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6 hours ago

Originally Posted by Penguinbashr View Post
I'm not sure if in the long run I will get that spark I once had playing from 2010 to 2012, but I will try to reignite that. If not I'll put the game aside and focus on other games where my attitude doesn't become a detriment to myself or my team.

I currently have 79 games remaining, I will try to play a few of not muting, but if I feel like typing I will just go to the auto-mute style and play my lane to the best of my ability.
Good on you. I hope you find it in you to play to have fun again, rather than to win.

General Discussion Lyte Banned? For WHAT?! (Quick Preview) ( 7 hours ago )
7 hours ago

Hey Dunkin U,

You're pretty negative on your teammates in matches. If you aren't sure what you said that resulted in your ban, feel free to contact Player Support. If you want to discuss your ban publicly, I can post your chat logs.

11 hours ago

Originally Posted by WeatherGirl1 View Post
32GB just seems inefficient and totally redundant. You won't even get close to using all of your ram.


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz (8 CPUs Virtual), ~2.4GHz (Quadcore Physical) (3.4ghz turboboost)
GPU: Geforce GT 650M
Pretty strong. Not a huge fan of the mobile processors, but that one is pretty OP. Put together with the GT 650M and all of that dedicated VRAM, it's probably a pretty strong Laptop.

This one is my Home PC:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64
CPU: AMD FX-8120 @ 3.1~ GHz (Don't care what anyone says. I love my Bulldozer)
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 660 Ti

Tell me what you think.

11 hours ago


You're already a step ahead by asking for help. But the trick here will be how you follow through.

If you're genuinely interested in improving then you need to take a step back and really reflect on why you play League of Legends or any other competitive online game for that matter.

Seriously ask yourself: "Am I even having fun?" Be honest.

To me, it sounds like you're not right now. Even though you admit to it, I bet you don't enjoy calling people "autstic ****s" in game. That sounds incredibly taxing and draining to get so worked up in every game you play.

Chances are, if you're not having fun now; you were at some point. You have A LOT of games played since you started in November 2010. You've been through the irelia nerfs, the UI changes, the server instability, the OP Win Xiao release, S1, S2, and S3 championships and a great many more.

If you're not having fun then reflect to figure out why. Why did you come to League in the first place? Do you have a favorite champion? You love competition? The strats and plays? Maybe an LCS Player or Streamer you look up to and want to mimic?

From what you told me, it sounds like you enjoy winning. And you HATE losing. That's pretty cool. Who doesn't hate losing? If you're going to approach League from that angle, then you need to have reasonable expectations. You need to be honest with yourself.

First thing to keep in mind: You win some. You lose some.

That needs to be your new motto.

This is true for every player in League of Legends. It doesn't matter if they're Bronze, or Challenger. If you're getting upset at a loss, you really have to think to yourself: "Why u mad?" Of course you're going to have losses. At any given time of the day, 50% of the players in League are winning games, and 50% of the players are losing.

Another thing to keep in mind: Sometimes a loss is going to be outside of your control. Think about it right now. Dwell on it. Get it out of your system; because it's going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes you or someone on your team will be faced with a technical problem. Sometimes someone on your team is going to have a behavior problem. Sometimes someone on your team is just going to perform poorly.

League is a team game, it's not about you. It's about all of the players (including you) working together to make magic happen. Sometimes you're going to get a team and composition that gels really well with each other, sometimes you're not. Sometimes you are going to be able to carry your team, sometimes you are not. Sometimes you are going to get carried, sometimes you are not.

You win some, you lose some.

You can't control your teammates. You're not telepathically linked, you're not all fans of the same playstyles or strats. This is random solo queue. You are being paired with strangers.

Solo Queue isn't about controlling others it is about working with others.

The only one you get to control is yourself. Understand and accept that.

But! and this is key! Give your team mates some credit dude, they're not that different from you. We're all in this together, and we ALSO want to win. We love League of Legends just like you do. We love it so much we're playing Ranked Solo Queue and being competitive; just like you!

