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1 hour ago

We have direct evidence that the account was sold for $50 on 02/24/2014 through a third party website. You then contacted Player Support and attempted to recover the account in order to scam the player who bought the account from you. For these reasons, the suspension will not be lifted.

21 hours ago

I want to bring some clarification about what we consider as MMR Boosting and our investigation methods towards this. MMR Boosting is the action of a player (Booster) logging into another player’s account (Boostee) with the intent of improving the boostee’s ranking. Duo queuing DOES NOT fall under MMR Boosting nor does improving/being good at the game. We take many situations and scenarios into consideration when investigating for MMR Boosting to make sure that we are punishing the right players (vacation, logging in at a friend’s place, getting hacked, VPN, proxies, etc.).

I can understand the request of evidence or information that was gathered against a boosted/boosters account. We do not release the information requested to preserve our investigation methods. If our methods were revealed, this would allow other players participating in this offense to adjust their methods.

All investigations for MMR Boosting are done manually. There is no bot or automated system used in this process and completely done by a human. Each investigation is looked into thoroughly prior to issuing out a punishment. Granted, we do make mistakes. In the past, we have removed punishments from accounts after players wrote in to us and provided us with the information needed. I would like to emphasize that these have been minority cases. If a player feels that they did not participate in these actions, we encourage them to write in a ticket to us. We will then do another manual investigation to make sure that there was no false punishment made.

I have double, triple, and quadruple investigated your account manually. The account has been boosted during the 2014 Season. If you would like to discuss more about your account and its suspension, I would be happy to talk to you more in your ticket.

1 day ago

Come submit this to Teemo Scouts Europe! This is amazing!

1 day ago

Morgageddon frowns.

It's cloudy at work, I can't see it that well

1 day ago

Originally Posted by My Pet Dinosaur View Post
I know you're not in charge of balancing, but can you at least temporarily hotfix the clouds here in PA until the balance team can take a better look at this weird bug? It isn't happening for everyone, but I know the issue isn't isolated to just me.
Yeah let me hit up the Release Team and see if we can't work out some sort of hotfix.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Shaella View Post
yes, but unless they're alone its useless
Good thing we're all playing solo queue :P

And in a teamfight, she's an ADC, so she's got plenty of protection.

It's like... If she was just as good as Caitlyn in every respect BUT ALSO got to run around assassinating people, she'd be broken. Everyone's got things they're good at and things they're bad at.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by ZankouHoshizora View Post
By the same token, though: flip a coin ten times, odds are you won't see 10 heads in a row. Flip a coin one million times, odds are you will see 10 in a row somewhere in there.
Think about it this way:

There is a 1/5 chance you get Pick Number X.

Say every League Player in the world plays five games today. There is a 1/3125 chance that any given LoL player just got First Pick all five games. Or Last Pick all five games.

There are way more than 3125 LoL players in the world. If any of them goes to the forums and goes, "WTF I just got last pick 5 times in a row, way to make a random system Riot!" I can easily say, "Well there are millions of us LoL players. Lots of us are bound to get that sometimes. It is random after all."

Seven times in a row is 1/78125. There have been way more than 78,000 Ranked Games played this season. 10 times in a row is 1/9,765,625. Odd are, someone has actually gotten the same pick 10 times in a row. Because there are just that many games played every day.

Still random.

3 days ago

@Cryptidian I hope you are able to successfully address your issues over time. I am glad that league is indeed helping you. Ironstylus shared his experiences with depression in this thread. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com...07911#38907911

3 days ago

Realize that there are millions of players. By default, with a random system, you aren't going to get an exactly equal distribution.

Put those two together, and there's definitely going to be some people who always/never get 1/2/3/4/5 position.

3 days ago

Morgageddon pops in with a slightly informed answer.

I actually talked with some designers and balance team members when we were doing the testing on her reduced mana costs, with that exact same question. Why couldn't we use a vector to make her wall? It would allow the player more freedom for where and how the wall was to be made.

The answer was two-fold in both speed to choice, and visibility for understanding.

That sounds a wee bit complex, so let me explain.

It's very easy to instantly drop a wall behind someone, click and it goes. This would let you naturally R E Q, any combination of the rest of your spells. The critical thing to note is that your mouse would be right where the wall was, which should make targeting your next spell easier. If you had vector targeting, even if you only had to drag it the smallest of distance, you then had to drag it back to select your target for your spells. It ruined the natural flow of the spell.

The second bit was visibility. With her W, it's actually very easy to see how long it'll be with the indicator. With vector targeting, it wasn't that easy to signal how large the wall would be at any level. Even if you limited the distance you could drag to showcase the size, it was still awkward to know how wide of an area you could wall off. Coupled with that, most people didn't naturally want to click *behind* the champion and then direct the wall past them, to try and line up the middle with them. Most players would click and drag, and from the starting point, that would allow players to just walk backwards the slightest amount to walk around and escape.

