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5 hours ago

Garen's shoulders.

6 hours ago

Originally Posted by Voidgolem View Post
These are much too small. Must be bigger. Yes.

23 hours ago

Originally Posted by HoIlowfication View Post
Riot never read or gives a **** about what players think on the forums


This is a really cool concept, I sent it to the skins team :)

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Retired Noob View Post
So lasers like Lux or Vel'Koz go through Braum?
Also, vector targeting like Rumble and Viktor both go through? And he gets hit by secondary effects, not just popping them like Yasuo's wall?
Lasers go through Braum's shield, this includes things like Lux R, Vel'Koz R, Lucian Q. This to make the ability consistent with Yasuo's wind-wall.

Vector targetted things Viktor E for example, are treated like any other projectile, and will stop when they hit him.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Bat Bot View Post
Out of curiosity, in his design are you making his wall exactly like Yasao's? He seems cool, but being able to block heals & other support abilities seems not-defender like. I'm referring to Lux shield, Vlad's heal (If shield works both ways), Sona, Nami, and others who heal or shield by projectile.

Depending on the cooldown on release, I feel he could be pretty toxic in blind pick if you go bottom lane and he's there when you picked someone like Lux. I can understand the E/Q, but why the W?
Braum's E doesn't block any ability that's unable to interact with his allies. Things like Lux's shield won't be affected by him as a result.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by wapster View Post
sure am glad you guys can make entirely new run animations in a single day but can't be assed to listen to the community and make Atlantean Syndra's colors match the splash art

that being said, he does look very nice.
I'm under the understanding that we did fix that up. Check lolking.

It kills me when people say Riot doesn't listen to the community especially in such a hateful way. Everything we do is for the players and with the players in mind. We listen to every bit of feedback. Sadly, we can't always address every little problem people might have with something.We wish we could though.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Warlink523 View Post
Thanks for answering my questions! Unfortunately I've got some more after reading the rest of this thread

With this bit of information about his E and from my interpretation of other posts answering questions about his E, he can take damage from enemy ranged attacks that are not aimed at him, right? For instance; an enemy Twitch ults and aims at an ally positioned at an angle behind Braum. The shield is wide enough that it intercepts the AAs, but he still takes reduced(or none if first) damage AND gets poisoned, meaning the shield essentially WIDENS Braum's hitbox as well? On the subject of Twitch, does his E (contaminate, i believe is the new name) gets blocked? I ask this because I recall the VU for Twitch did change the visuals of this skill and it resembles a projectile now.

Also, if CC still applies to Braum with shield up, how does this interact with hooks such as Blitz, Thresh, and Naut? I'm guessing Braum will get kidnapped if any of those hooks even touch the shield (which could suck if the shield widens his hitbox, making him an easier target to hit, even if unintended or at weird angles)
More questions is just fine!

Projectiles that pass through the shield as visually represented will hit Braum regardless of their intended target, this applies to targetted things like basic attacks as well as free target things like Ezreal Q/W/R. It is reasonable to think about the shield as an extension of his hitbox that only applies to projectiles entering from the correct angle (if you shoot things at him from behind they are not destroyed).

If Braum eats basic attacks from Twitch headed for someone else, he will get poisoned as well, and if a hook touches the shield it will still pull him. This does create situations where a Braum with his shield up is easier to hit than a normal champion, but he is also a much less attractive target than his allies. Clever timing on when you use Unbreakable and understanding the limits of your durability will help you decide what hits to take vs which ones you dodge.

If all else fails the mustache should keep him safe.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Mawsmile View Post
What about follow-up abilities, such as Vi Ult and Xin's jump? If the linear direction is through the wall, do they just stop?
While Braum's damage reduction effects apply to everything from the direction of the shield, the projectile blocking properties only apply to projectiles. Vi and Xin are totally safe because they are not projectiles, Braum will take reduced damage from them if they hit him from the side the shield is facing.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Sergar View Post
Does his Immovable Object get you assist credit by itself? Let's say I walk between a friendly Twitch getting shot at by a enemy Caitlyn. I pop her Q out of the air and AAs out of the air, and Twich uses his ult and finishes her. Would I get assist credit even if I don't damage/debuff Caitlyn or buff Twitch?