It might not seem like it all the time. We may not choose the same builds as you(or do you not choose the same builds as us?). We might not always perform well(but then again, you don't either). We might be a bit testy or angry in champion select (maybe we just had a string of losses like you and are agitated? Maybe we are expecting you to troll just as much as you are expecting us to troll?)

But in the end, we're all players; we're all fans of the game. And if you're going to play League of Legends you have to understand this, and you have to give other players the respect they deserve as human beings.

So what do we have so far?

-You play to win and get better.
-But you know that you will win some and you will lose some.
-You also know that you can't control everyone on your team.
-But you also know that your teammates are not that different from you. They love League, and they want to win, just like you.

If you really think about it like this and then you reflect on your last month or so of games there is only one conclusion. The biggest obstacle in your League of Legends ranked matches is yourself. You're not giving the benefit of the doubt to your team mates. You're not understanding that everyone is flawed. You're not acknowledging that people are inherently good and want to do good.

You can try to "stop committing toxic behavior", but if you're not going to get at the core philosophical reasons that fuel that toxic behavior you will never succeed.

Are you interested in what people say about you?

Here's a breakdown of a recent game you played. The person on your team who reported you said:
Negative Attitude - "Wins the game but still cries abotu someone else's build.":

What did you do?

(23 seconds in and you've already stalked everyone else in your game. You noticed that the Yi didn't have the same kind of runes you would have chosen)
Penguinbashr (0:23): yep, another game ruined by someone who can't be bothered to have a decent rune page

(Yi asks)
Yi: who has a bad page?

(You respond)
Penguinbashr (0:50): you do? no defensive runes? are you that dumb?
((Where's the benefit of the doubt? Is he dumb or is he just trying a different strategy? Maybe he picked the wrong rune page? It happens, even to pros. Besides that, why are you so focused on what he's doing? You've already gone out of your way to assume the worst in another player and then let everyone else on your team know too. Now you're mad. He's sad, and your team is holding their breathe)

Yi: aww man
Penguinbashr (1:34): shhh to you to. Now I have to go ****ing tank riven because yet again my game is ruined by someone who cant pick for the team
((You're being a bit dramatic. It's 1:34 into the game, and it's already ruined? How are you even going to win if you're willing to give up before the minions have reached their lanes? What are your team mates suppose to think when you're already claiming the game is ruined? What sort of image are you trying to give off? Do you want them to be better? Do you want Yi to go back in time and change his runes? At this point, such a comment is completely unnecessary. Something better would be "Alrighty! We'll give it a shot!" or "That's okay, we'll make do!"))

(4 minutes later, it looks like perhaps Yi has died)
Penguinbashr(5:36): oh well, gg. why do you like to ruin games?
((Where's the benefit of the doubt? Do you really think Yi likes to ruin games? Do you think he doesn't care to win? Why are you calling GG at 5 minutes in? Why play a game if you think you can lose in the first few minutes of a match. That sounds like a terrible game to play))

((20 minutes go by, you're relatively quiet. I believe it's because you have chat restrictions. Regardless, it's pretty clear your team is starting to come out on top. Still though, your attention has now gone to the Janna Support))
Penguinbashr(26:43): why would you go athenes over crucible
Janna(26:59): Don't need Crucible atm
Janna(27:06): Nothing to really use it on
Janna(27:12): Unless Trist gets hit by a bubble,
(((Not even acknowledging Janna, you continue to blast her, remember; you're team is up!))
Penguinbashr(27:22): why dont you have a sightstone either. this is support 101. sightstone, crucible, boots, gp item.
Janna(27:28): Don't need Sightstone
Janna(27:34): We're winning heavily
Penguinbashr (27:39): christ. i support and get fed up with adc's. i dont support and i get fed up with people doing **** builds.
((Is it a **** build when your team is winning?))
Janna(27:40): They aren't going to be warding that effectively.
Janna(27:53): I'm a 2 time diamond support, play your own Champ.
Penguinbashr (28:20): if you say so. that's why you're too dumb to get a sightstone right. or a decent trinket item.
((Again, where's the benefit of the doubt? Janna has over 2,675 games played since she started in April 2011. Her win rate for the last 20 games played is 65%. She wants to win, just like you do; you're not all that different))

