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9 days ago

@Nimrobo: So where is EUNE server moving to and where from?

We'll be transitioning the server currently located in Frankfurt to Amsterdam.

@Sergeantkilljoy: Why do you even have 2 European server? Can't you merge them or something like that now that they are going to be at the same place?

Back in the day, when the servers' split happened, we did not have the ability to support the population amount on a sole European server. To ensure that we could withstand the load and provide the adequate regional support, EUW and EUNE were separated.

You could argue that we now have better infrastructure and would in theory be able to handle that, but having the servers under different "roofs" did add a lot of logistical benefits (not being reliant to one another, etc) and keeping them separated will help us retain this. And while they will be "rest" within the same location, they will not be connected to one another and function separately.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Skelfyr View Post
Hey there!
What happened to the announced Shaco rework earlier this year?
I don't remember seeing it announced, and the crazy thing about reworks is sometimes they fall through, or something else takes priority. I'd love to see Shaco reworked; put some character into his moveset that compliments his actual lore in the same way that Braum's and Jinx's moves are representative of their characters. The problem with a Shaco rework is that his stealth, his boxes and his clone are all iconic features of his moveset and so it would be tough to distance him from these.

Like in the case of Sion, before he was a axe-wielding zombie Schwarzenegger with a pink shield and a stunning look. Like, what? HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? Now he's much more thematically cohesive - much like his story where he is an unstoppable juggernaut, he has so many moves that fully represent that, while still keeping his quintessential shield/axe. I'd like to see this sort of thing happen to Shaco if and when a rework goes ahead.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by raffes View Post
IF you could nerf one champion beyond repair who would you choose... urgot?
Olaf. Honestly I'm glad he's not in the meta right now because he is an absolute nightmare. *shudder*

9 days ago

Originally Posted by wildcheez View Post
Sorry, but i can't do anything else rather doubting what your saying.Those "new stability-wise solutions" will they fix my connection to your servers or break it even more ? Since EUW was moved my i have been having connection issues and what not... And if your going to blame my ISP for it i have friends that are from the same ISP as me and they don't have the same problems

And i don't get one thing.. if some people will struggle connecting to your servers why would you move the servers ? Why are you risking to lose players :P ?
You're having connection issues while playing on EUNE servers after EUW was moved over to AMS? EUNE latency is not related to any EUW changes at all. Same ISP can indeed provide you and your friends with different quality, depending on the location, their infrastructure and traffic intensity. But your local PC or router might be a case as well.

Anyway, there is nothing to worry about at this point and we're planning on giving you wider update on connection changes in a few weeks.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by lwozje View Post
Any plans creating item with dash active effect ?
Ooh, interesting thought! Would open up a lot of champions to be viable, but then it would also become a "must buy" on every champion. Not sure we want to enforce something this heavily that it would be useful for ALL ROLES. Aside from wards, of course.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Khatula View Post
- Why have we experienced hick-ups on the new EUW server over the past few weeks?
What sort of hiccups in particular are you experiencing? We had a brief moment of downtime and a server restart a couple of weeks ago, but we've actually been able to really improve the quality and quantity of the uptime we have - so much so, that we're planning to move EUNE to the datacentre in the not-too-distant future.

Originally Posted by Khatula View Post
- Are there any plans to actively increase the Red activity on EUW in comparison to NA?
This is always something that has affected us on the EUW forums. The fact of the matter is that EU just has fewer employees than NA, as well as having different specialisations. With cross log-in on Boards, however, this problem should be a thing of the past for English-speaking players. And in fact, if you wanted to talk to some devs right this minute, you can use your EUW login to discuss gameplay and champion/item balance or talk to the story/art team . Just make sure your region is set to EU West in the top left. Also remember timezones are a thing. With the majority of the main game devs 8 hours behind at the minimum, the crossover "quality time" period is a matter of 2 or 3 hours each day.

Originally Posted by Khatula View Post
- Are there any plans to lower the numbers on Zed and Fizz? Even if they're behind, the moment they hit 6 (or finish certain items) they are able to get back into the game by themselves, and if they're not behind, able to get a substantial lead.

- Is Riot planning on rebalancing champion's hp/5 based on the pre-season changes concerning hp-regen on items (RIP Riven)
I think we're holding off on rebalancing specific champions until we see how the preseason plays out - it's going to radically change the meta overall. Obviously we have a couple of patches to go before the 11th November (providing we keep to the biweekly schedule), so any last-minute tune-ups could still come about then.

Originally Posted by Khatula View Post
- Is Riot considering the fact that a lot of players do want to have the potential to snowball and carry games, and that in the current division system it's pretty much a must to be able to do so, while the upcoming season 5 changes / out-lines / plans, seem to be all against snowballing and will be enforcing games to be won based on which side has the worst player instead of the best player.