In short, it was considered and wasn't deemed better than the current system. Does that mean it'll always be this way? No idea, but vector targeting currently is out if her W was to change right now, to a different method.

4 days ago

Originally Posted by EdenFinite View Post
So basically, even though the experiment saw improvements in the area that the queue was most highly criticized for, you decided to back-pedal because some whiny ******bags complained about not having a feature that they don't need in the first place, which doesn't help to make matchmaking queues shorter in any way and doesn't benefit the community as a whole. Way to have no spine.

On top of that, you made it impossible for those below level 25 to use the queue, decreasing the amount of people matchmaking is capable f finding by about 95% and essentially ruining any chance of this queue being successful.

I mean it, **** you, riot.
I'm all about feedback, but let's keep it constructive.

The experiment saw improvements in queue times--but not enough to justify removing the ability for Solos to become Captains entirely. In fact, if we dig into the data at a higher resolution, some demographics of players saw improvements, while others did not--that's not a slam dunk. We're going to work on a feature that suggests more Captains or Solos depending on what's in demand, which is going to be the best of both worlds.

That's not back-pedaling, that's just making a tough call, but one we think is the right one.


About the restriction at Level 25 for now, that's an experiment. One, 95% of players playing Team Builder aren't below Level 25. In fact, the majority of players playing Team Builder are Level 30 , which is why we're seeing some queue time issues and match quality issues for low level players. We want to provide a Team Builder experience to players of all levels, but we need to take a moment to assess the data and see what the right next steps are.

5 days ago

He counters AP nidalee pretty well.

General Discussion Major Fatal Gotta hug 'em all! (Quick Preview) ( 5 days ago )
5 days ago

(っ⌒ ∗ ⌒)っ

5 days ago

Originally Posted by RyuPhalian View Post
Until he gets a bug fix, he isn't worth playing.

The bug is fixed on the pbe as we'll.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by Contra Malum View Post
We have to be lvl 25 to play teambuilder now??
We're running a lot of experiments in Team Builder at all times, and messaging for this one slipped a bit.

Right now, we're trying to see different ways we can improve the Team Builder experience, and we're seeing some queue time issues and match quality issues with lower level players. The vast majority of Team Builder games are Level 30 games, and because there are fewer low level players playing Team Builder, queue times are longer for low level players and the matches tend to be pretty lopsided (and sometimes stomps!). This is ultimately a poor experience for brand new low level players getting their feet wet in League of Legends.

We'll collect some data for awhile with Team Builder set to Level 25 while we brainstorm ways in the future to make Team Builder accessible for all level ranges without the decreases in match quality. For example, maybe it's something as simple as allowing you to be invited into a Team Builder game by someone who is Level 25 or higher. But, we haven't figured out what we want to do here yet.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by The Legend Momo View Post
So lyte, do you think there could be a way for ad carries to choose what supports they prefer, to help them find the right support? Or, they could put in what type of champion should be in each role, kind of like being a captain. Wouldn't that help optimize queue times?
Right now, Team Builder only looks at Position and Role when matchmaking players onto teams. If you think about it, if you choose to play Karthus-Mage-Middle, the Team Builder system is currently only trying to find teams that are looking for Mage-Middle, and not specifically looking at your Karthus proposal.

If we were to add more champion-specific filters like "I want to play Caitlyn, but only with a Taric," we'd 100% increase queue times and not optimize them! But, if we keep optimizing the system in other ways, and more players keep enjoying Team Builder (and reduce queue times through player volume), there's always potential to expand the capabilities of Solos or Captains in the system.

5 days ago

Originally Posted by Vortex IV View Post
You're going to have to start offering supports something extra to que up, just like WoW had to with tanks and healers whenever they did their LFG que interface. I stopped using team builder completely because we'd spend an hour just waiting for a support to appear, and when one did appear it was something stupid like AP miss fortune. I do like everything about team finder except that, and the fact that it doesn't match MMR even close to correctly (or didn't whenever I tested it originally).

Or the balance team could balance traditional supports and make them fun to play too. Either or.
We're working on ways for players to see what's currently in demand by teams, and choose options to fill for those teams; however, I don't think we're at the point where we need to give players rewards for playing specific roles.

If you think about the psychology behind Team Builder, a lot of the reduced negativity / increased teamwork comes from the fact that you made a choice and got to play your champion, your position, your role, when you want. Your fellow teammates made the same choices, and together as a team you can now collaborate far easier than before. If we start paying players to play a specific role, you lose a lot of the benefits of Team Builder; this is related to research on the psychology of motivation, and how giving people a reward could change the motivation for why a person is doing something. We want players to play a Mage because they want to play it, practice it, or enjoy it--not because they are being paid to do so.