((A minute later Janna seems to still be the focus of your thoughts. You continue to give her unneeded advice because you're not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt))
Penguinbashr(29:11): stacking athenes and crucible. wow. so good.
Penguinbashr (29:42): did you know items with the same unique effect dont stack?
Janna(29:53): Did you know toxicity gets you banned?
Janna(30:01): I don't need the mana.
Janna(30:10): I use Athene's for mana
Janna(30:16): and Cruc for the cleanse.
Janna(30:29): Why are you bming me
((Really though, ask yourself, why are you bming anyone? Your team is winning the match. Everyone is getting a long with each other, except for you, because you're unwilling to trust anyone else in the game. You're not having fun because you're too busy being paranoid about everyone else's intentions in game to sit back and enjoy the ride. You're so focused on how you think everyone else is playing poorly, that you're not even taking into account what you may be doing poorly yourself.))

And that's really a shame. Because you don't control other players, you can't improve other players; trying to do so is a battle you can't win. They are not NPC AI's at your control, they are independent thinking human beings with their own opinions, wishes, and desires. (Although they all want to win, just like you!)

This is only one chat log, but it's representative of many that I reviewed. I can't really give a full in depth analysis of each game; but I wanted to address some of the core issues you're having trouble with.

Please don't think I'm saying you're a bad guy. You're very likely a pretty chill dude in real life. You're certainly not alone with this kind of attitude. There is a strong minority segment of players that act similar to you. They want to win and they're willing to tear down anyone who gets in their way to do so. This post is as much for them, as it is for you because that attitude isn't going to get them anywhere.

I really hope you take the time to reflect on the issue. If you're realistic about yourself and others I think you'll make a lot of progress. I genuinely believe that currently your poor behavior and attitude is handicapping your overall true level of skill.

General Discussion Lyte I Got Banned?!? (Quick Preview) ( 12 hours ago )
12 hours ago

Originally Posted by Sins Cloud View Post
Do Rito banned ppl without any warning? I put my hard time in this game. I dont get why i got banned?
Hey Sins Cloud,

You were banned for pretty extreme verbal abuse in games. I don't think you want to review your chat logs in public here, so I'd write a Player Support ticket if you are unsure why you were banned.

13 hours ago

I think this is a very disingenuous argument, when Rioters say things like "champions in competitive play need to be exciting to watch", clearly you do care what the masses think.
We care what the masses think, but my point was that folks who post in GD on an English-speaking forum aren't really the masses. We do want the game to be fun to watch. Streams and LCS are a thing. We also want the game to be fun to play for just about any core gamer. Sometimes those goals are in conflict, which keeps things interesting.

His job isn't to be balance like Icefrog. He's here to manage developers and designers. He's not making the key decisions or details over characters, but rather helping create the atmosphere and bring in core game concepts.
Right. We have a balance team. That's not my job. Making sure they can do their job is my job. I was an avid LoL player too. I sadly have not played many other MOBAs, though maybe I should for context.

14 hours ago

How can you sift through the overwhelming posts that really don't add anything to a good discussion? Do you really read every single post in a thread of multiple pages? I'm having a hard time imagining how this "needle in a haystack" approach really nets you any results.
It's time consuming for sure, but I don't know another way. Finding a few good posts can make all the difference though. I used to try and point out when a post isn't being helpful (just venting, just arguing for buffs for their main), but it tends to make posters more defensive so I typically ignore them now.

15 hours ago

Why did you hate shaman GC? Did the whole bus shock thing and the "." posts on the forums cause that much of a ripple among blizzard employees?
I *think* that was before my time. In any event, quality of posts is always more important than quantity. Even having 10,000 posters agree on a topic is a drop in the bucket compared to players overall. And that's actually okay, because it only takes one good post to really influence developers. The "we're going to rise up my brothers and take over the internet" moments might feel empowering, but they don't move the meter much at the end of the day. Good arguments do.