- As a follow up question to the one above: Does Riot really think that the majority of the players that play Solo Queue are going to be satisfied with the outlines set for season 5, that seem to be team focused, which is pretty ridiculous considering how skill-level difference is huge while a person is climbing (this might get a person stuck in an ELO he doesn't deserve to be in, because carrying seems to be a lot harder with what Riot is planning), not to mention how these changes enforce strong team play, which I believe can't be expected from a random queue in which people do not know each other and there is no way to properly assign a shot-caller (and even if there was, what would enforce the 4 other team-members to listen)?
Completely understand your concerns, but I feel it's best to see how the first couple of weeks of preseason play out before you make too many judgements. Strategic diversity/multiple win conditions are our aims for preseason, but it's honestly something we'll have to wait and see as to which way it goes.

Originally Posted by Khatula View Post
- As a last question: What's your favourite McFlurry?
Crunchie all the way.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Vonlak View Post
Will supports get some kind of love during pre-season 5?
As a support main, I feel you. Supports are getting the following items (as it stands currently):

Raptor's Cloak
Recipe : Rejuvenation Bead + Cloth Armor + Rejuvenation Bead
- Grants bonus movement speed when near turrets

Recipe : Raptor Cloak + Kindlegem
- Active now boosts the damage of nearby towers by 100% or prevents nearby enemy towers from attacking.
- Stats adjusted to fit the recipe items (Health/Armor/Regen/CDR)

and the ones I'm most excited about :

Crystalline Bracer
Recipe : Rejuvenation Bead + Ruby Crystal
- Grants Health and Regeneration.

Righteous Glory
Recipe : Catalyst + Crystalline Bracer
- Grants Health, Mana and Regeneration
- Active: Grants +60% MS to you and nearby allies when moving towards enemies for 2 seconds. When this speed boost ends, it emits a shockwave, slowing nearby enemy champions by 80% for one second.

^ This, to me, screams "ALISTAR". It's like a charging Randuin's! I am excited!

Originally Posted by Vonlak View Post
Will Sightstone finnaly gain charges per minute or something like that?
I don't know if there's anything coming for Sightstone, but I feel with some of the new jungle vision changes (killing the Raptors (currently Wraiths) gives you the ability to see invisible units for a short time the next time you are caught by an enemy ward, for example), the vision game may change all over again.

Originally Posted by Vonlak View Post
When is Lux Ultimate skin going to be released?
As Lux would say, "focus on the battle".

9 days ago

Originally Posted by I BM Too Much View Post
When will we find out who is receiving the ultimate skin?
When we announce who is receiving the ultimate skin. (sorry)

Originally Posted by I BM Too Much View Post
I'm one of the people with a huge chat restrict (1.1k left) + ranked ban, I've been positive and changed my ways. I know I still have to serve the ranked ban which I agree with but I'm just wondering if I will be required to finish the whole chat ban? I seen a post saying if your behavior really improves it'll go quicker than expected from a red. Also the season rewards thing said you've got time to change if you don't qualify and shortly before that post I changed my behavior so will I still get season rewards?
I can't really make a comment on chat bans I'm afraid. If you are making an active effort to improve your behaviour though I'd love to play a game with you sometime!

Originally Posted by I BM Too Much View Post
Why does Morello hate Irelia?
Because much like Lee Sin, no matter how much you keep Irelia down, she keeps coming back.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Rinda MedEvac View Post
I actually enjoy rain; I think a lot of it was actually from the "aeroplane cold". Feeling a lot better now though ^^

12 days ago

Originally Posted by SoftyPantSs View Post
Does that mean after the transfer to amsterdam the pings on EU west and east will be the same no matter where u play from,if the servers will be located in the same place?
Not really, the latency is up to the routing paths. We feel very strong about our new data center connection quality, as it's directly plugged into Amsterdam Internet Exchange, the heart of European internet. This means we don't use any 3rd party providers to connect our servers to the world, but obviously it's also up to the second side (players' own ISP providers) on how they route towards us. Some ISPs, even those far far away, can be perfectly peered with AMS-IX and thus reach our servers really quickly. The others can struggle and our main focus after EUNE launch will be to fix it, so all players can profit from stable connection and low latency.

Originally Posted by wildcheez View Post
I can prove you wrong about that statement of yours .And i'm sure as hell that what happened to EUW will happen to EUNE as soon as you move the servers :P
Both platforms, networks and game servers will be separated. The fact that they are going to be stored under a single ceiling doesn't make them less bulletproof. In fact there won't be any single shared point between these 2 environments, and this is much better compared to what we have today. And yes, stability-wise the new solutions we implement are much more powerful and reliable, so you shouldn't be afraid

15 days ago

We will cover a bit more about what you can expect from this migration in a future update, keep an eye out for it!