General Discussion davin After Game Survey (Quick Preview) ( 5 days ago )
5 days ago

We use these in a few different ways. We usually do a random sample along with a sample that's just experienced the thing, so that we can get a read on general sentiment as well as for folks who are more involved.

So in Legal's case, the level 3 account was part of the random sample A rarity!

Hope you all find these surveys non-intrusive. We try to make them really quick little one-question things. They're a really handy way for us to hear from players all over the place!

5 days ago

Originally Posted by poopdood View Post
Hi Lyte,

I am very fond of everything about team builder. I think it should be the main queue mode. It is still blind pick and I see no reason why normal blind pick is still up; other than as a faster way to queue up. Normal blind pick is detrimental to team builder's development because players still instalocks and calls lanes and champions in the beginning of the queue in normal blind pick. In addition, people prefer normal blind pick because it's more populated and queue time is much much faster. If we remove or disable normal blind pick for a week, people will be able to appreciate the awesomeness that is Team Builder and more data can be evaluated from that aspect. What do you think?
I think there's potential in expanding Team Builder to possibly replace some queues; however, it's too early to tell. We're still very much iterating on Team Builder and running experiments every few days, and it wouldn't be responsible (or fun for players) if we made Team Builder the main queue when it's going through so much iteration.

Let's revisit this question down the line, when we've created a polished, awesome system.

6 days ago

Originally Posted by FatedTitan View Post
I chose Lissandra's tribe, but I liked all of them. I just recently switched from the Riven icon from Lunar Revel because no one else really bought it so I was one of my only friends, or anyone I saw for that matter, with it. I'm kind of a completionist. My Pokedex is filling up fast lol.
Yeah I have a small completion-ist itch but usually my laziness wins out - maybe the watermark suggestion above would happen in the future but I wouldn't expect it. I am not on the events team so I will stop discussing that stuff for now. I do appreciate the suggestions and sentiments in this thread though.

Without getting in to feasibility or pros/cons, the main themes so far are IP to skins in a gated way (rental, expensive, Small IP gains etc), gifting/transfers, gameplay (pick priority) and other types of customization (icons, league names, profile banners etc). Did I miss any categories? Would love to hear some more ideas outside of these areas if you have them!

Just to reiterate, there are no immediate plans to tackle this but it would be good to have a longer list of ideas for when the time comes.

6 days ago

16characters max

6 days ago

Originally Posted by TerminalVeloc1ty View Post
You shouldn't balance this game at low elo. At all. That is what's hurting this game.
I could simply add power until he felt right, but that approach would leave his balance extremely swingy and unpredictable while hurting the experience for the majority of players. Any short term gains I get from doing that would cost way too much in the long term, imo. I have to keep solving the underlying stuff to responsibly balance Heimer :3

6 days ago

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Heimerdinger thread ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

To my mind, any change to Heimer should keep in mind the massive disparity in power by skill and coordination; if the game is either plat+ or a ranked 5s, he sufffers. I feel Heimer's recent competitive play was quite healthy and enriched the games he was in--but I don't want to buy that viability with bronze blood xD

His power disparity has been the subject of a lot of my attention since the rework (before it, too :P ). It seems to come down to a few key factors: respect for the threat level of turrets, having to learn their counterplay, and turret AI being a help for beginners but a hindrance for experts.

I'm quite confident the recent buffs and nerfs moved Heimer in a better direction--better skill expression lategame, more difference between RQ and RW use cases, weakening the 'caught alone but coughed up RQ before dying' play, etc. My current Heimer strat is another period of data-gathering focused on understanding the power disparity, potentially followed by a second berf.

To that end, what factors do you folks think are most impactful at the extremes of skill, both high and otherwise? What about coordination, solo vs 5s?

7 days ago

Originally Posted by FatedTitan View Post
Technically, the Lunar Revel icons were an event as well
It looks like we are not currently planning to bring these back. I think that the "Choose your allegiance!" nature of this event makes it not a good fit. Sorry dude =(

Which one did you choose?

7 days ago

Originally Posted by FatedTitan View Post
Hey BuboBubo, any way that you can put the three Freljord icons in the store for 1500 IP so that we can grab the two we didn't choose?
Had not seen this suggestion before - I will bring it up - I have no clue what the stance on this would be (since they were event related)

7 days ago

Originally Posted by Cardboardowl View Post
it's not supposed to be worth it

it's just supposed to be something ridiculous
Do you think it's worthwhile to distinguish between expensive and ridiculous? My current feeling is that justifiably expensive is okay but offering a "ridiculous" option would damage players' trust in us.

For example, since summoner name changes are purely cosmetic (minus the sheer intimidation factor of being yoloswagmaster420) the high IP cost (both absolute and relative to the RP cost) was considered fair. But what if they cost 40k IP or 80k IP? Even though the additional IP option only increases the options available and can't make a player worse off - Is there a point at which players would interpret it as a trap or "scumbag riot"?