Also, if Braum's Immovable Object meets Malphite's Unstoppable Force will the game crash and if not; can it please?
Yes, Braum does get assist credit when he uses Unbreakable to block attacks. It takes proper positioning and timing to block attacks, and a number of Braum's big plays are defensive in nature so it didn't feel appropriate to have them go unrewarded if the fight turned from those actions.

Malphite and Braum colliding does not crash the game, instead people tend to gather round and place bets on the rock-man vs muscle-man boxing match that is about to go down.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by GreatDerpression View Post
Just to clarify, will he be able to "block" basic attacks for example
Turrets/ champions/ neutral monsters.
Good question! These things aren't all handled the same way, they are different cases.

Turret attacks are not basic attacks, our mechanics that involve basic attacks exclude them, as does Braum.

Braum does intercept champion basic attacks the same way he intercepts other projectiles, if it touches his shield it hits him instead of its target and is destroyed. Neutral monsters and minions are treated the same way as enemies, you can intercept their attacks and reduce damage from them.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Rikukun View Post
So I would presume if Brand ult's Braum with the shild up, Braum will take the damage, and then the ult will not bounce to other targets?

Also would Braum receive Brand's passive debuff in this case?
Braum would destroy the projectile causing to not continue bouncing, as is the case with other bouncing missiles (Ryze, Sivir, Katarina etc). In the Brand case he still gets the passive debuff because he is hit by the Pyroclasm before destroying it.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Banshis View Post
Riotwreckz, please comment if Braum's shield will block Twitch's ult from piercing through him.
He does stop Twitch ultimate from piercing through.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Renaito Yuujou View Post
Gotta say Wrekz, I haven't been this excited for a champion in a long time.

Who did the art for Braum?
Many people worked on the art from 2d concept through production, primarily though:
TheBravoRay - Concept Art
RiotLamz - Animation
Jin Ho Yang - VFX

Also, we work collaboratively with the entire team for each discipline, the above names don't represent a complete list of everyone who had a hand in making Braum great.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Narasimha View Post
Also, follow up question!

Will Unbreakable still be active if Braum is affected by a stun or silence? Or would it automatically switch off?
Unbreakable stays active until the end of its duration, the only thing that cancels it is death!

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Alcibion View Post
To take another example, if Graves ults him, he'll take the primary damage but the secondary explosion won't occur. If Jinx ults him, will he take damage then the destruction of the projectile will prevent the AoE explosion around him, or will it still explode?

If Leona casts E in such a way that he and another champion behind him would be hit, does she dash to him instead, or is her E destroyed after it damages him and thus the "last champion hit" clause doesn't apply? Does she root him even if she doesn't dash at all?

Is Fizz's ult's bait destroyed, or does it latch onto Braum anyway?

What of Orianna's ball?
Our goal with this ability was to determine what is reasonable and expected when something hits the shield while preserving the integrity of things not passing through him.

Skills with explosion effects (Jayce Q, Karma Q, Corki R, Sejuani R) play their explosion effects from where they contacted the shield, damaging Braum and enemies in front of him.

Pass-through projectiles follow simple rules, they stop and do not pass through him. (Ezreal R, Ezreal W, Caitlyn Q etc). Leona E is the same, it hits him and stops the sword from passing through, so she jumps to him instead.

