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General Discussion Lyte @Lyte (Quick Preview) ( 4 hours ago )
4 hours ago

Originally Posted by TeaVeeBag View Post
Isn't your ban system meant for change?
Most systems are focused on reform. Chat restrictions are focused on reform for example. However, the machine learning ban system is focused on removing players from the game because we don't believe they are interested in change--these are the players that somehow think racism, homophobia or sexism are OK just because they've acted this way in other games.

4 hours ago

Originally Posted by Aefre View Post
How is this worthy of a restriction/ban? If people get butthurt over this, I think they are just reporting to get the player banned.
*face palm*

4 hours ago

Originally Posted by Clockwork Queen View Post
Ummmmjmm Lyte May I ask you a question?
Yes? No guarantee I can answer, depending on what you ask.

11 hours ago

Originally Posted by Billiardz View Post
Done. Honestly, you are close to a permanent ban.

11 hours ago

You didn't use racism, homosexual attacks, sexism or excessive verbal abuse so you didn't get a large chat ban or a small/large/permanent game ban. You got a low number of chat restrictions, and your account is right at the line of neutral / small punishment.

Secondly, you've been in games where you've stood around and AFK'd and upset your teammates, such as a Teemo game where you sat invisible for portions of the game doing nothing with action happening nearby and you were reported by almost every player in the game, including the opposing team.

I am focused only on the severe cases of 14-day / permanent bans, which is why I'm not the one reviewing your case.

11 hours ago

Originally Posted by Billiardz View Post
you forget that Lyte said himself full transparency and any support ticket you fill out for a ban says to come to the gd forums and ask Lyte for a response.

look at the logs for this user... reasons given for the ban was not deserved in this case and I am sure theres many others just like this one. I would be willing to bet money thats why Lyte hasnt responded. Its to much to ask for him to say "I'm sorry man, we made a mistake" what happens if he says that? You would have a million more posts flaming him and the system. Thats why he wont speak up and he has only responded to one person today on the forums about a ban and even that one wasnt justified.


He is picking his battles people. Its all fun and games to down vote someone asking for a response... until it happens to you.
To be clear, this policy is for 14-day or permanent bans that have a specific year ban code.

Secondly, we've publicly admitted mistakes before. Mistakes are going to happen, even if 100% of cases are reviewed by a human being. It could be human error when they get tired and misclick something, it could be a software error that did something you didn't expect... etc.

If we make an error, we admit it, fix it and make it right for the player, and try to improve for next time. I've personally admitted 2 mistakes in 2012-2013, when we were testing some newer systems back then.

14 hours ago

Originally Posted by TheManStache View Post
So show us what you've got lyte. We've been using op.gg and lolking for years, if nothing shows up there you cant expect us to just blindly believe you because "hurd dur data"
You can actually check the OP's match history around 7/6 to see some examples.

14 hours ago

Originally Posted by InfiniX View Post
im looking through his op.gg and i don't see any intentional feeding

where are u getting ur info from?
Using 3rd party websites to check match histories is a very crude way to detect intentional feeding, and can only confirm extreme cases like 1-30-0 KDAs.

There's more advanced methods when you have time series data and can see exactly what's happening every 30 seconds in a game.

15 hours ago

Originally Posted by InfiniX View Post
I checked his op.gg and he had no eve games in the past 4 months, that's why I asked
The game was on 7/10, but there's a lot of other examples including feeding on 7/6. 3rd party sites don't have access to complete data, especially when it's not Ranked.

15 hours ago

Originally Posted by DarkvolcanReborn View Post
Ya all of this is sounding ultra fishy.
OP's being vaguely accused of feeding off a chat with 2 lines of text, his team trolling, and there's no evidence of it logged anywhere.
Looks fishy?
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15 hours ago

There's a lot of misunderstandings in the current post.

One, the system is going through manual tuning still and numerous designers are analyzing the system to figure out the optimal numbers. Right now, it's possible that the system hands out 50 chat restrictions when it should have handed out 75. However, the player will finish 50 chat restrictions, then get 25 more. This is something we are trying to improve with the tuning, so that players get the right number of chat restrictions right off the bat and expectations are accurate.