General Discussion CopperKitten Male Jinx Cosplay (Quick Preview) ( 15 hours ago )
15 hours ago

Originally Posted by Sty13z View Post
Great point, CopperKitten. I also second the notion for an epic blue beard and maybe have more a male-stlye blue wig. The bullets and fishbones will do the trick (fishbones being the hard part).
Maybe not full on beard, but definitely blue stubble, at least!

I really look forward to seeing this cosplay, Jinx is such a fun crazy character and I'd love to see a gender-bent interpretation.

20 hours ago

I just pulled up your account and you're not banned? Unless you're talking about a smurf or something (which you didn't put in your OP).

1 day ago


edit: shen'd

1 day ago

Here, have a Leona painting I never finished!

Name:  Leona Color 2.jpgViews: 588Size:  629.0 KB

1 day ago

ahhhhh, you guys win. GGWP

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

I don't even think it's that, from what i've seen he's mostly referring to the melee vs melee fights, or as the LCS casters refer to it, "the wet noodle fights" top lane. When its 2 melee champs auto attacking each other, there is no kiting, no skill shot dodging, no real potential for outplay. THAT is what he is talking about (from my understanding at least).
Yes, this is what I meant.

That can't be true, or else everyone wouldn't be spamming ranged champions in nearly all of my games. At my MMR people tend to play what works and the only melees worth playing atm are the mobile/bursty fighters (Vi, Riven, Yasuo, Jayce, Wukong, Pantheon, Lee Sin, J4, Gragas), assassins (Fizz, LB, Talon, Kha'zix, etc) and tanks with crazy steroids and innate mitigation via utility (Leona, Braum, Maokai, Ali, etc). Most bruisers are rarely played anymore and when they are seen they tend not to do very well.

Defensive/tank itemization is just so bad that it's become easier to just lock in a ranged champ.
APs in particular have it really good right now because efficiently counter-building against their damage is near impossible, plus their itemization is the best/most versatile in the game.
And this. The fun click bait has been "Ghostcrawler hates melee and thinks it takes no skill." That's not the discussion. The discussion is how to make melee champs more interesting rather than Riven blows you up when you try to disengage, and how to make melee vs melee wet noodle fights more interesting that what Mundo vs Shyvana currently looks like.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by haaaaaaaalp View Post
Also, I didn't ask why there are 2 Spanish servers. I asked what are the justifications for not having 2 NA english servers given the fact that there are 2 Spanish servers and 1 Portuguese server covering 1/2-1/3 of the player size.
Mate, that's the title of your thread. :/

The situations of Latin America and the US are very different, so it makes little sense to compare them to each other—I came in to clear that up, since it's far from obvious and there seemed to be player interest. If you're actually not interested about Latin American servers and just want info about NA, then I really can't help you. There's already a thread about that with several Rioter responses.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Rastamon Ganja View Post
Hey Riot JxE,

This maybe the wrong place to post, but I have played the new SRU on the pbe and it is amazing! Great job! I am a little bit concerned about the performance. On the live NA client of SR I get between 40-60 fps. On the PBE I get around 50-60 fps for the first 5 to 10 minutes into a game. After that, the fps drops to around 10-20 fps. During team fights and camps can get as low as 5 fps. Why does this happen? I have no background programs running, etc. This even happens when i set the graphics to the lowest settings.
We're still working on optimizing it so it's far from done, unfortunately I don't know why that would happen off the top of my head. Keep hopping in there every once in a while and if it's still happening post something on the pbe forum

1 day ago

Ghostcrawler, did you do any work on age of mythology? Because I absolutely love that game and to know a rioter worked on that game and this would be as ellie from borderlands would say "Badass". What other games did you work on?
I did a lot of work on AoM. I wrote a lot of the script. I did a couple of missions. I did most of the unit design and balancing. It's a fantastic game and I think a little underappreciated. The world was weird for sure, but the 4v4 multiplayer was such a blast.

