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2 hours ago

Do you think that is there low diversity and champions need more unique mechanics? I mean, Graves and Lucian, for example, are basically the same champion, what makes us choose who is best at the moment only instead of choose by who we really like.
Yes, we do think that. Note that it doesn't need to be a different skill shot between the two, but there does need to be more distinction between champions in the same role. You should consider whether you want to play Graves or Lucian based on what you would have to do as those champions, what your team would do differently, and what the other team would do differently.

3 hours ago

Do you ever regret opening the game up to be more casual? Instead of taking the kind of direction you are with league?
Different approaches work for different products, and I don't want to second guess the WoW team. Let's just say that after working on Age of Empires and World of Warcraft for a total of 16 years, it's really refreshing to work on a game where I don't have to worry whether someone's grandmother can pick it up or not.

6 hours ago

Why not start with properly removing Lulu (and others) from mid and top, and bring her back down into support?
You quoted me just above your question, so I'm going to re-quote myself. "Part of that is from us occasionally over-zealously stepping in when players try something unexpected." We don't feel the game really benefits when we slap champions that dare to stray from their assigned lanes. Maybe players will come up with counter strategies. Maybe having a less predictable game is more fun. If Lulu (or anyone's) win rates or ban rates or play rates etc. go up and stay up and we feel the new strategy is going to stifle diversity, then we can step in. I'm worried we do it a little too quickly at the moment.

10 hours ago

Three reasons:

1) We have a lot of things we want to do with League, and this doesn't seem that high up on the list.

2) But even if it was a trivial change for us to make, I'm not sure we should. League is a game about mastery. That includes getting off a skill shot and knowing when to fight and when to run, but it includes knowing how to play your champion, and that includes outfitting him or her well.

3) We've spent a lot of effort over the years slapping down emergent strategies that weren't intended. But too much of that saps the fun of exploration and discovery out of the game. Maybe it should be okay if players can make unusual item choices once in awhile to pursue unusual strategies. If buying a "ranged" item for a melee champion works sometimes, or is fun even if it doesn't work, and as long as it doesn't cause huge balance problems or stifle other options, it seems like that should be okay, no?

1 day ago

Originally Posted by BloodAspe View Post
Help Lyte i dont know why i was banned for 14 days without any warning and without a chat ban prior, i was chat banned in june for 5 games (i think). That was even though I hadnt played since February but I've never received a warning or anything since so I thought i was being positive in game even when i was giving criticism.

Please help me understand and change my atttiude if it is wrong. Please post my chat logs
I'd recommend you stop raging and verbally abusing teammates for having bad games. Stop spamming players that you are reporting them, or calling them stupid newbs and using slurs like calling people "jews" or "nazis."

1 day ago

Nie ded³em, respi³em siê po gamescomie. Kilka b±bli na stopach robi swoje.

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1 day ago

Doesn't look like your account is banned.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Supabad View Post
I highly doubt i have been reported in more than 5% of my 1300+ games this year. if 92% of players are neutral how would i fall into a category of extremely toxic based on a very small percentage of bad days/games.
The average player is reported in about 1-4% of games depending on server, and including false reports. When players threaten to report, very few actually follow through. When you filter out false reports, the numbers are lower of course.

You've been reported in about 18% of your games, which is excessively high--in fact, this would put you at the highest 1% in terms of reports received. In the past, the average Tribunal person is reported in 15% to 25%+ of their games.

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2 days ago

Originally Posted by LadyOfRegiment View Post
wait. How are offenses on both accounts similar and i JUST stared using this account again TODAY. I have literally been in every game with a guy from forums. I have typed "Sorry, no one else to blame but myself, and ... all game." So I'm curious as to how I have been reported on a smurf account that prior to today I use several months ago with friends in a ventrillo and never typed in game.

I really want my chat logs on BOTH accounts now and I posted a link where I posted on Community Beta asking for them. Here is the link AGAIN. Can I at least get LadyofRegiment's chat logs for today because I don't think you all keep chat logs from several months ago.


Ah, you can post on Community Beta! We do keep logs forever, so we can pull up logs for LadyOfRegiment before you recently started playing again--I see examples of negative chat from March 2014 and earlier.