Two, about 75% of players get out of chat restrictions and never get anymore after, so the tuning works for most players. But, for 25% of players we still need to do some work (and obviously some players will refuse to change too).

However, in your case Prami, there's actually two problems. One, you're getting additional chat restrictions when you should be getting bans, because you're doing behaviors like this:

Prami(0:30): i'm sorry
Summoner 1(0:54): LOL
Summoner 2(1:06): who wants to
Summoner 2(1:07): top
Summoner 3(1:08): wat dah fuk was that?
Summoner 4(1:09): connection issues.
Summoner 4(1:10): o what.
Summoner 5(1:11): i can?
Summoner 4(1:12): what.
Summoner 1(1:16): ill go wherever
Summoner 3(1:24): way too deep eve
Summoner 4(1:27): that was awkward.

Summoner 1[All] (1:31): why
Summoner 2[All] (1:31): trolololo

Summoner 5(1:31): ..
Summoner 4(1:35): eve can you stop..?
Summoner 1[All] (1:35): just why
Summoner 3[All] (1:38): ??????

Prami(1:46): sorry, i need to chew through my caht ban
Summoner 1[All] (1:48): hes speed up to run into us sooner
Summoner 3(2:25): wtf
Summoner 2[All] (2:34): srry gg
Summoner 3[All] (4:10): i dont understand...
Summoner 5(4:16): lolol
Prami(4:30): i have 20 games to chew through, and these are the shortest.

Because you're intentionally feeding and messing with your teammates to "get rid" of your chat bans, your account is not in a neutral standing. You should have been banned for intentional feeding, but we're still testing that system before we roll out larger waves which would include your account.

Other examples are attached below:

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21 hours ago


21 hours ago

That's friggen awesome! It looks really good coloured too. FISTBUMP!

How much did it hurt there?

Dominion ManWolfAxeBoss New sanguine has come! (Quick Preview) ( 1 day ago )
1 day ago

Originally Posted by Cosmic Warper View Post
Woops. My bad. And im pretty sure it's not fixed. Just played some games on twisted treeline last night and i'm pretty sure they were still critting. :/
Try again today

Off Topic Discussion Multra 2 Eggs (Quick Preview) ( 1 day ago )
1 day ago

Eggs should only be cooked sunny side up.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Ding an Sich View Post
Well thank you for the consideration.

This next question is off topic so I understand if it isn't answered: Have you guys specifically in team PB&J thought about reaching out and showcasing what you guys do? I don't necessarily mean in terms of working for a game company, but the lengths you guys explore and deliberate and various subjects, testing measures, and outcomes?

Because I would like to think other companies do what you guy do to an extent(I'm pretty ignorant of most other companies save for you and Valve), but I rarely see anything beside people ridiculing EA for example for some of their surveys. I think it would be interesting to show certain schools (especially one's big into general research, quant psych, statistics, ect) what you guys do given the market you guys are hitting is relatively bared compared to the years of social psychology research we have.

Food for thought.
We're starting to. Last year, we visited Harvard and MIT and shared some of our lessons and research. We then visited a group of schools in the UK, like University of York. We also have connections to USC, UCLA, and University of Washington where we've done talks or outreach with students.

Most of the time the labs are pretty astounded with the research we're able to do given the data we have access to, and there's been a lot of interest in collaborations. But, we have to juggle whether collaborations are worthwhile, given that we dedicate most of our time to making League better.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Evangele View Post
Lyte, headsup you left another players name in your post, I know you do not like to do that for other summoners than OPs
Oops, corrected. Thanks for noticing!

General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Originally Posted by FluffyJeff View Post
Lucina be giving u the death stare for surrendering (horrible photoshopping, in fact, its not even photoshop).

Attachment 1032120


I don't understand. Is this a Final Fantasy reference? I don't listen to J-Pop.

General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Originally Posted by Shorttstuff View Post
Well circle jerking aside, your pr and support is pretty much worthless, with a response to me saying "tldr they were mean."

The kid that stole candy from you in third grade was mean, did he get kicked out of school for fourteen days?

