we can't be held hostage to that tactic or we can never nerf anyone. Others presented compelling arguments that Lee's mobility was a defining trait for him, and a fun one that required a fair amount of skill. We were swayed by those arguments and decided not to make any changes at that time. But we still want to make changes. We'll be interested in seeing the response to them.

5 days ago

Nice nice, but you completely avoid the issue of Lee Sin in this response as you did in the other thread (which has gone silent from Riot answers for the last 3 days, btw). Lucian just got his recent set of changes. Vel'koz is getting some changes geared specifically to push him out of bot lane and back in mid.

Where are the Lee Sin nerfs?
I didn't ignore the LS discussion. The thread had reached the point where new folks were jumping in saying "Too many posts so I'm not going to read them," which makes continuing discussions difficult.

I said we want to give him some weaknesses without redefining the champion. I said we aren't sure yet what those weaknesses will be. When we do know, I will most likely not be the one to announce it. Look for a patch forecast or something similar.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler View Post
Lee Sin isn't a frost mage. I only buff frost mages.
Wow, that would be really cool of you.
I'm frozen with anticipation.

5 days ago

Seems you might be "listening" but your interpretation is garbage (no offense).
None taken. My standard somewhat snarky response to that argument (because it's fairly common) is that you tell us which are the players we should listen to and which we should ignore, and we'll do that.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by Zantheus View Post
I beseech you.

Do you take TP/Clair and build mobi/guards?

I've been having the most success with heal/flash and playing defensive/poke and capitalizing when others make mistakes on positioning. His E's range is deceptively long. It's also not too difficult to contribute to a jungle gank in bot lane with your ult. Their will almost always be some form of CC which makes landing his ultimate pretty dang easy. At the worst you get a 4+ minute flash cooldown for your ult cooldown, which is almost always worth it.

General Discussion IronStylus RIP ironstylus (Quick Preview) ( 5 days ago )
5 days ago

I saw this.. and.. I don't know how to feel :|

5 days ago

Originally Posted by chumbler View Post
If you think that pose is beautiful and the extreme version of the action, I question whether you should be animating anything. That's not doing an extreme version of the action, that's doing the action completely wrong. That is not how even an "extreme" version of landing from a leap would work. That's is not how an "extreme" throw would work. Landing on the correct leg is not boring. Throwing in a way that would maximize velocity rather than minimizing it is not boring. Like, you shouldn't have to be told this stuff. It should be obvious if you have ever run, jumped, or thrown anything ever. If you think making sure the action is done properly even when exaggerated is boring and static, then maybe you shouldn't be the one judging these things.

The Sivir splash art is not beautiful. It is simply bad (and more or less plagiarized). I'm not even touching on the rampant sexualization and anatomical issues in Riot's splash art for female champions. This is purely the Sivir splash completely failing at what it is purported to convey. A haymaker is a dramatic exaggeration of a straight punch. Sivir's splash is swinging with the wrong end of the bat.
Since we're calling me out on my job:

I agree with you if I look at this pose as her landing from a leap, yes it's completely wrong and weird. But I'm 98% sure splash intended for this to be the last step of a run into a throw (especially since Sivir does not have a leap in game)

The splash in my mind is the final step in her run as she changes directions slightly to the camera before she boosts off her leg to throw her weapon. In this case with the direction she appears to be moving from vs throwing you would not push off from the leg on the same side of your body as the arm you are throwing with. That would be a weak throw.

When you make a pose such as that in animation, you feel it, you don't actually 'see' it.

That pose can easily be utilized in a powerful throw animation as her arm flies out radially around her, her torso rotates upwards into a strong contrasting "up" pose completely changing silhouette. The contrasts in posing would sell it really hard.

Feel free to frame by frame our recent character's animations and you'll quickly start to notice some really crazy poses you never knew existed and you'll understand better where I'm coming from.

After reading your post talking about landing from a leap, I'm sure we're both seeing different actions here. Maybe it still doesn't belong in a splash as it appears many people are seeing it from a much different perspective as me. That's for the splash team to decide.

5 days ago

Lee Sin isn't a frost mage. I only buff frost mages.

5 days ago

I kid you not while I was playing WoW years ago I vividly remember a post by Ghostcrawler saying he doesnt care at all about the community input, he knows whats best for WoW.
With all due respect, this is poop. I would never say that I don't care about community input. Maybe artists or writers can get away with delivering on a vision without outside input, but I don't believe many game developers can work that way, at least if they are building games with a large player base.

On the contrary, I recognized really early on in my career how valuable getting unfiltered feedback is from players. That's why I have always spent so much effort to try to communicate on forums, twitter or even face to face. I don't know how you can develop games without that input, and the fact that Riot takes player feedback so seriously is one of the reasons I decided it would be a good fit for me.

Now, it's possible that someone was misquoting or misremembering an instance when I was trying to explain the role of a game designer. Sometimes players will assert that the community should be responsible for balance (or even all) changes to a game, because players as a collective spend far more time with the game than any individual developer ever could. My opinion on that approach is that it wouldn't work well. Crowdsourcing is great at solving problems or even coming up with novel ideas, but it isn't great at designing things. Players have different interests or goals or even different visions for how they think a game should work. Instead, I believe better results are achieved when there is a vision holder making decisions, but those decisions are informed from player feedback.

The distinction is something like this:

-- Should a developer make *every* change suggested by players? No way and yikes.
-- Should a developer make changes that are informed by player feedback? *Every* time.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by Cytus View Post
Whist I appreciate you being here but instead of arguing about Sivir and her abnormal stance would you be so kind as to answer the question regarding skins not being updated?
We have begun updating old textures as a small band-aid, though some of those have met some resistance. We are learning from that feedback, so keep it coming. Sona has a model update on PBE right now. I don't want to put more pressure on any of the people working on these things but I hope we are able to do more of these. A lot of old content updates is stuff done by people who have some down time, I don't know if Sona is one of those times, I never asked.

Originally Posted by Hamadriade View Post
I love your posts dude, so well made and informative. Can you teach this to Baconhawk? His posts are more about bacon and hawks rather than info.
Bacon will make a serious post if there is a need or a desire on her end. Being that she's QA there's not much for her to discuss that's a typical hot topic as we don't ever want to put pressure on other disciplines. The same for me, I can't answer most questions like release times, balance, etc with any sort of authority. You wanna talk about a pose? hell yeah.

Speaking of which:
Since I'm on my lunch and I brought my own, I slopped together a quick animation to show how I'm seeing the Sivir splash for anybody who thinks she's landing a leap and is not seeing the run-throwing pose:
Click image for larger versionName:	SivirTest.gifViews:	725Size:	43.2 KBID:	1018470

EDIT: Since a few of you guys love to take things out of context of informative posts: Smaller scope changes to old champions like run cycles are done typically when somebody is blocked (ie for animation the proxy on a new skin isn't made yet and we finished our previous stuff). VU team does the big full reworks: Twitch/Heimer etc where the champion gets a new model, rig, effects, animation set, and voice.