7 days ago

Originally Posted by Aerothal View Post
I thought that being able to buy small stuff (like the two icons) for IP was great. I dont expect skins, since that's the cash flow that keeps your company alive, but giving small incentives like the icons and name changes is awesome!
Glad you liked those! Admittedly they are small things, but happily in this case, small also meant low risk and easy to implement.

7 days ago

Wow, I can see a lot of time has been put into this. This was really fun to watch and I love how the characters were drawn and how they moved. There wasn't a place where I felt it was slow. Hope to see more things like this from you.

8 days ago

Maybe not that permanently yet, but here is something for you: http://forums.euw.leagueoflegends.co....php?t=1675517.

U.R.F. will be live a bit longer than originally planned

8 days ago

Hi! Some quick pointers from someone who just wrapped up preliminary work on a new WW kit:

1) The biggest issue here is direction. What would that new WW be? My impression is a very mobile fighter (three moveblocks now plus the old MS buff) who'd stack AD and mostly benefit from some little self-heal on the side. Once we'd be done balancing this kit, one of these aspects would have gone down the drain.

2) Your Q is something we considered and discarded early on. Two reasons:
a) Mini-knockbacks are SUPER ear-flicky. There is actually a LOT more power in them than you assume, but even when you bring them down to the point where there isn't excessive power, it still feels awful to be disrupted with such frequency. The ratio between WW's satisfaction (lowish) and the enemy's frustration (highish) is off.
b) The "claw moves from left to right in a small cone" is what I call imaginary gameplay. You'd imagine there'd be decision making involved in such an ability for WW and his enemy, but there really isn't. A melee range ability with a hit shape like that is either reliable enough for WW to hit (in which case there is no playing around it to dodge it) or so unreliable that it'll randomly miss.

3) The secondary resource is overly designery. What you actually get from it is some amount of in-combat ramp-up, which can be cool on certain kits (specifically kits that allow you to stay in combat until the ramp-up kicks in), but on your kit would only lead to an unkillable duelist who cannot function in teamfights (since he'd get burst down before the ramp-up kicks in). Also, having a resource that both gives you persistent bonuses AND is consumed for active effects is just awful for the player; it's messy unclear optimzation. You really don't know what your optimal play is and you'll never know after an engagement whether you did it right or not. We stay away from dual purposes resources for that very reason. (I also had a consumable resource that gave you persistent effects on the kit early, and it failed for exactly that reason).

Your instincts are spot-on thematically though!

And btw, this isn't stuff that we magically know better than you because of some secret designer bible; this is all stuff we've tried out and learned from in countless playtest (we playtest new / in development kits twice a day, every day; you quickly learn a lot of lessons)

My own decisions when it came to these questions were:

1) Warwick is a drain tank. This means we're decoupling his aggressive stats from his defensive stats entirely. Warwick heals more based on the bonus health he buys (and based on how long he stays in combat). Drain kits that dual-scale (e.g. a lifesteal Yi) tend to be extremely binary: they either don't live long enough for the drain to matter or they do and kill you while being immortal.

2) It is good to have a low mind-share, high reliability ability. My Q is almost the same as live. The only subtle difference is it counts as two attacks and thus double-procs on-hits (and builds two stacks). It's the button you press to top yourself up. It also does more damage to tanks, again thanks to the passive, leading to the subtlest of decision points in combats, but 99% of the time WW will use it against the nearest enemy to heal, and that's AOK.

3) Ramp-ups are cool, but they need to be appropriately gated and lead to an understandable pay-off with understandable counterplay. Currently, WW heals from basic attacks, Qs and Rs. The amount of healing he gets from these effects scales with his bonus health, but additionally whenever he procs his passive (the healing) with one of these effects, he puts a stack of Eternal Thirst on himself, which increases the heal effect by x% (currently 11%, stacks up to ten deep). That's totally overtuned, I'm sure, but we've not moved into competitive balance yet.

The effect here is that WW will try to somehow get these stacks up as soon as possible in a fight, but will generally need like 5s to get all the way there (unless he can afford to open with R, which gives him 6 stacks). Gameplay we've seen has included WWs stacking up on minions before going into a teamfight, waiting in the jungle and stacking up on durable monsters just before an engagement, WW kiting the hell out of the enemy tanks until he hits 10 and then turns, etc. It's very important that this ramp-up only benefits WW on ONE axis: defense. He doesn't get ANY more threatening through the stacks, and I believe that's a good thing. Additionally, the stacks fall off aggressively. They currently linger 1.8s and then fall off rapidly at 1 stack every 0.25s. This allows WW to "catch" himself as he falls, but it also makes it clear to the enemy what to do when the wolf becomes trouble (i.e.: kite, kite, kite).

Thank you for sharing your kit with me and let me know if you have any more questions!