The Age series (except for the original), WoW (after BC but before Sunwell), and League (after Jinx) is pretty much my resume. I wrote several papers on crustaceans, but you're probably less interested in those.
I feel like a lot of complaints about champion strength relative to others comes from the fact that most players in ranked refuse to experiment outside of the meta, and immediately get mad at and start giving heat to people who do pick these different champions
It's a problem for sure. It wasn't that long ago that Leblanc was the highest banned champ despite having lower winrates that many other champions. It could be that she was just so annoying to play against that it was worth the ban, but we suspect it was more that players felt like they would get grief for not banning her, since that was the conventional wisdom.

Most of the solutions here lie in the social space, which is really Lyte's purview, not mine, but part of the reason Team Builder has a leader is so you can establish "Is this a get our points and get out game, or can I try a crazy new strategy that isn't likely to work?" The best answer of all is to play with your actual friends, because they'll tolerate just about anything.

1 day ago

It's interesting that you received a ticket from someone who signs their message with "Toodles for now!"

Especially since she hasn't worked the PB Queues in almost two years. So I did some digging, and I did indeed find the message you are referring to.

Suspiciously it lacked any mention of Clarity. And even more odd, it was sent to you on October 19th, 2012.

GREAT SCOTT! Someone call the Doctor, I think you're caught in a timewarp!

Now, I guess you could accuse me of going back in time to edit the post while it was being written but unfortunately my Delorean is in the shop.

For transparency here is the actual ticket:

Greetings Summoner,

I went ahead and reviewed your Tribunal case. After the review, I believe the Tribunal decision was justified and I stand by the Community’s decision. Furthermore, throughout your gaming histories, you continuously displayed heavy negativity toward other players. A negative attitude can really drag down an entire game. It's super important to try staying positive and work with your team as a unit.

As a reminder, you are responsible for your action and account regardless what other do or say. There will be times when others try to get a rise out of you. I play League of Legends too. I get it. I know it's hard not to just lose it, especially when they start insulting you first. It doesn't matter how others act, what matters is how you do. If you see someone violate the Summoner's Code then you can report them at the end of the match. That way the only ones that have to worry about getting banned are them.

Keep in mind, when you're in game with someone who is toxic, they're most likely toxic in other games too. That means they're getting reported and will more than likely end up in the Tribunal themselves. Fueling the fire and biting back at someone who is being a troll or a jerk just means you're going to receive your own reports. In the end, it's best to mute. If you don't know what someone is saying, then you can't get mad about it.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have further questions or concerns. Best of luck to you in the future, fellow Summoner.

Toodles for now!
Riot Games Player Support Specialist

1 day ago

Oh, I forgot to mention.

Your account isn't even banned.

Desperate for attention much?

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Nearbeer View Post
couldn't you just have them listed as the champion they played, instead of using their name?
You're right, and this is what Tribunal Reform Cards do and systems that send punishment e-mails would do; however, right now if I wanted to post chat logs from the office I'd have to format all the names by hand

1 day ago

Originally Posted by InfiniX View Post
Still seen worse that have yet to be punished.
Systems are tuned to minimize false positives. This means that most of the players that are punished probably deserve it; however, there are players that deserve punishments but aren't punished yet .

As we improve the accuracy of systems, we can increase the thresholds so that the systems start aggressively searching for wider nets of players, but, we always want to ensure low false positive rates so that neutral or positive players are never affected by these systems.

1 day ago

You've still got a ways to go before lifting your chat restrictions. During your last chat restrictions, you used language such as this as recent as July 21st, 2014:


Yogurt is 7th (1:45): udyr you should always start on the buff closer to bot
Yogurt is 7th (3:23): ****
Yogurt is 7th (3:52): omg
Yogurt is 7th [All] (6:36): cocky more?
Yogurt is 7th [All] (6:37): ****ing f*gg*t
Yogurt is 7th [All] (7:03): you got a lucky ****ing first kill
Yogurt is 7th [All] (7:06): and thtwas just bs
Yogurt is 7th [All] (7:26): yeah **** you
Yogurt is 7th [All] (7:53): not my fault you fought jackass
Yogurt is 7th [All] (10:27): looooooooool
Yogurt is 7th [All] (11:51): mhm
Yogurt is 7th [All] (11:54): whos getting rekt now
Yogurt is 7th (12:43): re
Yogurt is 7th (12:49): zed goin
Yogurt is 7th (12:51): bot
Yogurt is 7th (13:10): wtf did i say?!?!
Yogurt is 7th [All] (15:50): okay seriously ping....
Yogurt is 7th [All] (16:00): it makes me do nothing but stand their and take it...
Yogurt is 7th (16:29): wtf
Yogurt is 7th (16:36): IM VAYNE
Yogurt is 7th (16:39): I LIKE TO FARM
Yogurt is 7th (16:48): DERR HURRR
Yogurt is 7th [All] (17:23): come at me fgt
Yogurt is 7th [All] (17:33): inb4youwaitforudyr
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:06): wow such dmg
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:35): with udyr.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:36): k
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:40): good one
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:43): #talent
Yogurt is 7th [All] (19:57): oh but its not rekt bc you did nothing but aa me while I was stunned
Yogurt is 7th [All] (20:13): I havent even played ranked to climb higher you dumbass
Yogurt is 7th [All] (20:31): like we arent even playing ranked right now how does that have anything to do with a normals game
Yogurt is 7th [All] (21:25): thresh just said im feeding.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (21:29): #logic
Yogurt is 7th (22:07): omfg these slows...
Yogurt is 7th [All] (22:19): got dragon.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (22:21): dgaf
Yogurt is 7th [All] (24:17): ooooo bounty
Yogurt is 7th [All] (24:23): thanks bietch Yogurt is 7th (26:03): wtf you guys
Yogurt is 7th (26:06): didnt go in with me
Yogurt is 7th (26:10): and then go in after I die.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:18): seriously.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:21): these idiots.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:25): dont go in
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:27): when I do
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:29): but then wait
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:32): until I die
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:37): and then think, now is a good time to go in.
Yogurt is 7th [All] (26:54): oooh yes
Yogurt is 7th [All] (27:17): ppl who get reported several times in one game today immediately get a 14 day ban
Yogurt is 7th [All] (27:29): As tweeted by riot lyte
Yogurt is 7th [All] (27:48): im not joking...
Yogurt is 7th [All] (27:55): you can look at forums
Yogurt is 7th [All] (28:00): lotta people raging about it
Yogurt is 7th [All] (28:19): yeah bc im totally banned right now lol
Yogurt is 7th [All] (29:11): I always do lol
Yogurt is 7th [All] (29:29): its the one active I have literally never remembered to use in a time of need
Yogurt is 7th [All] (30:47): GOTCHA
Yogurt is 7th [All] (30:53): AIIIIII GOTCHAAR#!#$!@#$!@#$!#$!@#$!@#
Yogurt is 7th [All] (31:34): *apachi facepaint*
Yogurt is 7th [All] (31:53): I just dc'd with 88 ping....
Yogurt is 7th [All] (32:41): GOTCHA *****
Yogurt is 7th [All] (32:42): xD
Yogurt is 7th [All] (33:40): anyone wanna go outfor icecream after dis?
Yogurt is 7th [All] (34:21): you said 1v1
Yogurt is 7th [All] (34:22): wtf
Yogurt is 7th [All] (34:39): ryze said he wanteed to 1v1 genius


By the way, your account is pretty close to being banned if you keep this up in every game.

2 days ago

It is time to celebrate, and rekt each other!! What a big day!! Finally getting the cinematic out to you guys!!!!

Turn on show private games at bottom of client when you go to join game.

Search for -

game name - RiotBamDragon's game
password - yasuo7

2 days ago

It is time to celebrate, and rekt each other!! What a big day!! Finally getting the cinematic out to you guys!!!!

Turn on show private games at bottom of client when you go to join game.

Search for -

game name - RiotBamDragon's game
password - yasuoisgod

2 days ago

new game will be up in 5. need to let someone in the office.