On a positive note, I am glad that you found something you like with your major. A job you love is important.
I mean, I thought I was making a late night post on GD, not giving PR or Support. It was... a scary gif after all.....

I can understand your perspective though and I concede.

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General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Originally Posted by ZomBiE519 View Post
red replies to this but not the 877page east coast server thread... laughable

I would post in that thread if I had some relevance to the conversation. But I don't. I'm just a lowly Communications Major.

Originally Posted by Shorttstuff View Post
This is a great thing to be doing with your time while people want answers as to why they just got hit with a massive banwave.

TL;DR: They were mean.

General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago


We are on the same page! I debated getting that clip too!

Originally Posted by Dark Wulfy View Post
You majored in Communication? I'm getting a Masters in that now. Would Riot want me?

Well, circle jerking aside, I love my major. But probably the best and worst part about it is that you can apply it to whatever it is you really want to do. I'm not sure it's enough to get a job on it's own, but it never hurts, especially if you're interested in something like support, marketing, or pr!

General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Originally Posted by DingDong392 View Post
noob how about u go comminucate with the other rioters are it u noob

Damn, and all this time I thought my Communication Studies Major was useless. But it's been right in front of me this whole time!

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Matroid View Post

I'm curious about that figure that only 1-3% of games exhibit homophobia. My own chatlogs probably wouldn't be useful for examination because I play largely in premades, but if this 1-3% figure holds for games consisting entirely of strangers, this would imply (roughly) that .1-.3% of players say such things in chat. Now I'd like to point you to this thread: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com...96311#47896311 With 300 posts, if this above figure were to hold true, we'd see very few, if any, homophobic posts. Flipping through the pages, though, we see that while there are very few posts that use slurs, there are quite a few more that are fairly hostile.

So is this 1-3% figure only for slurs, then? Does our perception that hostility is more widespread perhaps stem from the more subtle cases where you can't point to an isolated word in the chatlog and say "HOMOPHOBIA HAPPENED HERE"?

Or is the forum population simply disproportionately toxic?
Let's just say the forum population isn't representative of the entire League population... -_-

2 days ago

Pulled a few random samples of recent games from 7/22, 7/23 and 7/24:

Direct1Connect (4:45): stop pusing
Direct1Connect (4:48): pushing
Direct1Connect (4:50): pussying
Direct1Connect (5:06): we got a badass
Direct1Connect (7:26): viktor repurted feeder
Direct1Connect (7:34): i repurted u
Direct1Connect (7:49): dumbass
Direct1Connect (7:50): reported
Direct1Connect (7:57): brunze nub
Direct1Connect (8:00): get rekt
Direct1Connect (9:51): mine *****
Direct1Connect (12:26): nub
Direct1Connect (12:38): reported
Direct1Connect [All] (13:04): report vik for brunze nub
Direct1Connect (14:03): viktor reported
Direct1Connect (16:00): rekt
Direct1Connect (16:06): u flashed
Direct1Connect (16:09): nub
Direct1Connect (17:01): r.e.k.t
Direct1Connect [All] (18:24): THAT HEAL
Direct1Connect [All] (18:25): *****
Direct1Connect (20:33): drag
Direct1Connect (20:53): nub
Direct1Connect (20:54): u missed drag
Direct1Connect (20:56): reported
Direct1Connect (21:12): u gonna get banned 4 nub
Direct1Connect (22:07): reported
Direct1Connect (22:09): u said bad word
Direct1Connect (22:12): reported
Direct1Connect (22:21): i will try to use ult for mf
Direct1Connect (22:33): viktor reported
Direct1Connect (22:35): u didnt get penta
Direct1Connect (23:13): im gonna buy ****
Direct1Connect (23:44): rekt


Direct1Connect (4:10): nub
Direct1Connect (4:17): u nub
Direct1Connect (4:27): u nuuuub
Direct1Connect [All] (9:30): *****.mov
Direct1Connect (10:23): come make black babies with momma
Direct1Connect (10:26): we will eat all the kfc
Direct1Connect [All] (15:34): report lucian nub
Direct1Connect (17:37): you hop better than my black bae lucian
Direct1Connect (17:49): teach him how to basketball
Direct1Connect (26:57): wtf
Direct1Connect (26:59): why did you dive
Direct1Connect (27:04): nice throw warwick
Direct1Connect (32:47): this is too much rape


Direct1Connect (25:12): you guys fed and made soraka afk
Direct1Connect (25:12): gg
Direct1Connect (25:24): go dc with your ****buddy

etc etc...