But, here's some chat logs for OtakuBurrito:

[5:02] OtakuBurrito: NO
[5:04] OtakuBurrito: STFU
[5:08] OtakuBurrito: IM ABOUT TO MUTE YOUR ASS
[5:13] OtakuBurrito: U KNOW WHAT
[5:14] OtakuBurrito: GO MID
[5:15] OtakuBurrito: IM NOT
[5:16] OtakuBurrito: ABOT
[5:17] OtakuBurrito: TO
[5:19] OtakuBurrito: LISTEN TO THIS
[5:21] OtakuBurrito: ALL ****GIN GAME
[5:22] OtakuBurrito: IM NOT
[5:27] OtakuBurrito: ABNOTU TO ****GIN HELP TRY TO ****IGN WIN
[5:30] OtakuBurrito: **** THIS
[5:32] OtakuBurrito: LET HIM MID
[5:36] OtakuBurrito: ****IGN WHIHNNIGN LIEK A *****
[6:17] OtakuBurrito: go ****ign mid
[6:19] OtakuBurrito: you *****
[7:46] OtakuBurrito: its always ****ign something
[7:54] OtakuBurrito: i always get ****ign ****ed over in ****gin lane
[8:04] OtakuBurrito: never get a decent ****ign game
[8:12] OtakuBurrito: ****gin bull****
[8:23] OtakuBurrito: just 1 ****ign game
[10:05] OtakuBurrito: stfu
[10:18] OtakuBurrito: exactly
[10:22] OtakuBurrito: he's s ****ign troll
[11:28] OtakuBurrito: piece of ****
[11:43] OtakuBurrito: ff@ 20
[11:46] OtakuBurrito: adn report veigar
[12:25] OtakuBurrito: **** this im feeding
[12:30] OtakuBurrito: kennen
[13:14] OtakuBurrito: didnt you **** over the whole team
[13:16] OtakuBurrito: *****
[13:30] OtakuBurrito: shut your ****ing face
[13:39] OtakuBurrito: so does your mom
[14:13] OtakuBurrito: late ****ign mia
[15:06] OtakuBurrito: **** mid
[15:55] OtakuBurrito: shut the **** up
[19:24] OtakuBurrito: imma get veigar killed
[19:36] OtakuBurrito: **** that *****
[20:27] OtakuBurrito: dumb ass goign top
[21:14] OtakuBurrito: gj assgar
[22:41] OtakuBurrito: lucky him
[25:35] OtakuBurrito: gj assger
[27:53] OtakuBurrito: WE ARE LOSIGN BECAUSE OF YOU *****
[27:57] OtakuBurrito: STUPID ASS


[23:05] OtakuBurrito: GOT DAMMIT
[23:14] OtakuBurrito: I DID
[23:19] OtakuBurrito: ASSTWAT
[23:26] OtakuBurrito: MAYBE IF YOU HADNT FED SO ****IGN HARD
[23:30] OtakuBurrito: WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS MESS
[30:06] OtakuBurrito: how your mom cant swallow
[30:18] OtakuBurrito: and has to put up with you
[30:26] OtakuBurrito: feeder ass n*gger


[47:35] OtakuBurrito: TTEMO
[47:35] OtakuBurrito: WTF
[47:40] OtakuBurrito: YOU DUMB PIECE OF ****
[47:43] OtakuBurrito: STFU
[47:49] OtakuBurrito: IF YOU WERENT TROLLIONG
[47:59] OtakuBurrito: STUPIDEST ****IGN ADC NA
[48:01] OtakuBurrito: MY GOD
[48:05] OtakuBurrito: YOU SUCK SO ****GIN HARD
[48:08] OtakuBurrito: ITS ILLEGAL
[48:50] OtakuBurrito: PLEASE LEAVE

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2 days ago

Originally Posted by LadyOfRegiment View Post
Okay Lyte I was banned. Post my chat logs here so I know how much people piss me off in games. I'm ready for the smite.
I can't reveal full chat logs on OtakuBurrito unless we can confirm you own the account. I'm not in Player Support, so harder to do this if you aren't posting on that account.

However, on both LadyOfRegiment and OtakuBurrito, the offenses are similar.

You're screaming in all caps, using racial slurs, making sexual references, and more. You should be fully aware of what you do in games because it's quite excessive and over the top--I don't think you want me to post the chat logs on OtakuBurrito.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Ragnaröck View Post
Only 0.9% of the community are deemed toxic while there are a lot more active trolls/*******s/whatever who are not detectable through the chatlog.
I read through the examples in the OP and in honesty most of them sound like easily made mistakes. An expectation of perfection is something I see a lot of and people aren't perfect. Watching the LCS you can see decisions made that with hindsight were mistakes that lost games, sometimes people will pick up your blue or have a bad feeling about a teamfight they don't have time to express.

The nature of a team game means we all have differing view on the current situation. In a lot of cases the perception of trolling is more prevalent than someone intentionally trolling. We've all made calls that afterwards we shake our heads at.

If you're viewing that as being indicative of someone trying to annoy you then you'll see innocent mistakes as hostile actions. We're a team dedicated to improving the experience on all fronts, I'm not disputing that people will do things to annoy you. There is a difference between to annoy and that annoy though and it's very important there's a line between the two.

One is intentional, the other isn't.

Do you feel offended when the stranger tells you that you're a faget and your cancer-ridden mother should be eaten by dogs?
Of course we do. It's pretty disgusting to say something like that in any context. It's not exactly a common thing though in game or out and it's why people who do are punished for it. If you use language that attacks another player then it's not helpful and if you can't help yourself you're not welcome.