An important facet of this ability is giving the enemy player the satisfaction of hitting Braum with their ability while also empowering Braum to create a safe-zone behind himself.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by SomeUnknownGuy View Post
To specify more on Braum's E: since it can block (or I should say reduce) damage dealt by things like Caitlyn's Q, how does this work with Crowd Control? If Zyra used Grasping Roots on Braum's E, would the Crowd Control still apply? Or would it be blocked entirely or have its duration reduced?
Good question. Projectiles hit Braum and then are destroyed. So he takes the damage, CC, and then the grasping roots does not pass through him. If this is the first ability that hits him he would negate the damage but the CC still applies.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Warlink523 View Post
questions regarding his skills:

Passive- can it be applied to multiple enemies at the same time? Does Lucian's passive count as two AAs (I'm guessing yes)?

Q- no questions

W- does the mechanic of this skill only account for visible champs (allies & enemies)? For example, if the viable enemy champion closest to your ally is currently stealthed, will he jump between them or choose a different enemy champion as target? Also, what happens if there are no nearby enemy champion and he casts the skill on an ally? Is there a minimum range an enemy must be within for the skill to work?

E- if he's hard cc'd while the shield is active (for example Cho Q or W), what happens to the shield? does it cancel? Also, if Skarner ults him while shield is active, does dragging Braum change the direction the shield is facing (assuming shield remains active even while suppressed). Do ranged cc skills still cc him despite having its damage negated/reduced (i have to ask this b/c even though it destroys projectiles like wind wall, damage can still go through. Therefore what happens to enemy on-hit effects on Braum?) edit: derp, i asked this question too late >.
Ult- if his ult is blocked by wind wall or another shield, does the slow field it create only appear up to the point when it was blocked?

Thank you guys for posting all these questions! I'll be here to keep answering stuff.

Passive - Yes it can be active on multiple targets at once. Yes, Lucian's passive applies on-hits on both attacks so it does add two stacks.

W - This only takes visible champions into account, you can't use it to detect stealthed enemies. Yes there is a minimum range. If there is no champion in the range you jump just beyond the target as long as that doesn't exceed your max range.

E - Braum takes whatever CC effects are caused by the projectile hitting him then destroys it. Nothing should cause the shield to change direction. If he is hard CCed the shield doesn't cancel.

R - If his ult is blocked by Enemy Braum (Evil Braum) or Yasuo the ult will only make the slow zone up to where it hit the windwall/unbreakable.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Noctes setcoN View Post
1. Braum's could have a faster travel time (purely speculation on my part, but it doesnt say "slow", and Nami's goes particularly slow)

2. It could have a shorter range (based on the little "teaser" comic showing off his abilities, I'm pretty sure thats his ult in the top left)

3. Nami's ult only slows targets it hits, while Braum's leaves a slowing "field" behind in its path.

Similar yes, but different enough I think.
Braum ult and Nami ult have some core differences in use and what makes them powerful.

Nami ult has a short cast time, very long range, and a slow that scales as the missile travels. It's knockup is consistent throughout. The increasing slow time and consistent knockup makes Nami ult more powerful against back-liners than front-liners if they don't dodge it.

Braum ultimate leaves a slow zone on the ground where it travels, making it a stronger counter-engage and giving it zone control power. Also, the slow actually applied to targets is short, but refreshes while they are inside the zone, meaning that positioning the zone is very important rather than just the initial hit. Finally, Braum's knockup on the ult is 1.5 seconds for the first target and very short for all the targets after that, giving you more ability to play around where you leave the zone by reducing the power as the spell travels past the front-line into the back-line.

Hope that helps!

2 days ago

Originally Posted by sly5665 View Post
Thank you for your reply Dannamoth.

This might be out of your expertise, but if the repair feature included in the launcher/patcher crashes continuously, what does this usually mean and what should I do?
That means I really want your patcher logs you should be able to get us a dump of all the relevant log files by using the save logs button in the patcher options menu.

2 days ago

So happy to see everyone here posting about him. I'm very excited to talk about Braum and answer everyone's questions. I'll be around for a while answering questions and be checking back regularly.