2 days ago

Originally Posted by RetroTypes View Post
I logged in after reading all your posts to comment on two in particular, this and the one below. First off, I'm a firm believer that no amount of communication, no matter how early, is bad. And anyone who thinks like you said, that you all at Riot are "just talking", need to get over themselves and realize that creating new features for the most popular PC game isnt all that easy, even with a team as big as you have. I love hearing about new features while they're still in development, both because it creates "hype" but also because it gives us a chance to shape it into what's best for the community before it hits Live (I know, there's a PBE for that, too, but not everyone has an account, so you cant really call that fair).

Second, as someone who proudly wears the Santa Baron icon, I agree that we need more positive reinforcement, but not necessarily exactly like this. A visual indication of a player's overall behavior is a great idea, but more importantly, if you're going to start attaching rewards to being good, make them to where you only keep them as long as you STAY good. (I havent heard of people losing the Santa Baron icon, but if I'm wrong and you already do this, awesome). Otherwise, people will fake charisma for the rewards and then go back to being mean once they have them.
This is the type of stuff that I want to dig into in the future

We agree, if there are rewards for being good, many of the rewards should "disappear" if the player stops being good. However, some rewards can be permanent.

But, you'll note I said we need more reasons for players to be good, and we need to make being good the easiest choice--these don't necessarily mean physical rewards!

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Reyx7 View Post
So is this a primary reason that you guys haven't added chat into the game via a mic? Going through threads the last few weeks has made me believe that it would be incredibly difficult to monitor the statements made by individuals, and while people could still be muted, I feel like each audio file would need to get saved for report purposes and whatnot. Do you have any comments on a microphone based chat system?
Actually, check the voice chat discussion here:

General Discussion WookieeCookie Goodbye Riot, (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Originally Posted by Chaoyo View Post

I feel like I only have 7 days to live now.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Gerrikk View Post

I've defended Tribunal on these forums for years. I have Santa Baron on my main account. Yet for some reason when your new chat restriction system came out this account got a short chat restriction. Any insight into how that happened? Are lesser played accounts more vulnerable to false reports since it's automated now?
Hmm, no, lesser played accounts should be less vulnerable unless they did something quite egregious.

It looks like your account is in "OK" standing, but isn't close to new chat restrictions.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Shonster View Post
Well Lyte, I got a 2 week ban because I probably deserved it. Failing promos about 7 or 8 times drove me up the wall and I was playing on tilt. What i wanted to mention was that my climb up the elo ladder had almost little to no toxic players when I was playing ranked. However, after hitting platinum, i felt like the number of toxic players increased substantially and I noticed that even I started becoming toxic myself.

Essentially, you state that 95% of players are positive or neutral in the total community.. but is there a chunk of players at a certain MMR/elo where the negativity is more common? I feel like a larger number of plat players are toxic and it isn't well represented in the stats because it consists of a small portion of the community. It feels like at this elo people take the game so personally that even the smallest thing sets them off. Of course I'm not saying everyone is like this in plat but I see it more frequently than when i was in bronze/silver/gold..
We do see Ranked modes as having more negativity than other modes, but we do have a few things in the works to address this in the future.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Falling Objects View Post
I'm sure you know the answer as well as I do; the negativity bias.

To explain it quickly to people who might not know, people fixate on negative events more than they do on positive events. This has been thoroughly studied and tested.

I feel that's almost definitely what's going on here; you're more likely to remember the one game where a guy belted out a few pretty offensive racial slurs for half a minute before cooling off, as opposed to the one game where your entire team was really positive and communicated really well.

So here's the challenge: how do we overcome negativity bias? The League community is pretty awesome--we all know this whenever we go to a real life event and meet other League players. When we analyze specific games, the majority of players are actually neutral or positive. So how do we overcome the human tendency to highlight negativity?