The Forums are not covered by this migration, plans are separate but I am sure there will be communication on that front once things are getting in gear.

17 days ago


17 days ago

Just tested this and could not reproduce it. If it's in fact a bug that exists, if someone can please explain coherently how to do it, then I can push it to our QA folks.

18 days ago


18 days ago

Just tested multiple times with Warwick, never got smaller cooldowns after hitting 40% cap and buying more CDR items or getting Blue.

Normal WW Ult on level 3 with 40% cooldown is 42 seconds, keep that in mind.

General Discussion Riot tmx no LP added (Quick Preview) ( 18 days ago )
18 days ago

We're currently restarting one of the League processing systems, so your LP should be calculated shortly. I'll keep you informed in this thread.

19 days ago


21 days ago

Laser man is fun and this guide is awesome. Well done!

22 days ago

One was a metrics reporting system used to analyze network routes to our servers. Another one was a more fundamental change to how game objects are deleted.

Unfortunately, the code path was changed in such a way that an object could be deleted during it's update cycle. The actual occurrence rates were frame and timing dependent which made the bug difficult to reproduce.

As for why you observed it only on Mac and not on Windows, there are a number of differences between your machines and configurations beyond just the operating system. In addition, you are but a sample size of 1 (as important of a sample as that is). The statement I issued above pertained to a more holistic view of all players in all regions.

As a final note, for those of you still experiencing crashes, it most likely is not due to the two crash sources the hotfix addresses. Those two crashes were overwhelmingly the most prevalent but, of course, things aren't perfect yet. We're working to always make it better, and we appreciate all the help in figuring out these issues thus far.

22 days ago

Originally Posted by L3vi View Post
Question: What is a Player Behaviour Expert?
I'm responsible for the rollout of new Player Behaviour initiatives in Europe. Making sure you guys have the context and trust in their efficiency and also making sure they are actually efficient.

It's a very long term role as there's a lot to track over time. I'm currently looking at the best ways to improve understanding for upcoming features, Europe is fun in that we have 10 different language forums that we support and need to do different things in each.

It's really interesting and I'm always open to suggestions and ideas.

22 days ago

**TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK, I recommend you bring it to a shop if you're inexperienced in setting up computers as they are pretty fragile**

What happens when you unplug everything (RAM, GPU, etc) but the CPU and CPU's heatsink on and plugged in to the motherboard? Does your speaker let out an error code then? If not, then it's a problem with either your CPU, Motherboard or Power Supply.

22 days ago

Morgageddon pops in.

Mobo battery?

You've got the 4pin power lead in properly?

You set the actual switch connections proper (power on/reset) have the right connections and not swapped? That's happened to me before.

22 days ago

Originally Posted by Snow Enix View Post
Just wanted to say, that you are the Rioter I admire most followed by Draggles and Lyte from NA. I love your interactions with the forums community as much as your sense of humor

Therefore, and after 3 years playing this game, would you grant me the honor of playing a game with you and your manly hair? I'd really appreciate it

Have a great day,

Your beloved Snow.
Thank you for the kind words, still a lot more that can be done and I'm always looking for ways I can give you guys more from me personally. It's always nice to read nice feedback on a Friday afternoon though.

I'll definitely be down for a game, most likely not this afternoon as I'm crazy busy and I'm actually away all weekend. I'll add you for one on Monday if you like

Mac Client Dromaius Patch 4.17 issues (Quick Preview) ( 22 days ago )
22 days ago

We've deployed a small patch this morning and we believe it should fix the crashes you've experienced on MAC. Can you see if you're seeing an improvement compared to prior the latest patch?


22 days ago

Starting first game :3

Mac Client Brentmeister 4.17 crashes... (Quick Preview) ( 23 days ago )
23 days ago

If you crash be sure to add any detail you can and submit the bugsplat report!
Even small information like "Was in mid game" "Was loading" makes triaging faster. It's way more useful than what is in many of the reports. While I empathize with the frustration, it does't make it easier for us to help you!

23 days ago

Originally Posted by HastaLaVistaBob View Post
permabanned people in na get their smurfs permabanned aswell if they were rly toxic
This is a global thing, we have some ban on sight orders for Europe. It's very few in number, but there are some unfortunate people out there who we have to do it for. For the most part this is part of the minority we always talk about, the majority of players change things up before they receive a ban.

That said we know it's a concern and it's why we've started doing more to suit individuals. Chat Restrictions for abusive language, Ranked Restrictions for abuse in ranked and other initiatives we have coming up. They work for instant feedback and to prevent someone just hopping on a Smurf for a short period as they have to actively play on their main without prior behaviour to end the punishment.