Originally Posted by MercsGuardian View Post
...At least you can still out position it...also, if he turns, it turns.
Braum's Unbreakable does not turn once you cast it. It locks your facing similar to Lucian's Culling and keeps the shield pointing the same direction while you move around.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Gutana View Post
I feel like the timers may be too small to hit with good accuracy in the middle of a fight or in a tense situation such as a baron dance.

There are 2 solutions to this I can think of. Either 1, get rid of specificity on the ping and leave it as 'Ult up soon'. Or, the further away the mouse goes from the original pinged location could be how long the ult will be up in, going up by 5's (for every 2 inches away from the middle of the wheel, it goes up by 5 seconds, or measured by % of screen or something). I understand this will have its own drawbacks, but my best idea to stop things from being too small.
I'm picking up what you're putting down. Again, too far afield for me to say if that would work or not, but sounds plausible.

What else you got GD?

2 days ago

Oo nice mockup! The forums often have requests for "wards here" on smart ping and the visual kicks it up a notch.

I wonder if there is a point at which things become too crowded/small. What do you guys think about the timers on the left? Any other ways to execute that may help with this?

This is out of my wheelhouse to officially comment on but +1 for the constructive suggestion and nice visual.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by MÃ v View Post
Not to sound like a jackass, but why not do buff his "Golden Aegis" so it isn't a useless piece of **** (As well as mana drain) early game? Jarvan's problem in lane is his lack of survivability/sustain in lane and his "Golden Aegis" is so pathetic that it does nothing but drain your mana and he's already crying about his mana as it is.
We've been considering a mana cost reduction to Golden Aegis as well, though not sure off the top of the head how that change has been testing. Definitely under examination though, agree it can be sometimes be pretty punishing pushing that button when it's not ranked.

2 days ago

1) Why are you not doing the timers in the game yourself then? Is it a manpower issue as there are many programmers like myself that would be more than willing to be hired or just to help.
As I said, we are exploring the idea. We're trying it out internally, but it's premature to promise or announce it as a feature because something could always go wrong, and we don't have an ETA in any case. My prediction is that you'll see official jungle timers at some point. What they look like, what information they need to provide and so on is the kind of thing we'll want to iterate on, and we'd like to get a lot of feedback from you all. If players seem to universally hate the concept of timers, we'd absolutely reconsider them as well... in which case we wouldn't want third parties to support them either (though admittedly there is no real way to kill an external timer).

We're always looking for good engineers, but it's also not simply an issue of number of dudes. Any time someone is working on one project, it means they aren't working on another one that could potentially be of even more value to you guys.

what about map awareness information, allied cooldowns information , damage vs enemies resistances and health information, etc. are you planning on adding this too? and how you determine objectively which is fair game and which is not?
I don't think you can make an objective determination. We're talking about really subjective concepts. The game already provides a lot of information. We're just considering whether it needs to provide a little more. Is it possible to cross the line where players are provided so much information that your decisions are no-brainers? Absolutely, and that's not what we're going for. When we put the core values out, we'd love to get some additional feedback about what crosses the line in your opinion.

3 days ago

Part of this discussion hinges on whether presenting information such as jungle timers is fair or not, so I wanted to provide the perspective of the game design team.

Some of you probably saw that we presented a list of our core design values for League at the design panel at PAX-East (which was really fun, BTW). This is a project we have been working on for some time, and we have plans to present these values to a wider audience (meaning all of you guys) on our website pretty soon. Our hope is that if you understand our philosophy, our patch notes will make more sense. Even if you disagree with a particular change, you'll hopefully understand our goals and can structure your feedback in a way to help us meet those goals. Now, I don't want to preempt that presentation, because it's almost certainly going to generate a lot of interesting discussion. However, one of those values is very relevant to this thread so I do want to touch on it briefly.

Specifically, we want you to focus on fighting your opponents, not the game. We want the skill component to be whether you make the right decision given appropriate earned information, not about remembering the information.