2 days ago

Putting aside champion specifics there's general play based around judging all in potential to make favorable trades, monitoring the position of creeps to know when you can fight or not based on the extra incoming damage, punishing someone for positioning without enough creep support, etc.
But aren't those all issues that any champion has to deal with? It feels like ranged champs have to deal with all of that, plus the additional challenge of managing things like range, area effect, skill shots, rapid target switching afforded by range, and kiting. What additional parameters do melee characters have that ranged lack?

2 days ago

I did err on making skirmishers and dragons cool
Dragoons, not dragons. Thanks autocorrect. AOE3 had no dragons. Which is bull**** if you ask me.

While you're here, do you mind speaking about Statikk's response in the Q&A about how you guys want flashier, "exciting to watch" champions to be more LCS-viable? Is that unanimously the balance direction you guys are heading? Is there a particular reason for this?
We believe there are champions that are more fun to watch than others. That is absolutely not our sole balancing criterion or design direction though. I would say that over time we want to make more of the champions more exciting to play. The guys with fewer exciting moments and just several varieties of "hit that other dude," are the kind we want to update.

If you guys cant change lee because of worlds
I'm not sure if this was from me or Xelnath, but that wasn't the message we intended to send. Rather we try to be careful as we approach the end of the competitive season not to make radical changes to the game. Preseason has been our traditional time to upset the apple cart. That doesn't mean we won't continue to try to balance champions going into worlds, and that includes Lee Sin.

Look at it this way, you're being a team player and tanking aggro for everybody. Every party needs a good tank.
Totally, and I have no problem with that aspect of the internet. It's the other half that bothers me. Imagine you've worked on say Braum for months, whether you were the designer or the writer or the artist making particle effects. Then the champion that has consumed so much of your life goes live... and some high level designer gets all the attention for it. That's really unfair at almost any company and it's particularly unfair at Riot. We really try to avoid the rock star thing. I'm fine with you blaming me for anything (and most Rioters would feel the same way) because I also don't want anyone to think I'm trying to pass the buck, but be aware there are a lot of people that work really hard on this or most games. Don't boil down the company to just a few people whose names you might know.

By any chance did you help with the original AoE or 2?
I joined after AoE had shipped (and it is why I joined). My first published game was the AoE expansion, Rise of Rome.

Ghostcrawler, how are your plans to turn all champions into OP frost mages going along?

Or is that a secret plan that I shouldn't be discussing?
It's no fun if they are all frost mages. You need someone for them to dominate.

What is the high level direction of the league as far as riot is concerned?
That's a big question, and probably beyond the scope of a single forum post. But since I kind of asked for it, I will say that we want to improve champion diversity (both which champions get played and making sure they feel as different from each other as possible), we want you to play with friends (because that's often a better experience), we want to explore strategic diversity, and we want to look at those areas of the game that are starting to feel a little stale (not just dated like SR, but stale mechanics as well). I know that's vague and arm wavy, but like I said above, preseason is a better time for larger changes, and we'd rather socialize these ideas to a lot of you guys in different regions to make sure we have plenty of feedback. It's something we'll start to talk about more. Stay tuned.

Do you have any intention of changing TP? As it stands, its almost always just toplane who takes it, and thats because you have to take it if the other person takes it, which in the past balance team has said they dont want people to have to do. It also promotes passive play which is anotherthing riot has said they dont want, lane matchups toplane have become irrelevant because TP CD was lowered so much that you can pick a horribly losing lane and still come out nearly even.
You touch on a couple of different issues that have a strong interaction. First, we agree that top melee vs. melee does get a little boring. Strategic movement (versus say just having short-term speed boosts) is a way to get those guys interacting a little more with the rest of the map, but we agree there are risks of passive play and having no consequences for bad play. Just increasing the cooldown might help with the second part but does nothing for the first part, and meanwhile means the summoner spell could just be dead. We don't have any changes to announce but we recognize the problem.

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Also melee vs melee lanes aren't boring to the people who like playing fighters top lane. Believe it or not there's more to laning skill than "dodge the skillshot".
Can you give me an example or two of what you consider an interesting melee vs. melee encounter in top?