It works very well too.

General Discussion Dromaius Server problems ? (Quick Preview) ( 23 days ago )
23 days ago

Hi guys,

We're aware of the issues you've been reporting and we're looking into it. We believe that one of the internet provider delivering traffic to our datacenter is experiencing issues.

This should stabilize itself, but I will keep you posted if we find errors on our side.

23 days ago

Originally Posted by Trulls Rohk View Post
9 ping? Is the server next door?

For real though idk whats going on with ritos servers. S2 my pings was in the 60s. S3 my ping was 80-90. Now its 120-130. No I havent moved. Just keeps getting worse.

Korea is very small compared to NA.

This is why so many Korean games use a peer to peer connection system and why they tend to be plagued by terrible lag when they're localized for other areas.

Korea is a much smaller land mass to cover, so it'd be like if the NA servers only serviced one state in the USA.
On top of this, Korea's small country size means there is HUGE competition between cable providers, unlike the USA. Korean internet is crazy fast because of this (and the fact that wiring up a smaller sized country with fiber is a million times more cost effective)

Our NOC guys could explain much better I'm sure. Large scale connections are not easy and there are a million variables to take into consideration, some of which can not be controlled.

23 days ago

Originally Posted by Pepperbeast View Post
I was banned recently for 14 days, in the email I was sent it claims I severely broke the Summoner's Code. I am relatively new to the game, only level 17 or 18. I am very respectful to other players, and try to encourage them, especially if they are noobs like me, I don't intentionally feed, use excessive racial slurs or harsh language (I can sometimes lose my cool, when several people curse at me for no reason, but I usually mute them) I understand that the 14 day ban is a LAST WARNING ban, however I haven't played for several days before getting banned, and I never received any previous warnings. I have only been banned for 1 day before by leave buster, and even then it wasn't my fault, because the game crashed multiple times resulting in me getting banned. Please unban me ASAP.
You were banned for excessive verbal abuse against other new players in Co-op vs AI Easy Mode. For example, one of your recent games looks like this:

[3:57] Pepperbeast: brb
[4:38] Pepperbeast: ban
[7:30] Pepperbeast: ****
[7:38] Pepperbeast: use pings rengar
[7:52] Pepperbeast: i woulda killed if you ping3ed
[7:54] Pepperbeast: pinged*
[8:25] Pepperbeast: ks noob
[8:53] Pepperbeast: rengar you suck lol
[9:50] Pepperbeast: noob rengar
[9:52] Pepperbeast: omg
[9:59] Pepperbeast: wth was that
[15:01] Pepperbeast: rengar you noob
[16:10] Pepperbeast: dont tell me to be careful reng
[17:00] Pepperbeast: ****ING RENGAr
[17:07] Pepperbeast: get your own damn kills you ****ing noob
[17:21] Pepperbeast: im reporting you
[20:40] Pepperbeast: ****I
[22:39] Pepperbeast: KS NOOB
[22:45] Pepperbeast: im reporting you rengar
[26:25] Pepperbeast: what rengar?
[26:31] Pepperbeast: ****'
[26:40] Pepperbeast: dont worry rengar
[26:43] Pepperbeast: your gonna be banned
[27:17] Pepperbeast: lol
[27:19] Pepperbeast: go ahead
[27:22] Pepperbeast: 4 bans vs 1
[27:24] Pepperbeast: lol
[27:29] Pepperbeast: zed will ban so will twisted fate
[27:34] Pepperbeast: and yi
[27:39] Pepperbeast: cus your playing like ****
[27:44] Pepperbeast: feeding turrets...
[28:52] Pepperbeast: ban time


[1:15] Pepperbeast: wth
[1:35] Pepperbeast: wtf
[12:04] Pepperbeast: ****
[12:11] Pepperbeast: azir you noob
[17:27] Pepperbeast: azir
[17:28] Pepperbeast: bad
[17:47] Pepperbeast: yah cus your noob
[23:46] Pepperbeast: ****


[4:28] Pepperbeast: HOLY ****
[4:54] Pepperbeast: so gay
[5:20] Pepperbeast: noob
[9:06] Pepperbeast: gain nub


There's also quite a few examples of excessive abuse and homophobic slurs against teammates in Normal games:

[33:14] Pepperbeast: that ****ing yi
[50:02] Pepperbeast: SO GATY
[56:40] Pepperbeast: rammus just moved
[56:44] Pepperbeast: what a f*g
[56:47] Pepperbeast: im so getting him banned
[58:39] Pepperbeast: ****
[61:22] Pepperbeast: rammus you f*g