Jungle timers fall into the category information that we don't feel the need to obscure, provided you earned that information by witnessing say a dragon or baron kill. We agree with the posts in this thread arguing that deciding when to go in for that next kill or counter-kill or whatever is the real test of skill. Remembering to set a timer, less so. As such, adding jungle timers in some form is something we're exploring. To echo Sargonas, it doesn't bother us if a third party application provides that functionality, so long as it is only displaying information that your team fairly earned, and to a lesser extent as long as it doesn't overwhelm you with a lot of extraneous information of limited value just because it can.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by wolfiestyle v2 View Post
What is that game API they talk about? can we write our own addons?
Indeed! We have an API setup to allow community developers to write all kinds of awesome web applications! You can check out the details over at http://developer.riotgames.com for more info.

(Also it's worth noting since I've seen it mentioned in this thread a few times mistakenly, Curse Voice is not using this API.)

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Delta Unknown View Post
How much cost the curse's software??
Curse Voice is free, but in a limited access beta as they slowly roll it out to everyone. My understanding is that in the future it will be out of beta and free for everyone to use. Note however that while this thread is about Curse Voice, our updated stance and my update is focused on addressing all 3rd party mods, not just this one.

3 days ago

Hey all! Given the resurgence of the topic (and this thread) I wanted to pop in and give you all an update. As I mentioned a few weeks back, Curse Voice and other related 3rd party mods are something we are actively looking into, given the rise in popularity. We are moving forward with how we want to shape our policies around this and I just wanted to give you all a bit of an update on the direction we are headed.

The original wording was loosely phrased so that we had room to adjust to the best interests of the community on a case by case basis. It's clear however that our choice of wording made our intentions confusing. Generally speaking, the intent was that we reserved the right to take action against any programs we deem harmful to the community at any time, but that we did not have to explicitly keep a meticulous "bad list" or "good list" of apps. Instead, things would live in a neutral area until we had a need to make a call one way or another on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, this has caused confusion for a lot of you lately into thinking that unless we explicitly green light something, it is a bannable offense. That was never our intent.

Moving forward, we are crafting a clearer policy around 3rd party addons. It is not quite ready for prime-time roll out yet, but will be in the very near future. To give you some insight on the direction we are headed though (and to solicit your feedback) this is the direction we are heading. (Please note, this is a general idea of where we are headed, and NOT a verbatim example of the new policy.)

"Programs that give you information you have already earned (such as visible timers) are ok. Programs that give you information you have not earned (such as enemy timers/timers in the fog of war), ones that make decisions for you, or take actions for you, are NOT ok."

If you have any feedback on this, my team and I would love to hear it!

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Proximus D View Post
Could I also just use a normal FM radio to receive the english broadcast? The one in my android phone for example ranges from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz... should be good to go with that, right?
Yes, that should work fine, as I believe we're aiming to transmit in that frequency range.

General Discussion Fearless Let?s talk about Sona (Quick Preview) ( 4 days ago )
4 days ago

Originally Posted by Vortex IV View Post
She doesn't have to be "changed" to get that result though. Start peeling away all the pointless mini nerfs you guys have slammed her with in the last year and she'll start feeling a lot more "rewarding". It's nothing mechanical that's wrong with her it's that you guys have ruined the value of using any of her abilities (other than the ult) by constantly picking at them a little at a time over a long course of time. They all cost too much mana for what little they do and now she's left in a state of mediocrity because of it.

There's no science to this, it's not exactly complicated. Un nerf her and viola she'll be "rewarding" again.
No, she'll be broken again.

Sona wasn't nerfed because we thought she was too fun, it's because she stamped out other options, and especially because she was much too powerful through too little game interaction.

By making changes in where Sona's power lies, and by moving it to more interact game elements, we'd actually be able to put more power in the parts of Sona's kit that players appreciate. Sona isn't an ineffective champ currently, the problem is more that she's not satisfying.