Forum discussion is typically about events that are not standard, in the larger discussions especially. It's why reading threads you'll hear about the extremes and attempts to prove the extremes and why people here find things hard to believe.

Part of making things better is accepting there are issues, another key part is keeping some perspective.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Jacobdg View Post
Does telling somebody I'm going to report them count as negative?
Because in my defense, I said that a LOT because I thought it was helping because I wanted to show them that being toxic had a negative consequence.

Can I see two logs, one from two different days?
We generally see that players who repeatedly say they are going to report people are generally pretty toxic themselves. In fact, saying "reported" is among the words and phrases that toxic players say the most out of any other word. A lot of players also report players who say "reported" often because it's a pretty annoying experience to constantly hear players go "reporting X," "reported" etc. In addition to this, telling players repeatedly that they are muted is a super negative behavior as well because the only thing you are doing is instigating that player to be even more toxic... yet the only people that are experiencing the triggered toxicity are your teammates--so, you get reported for that a bunch too.

Here's a few examples of chat logs where you constantly tell others you are reporting someone, try to get the other team to report someone, and then tell people they are muted (and then still attack them throughout and make them rage even more to your teammates):

[14:30] Jacobdg [ALL]: why do all baddies say that
[14:41] Jacobdg [ALL]: don't be a sore loser
[17:22] Jacobdg: quit being a baby
[21:23] Jacobdg [ALL]: can you guys reprot wukong
[22:20] Jacobdg [ALL]: because you're a loser who can't hold your lane
[25:11] Jacobdg: what the ****
[26:19] Jacobdg: shut up
[29:27] Jacobdg: just muting you all
[39:37] Jacobdg: god damnit wukong
[39:38] Jacobdg: JUST HELP
[39:49] Jacobdg: I CAN'T HEAR YOU
[39:50] Jacobdg: YOU'RE MUTED
[39:53] Jacobdg: DON'T BOTHER TYPING TO ME
[46:33] Jacobdg: THANKS WUKONG


[4:51] Jacobdg: shut up
[6:10] Jacobdg [ALL]: muting thresh and reporting him lol
[8:22] Jacobdg [ALL]: report jinx for trolling
[14:57] Jacobdg: stfu
[35:54] Jacobdg: WHAT THE ****


[24:38] Jacobdg: muting you now
[25:26] Jacobdg: not playing with this team
[26:05] Jacobdg [ALL]: is diana just complaining
[26:07] Jacobdg [ALL]: i muted her lol


[3:50] Jacobdg: reporting you after game for unskilled player and trolling
[3:54] Jacobdg: and muting you now kayle

[4:09] Jacobdg: im telling him what'sg oing to happen
[4:11] Jacobdg: and muting him
[11:30] Jacobdg: i muted kayle
[11:35] Jacobdg: so if she's talking to me she can stop
[13:47] Jacobdg: you were supposed to kill him
[13:49] Jacobdg: but you ***** out and run
[25:09] Jacobdg: i wonder if this nidalee is typing to me
[25:11] Jacobdg: too bad she's muted

[25:19] Jacobdg: cause i'm not gonna listen to her stupidity for another second

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Zunit31 View Post
Then please give me a clear cut definition of toxic behavior. All I did was post a thought about your statistics, I did not give your permission to post my logs, nor did I ever refute that I was a toxic player. Yet instead of contributing any meaningful conversation, you continue to avoid the topic altogether.
I was explaining why you might perceive the world as more toxic, and why the statistics might seem unbelievable to you. I agree, we got ourselves stuck in an ironic trap because it was impossible for me to explain why you felt the statistics were unbelievable without revealing that you might be causing the toxicity in your matches.

Hopefully, I've contributed better to the discussion in several other responses now.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Rueian View Post
If the world was perfect with sunshine and happiness, toxic players wouldn't be toxic, typically rage bursting out for seemingly no reason is because someone is having a bad game, which will feel like a direct attack on your person. The game is stressful.
League is stressful, but that's because it's a hardcore, competitive game where you have to rely on your teammates to succeed. FPS games don't have this issue as much because players drop and go, and really 1 bad player has no effect on your team. However, in League, 1 player having a bad game greatly disrupts your win percentages, so the emotional stakes are higher.

However, the vast majority of players don't explode in rage when they have a player having a bad game on their team. We're human. We get upset, we get frustrated, and we might get angry when we lose a match, but most of us don't instantly resort to obscenities and homophobic/racial slurs or death threats.

A % of players behaved in a pretty toxic way in online communities and games for years, and never had any consequences--they probably learned that this behavior was OK. A very small % of people in real life also have issues controlling their rage, or behaving in a socially-appropriate way. They deal with consequences their entire lives, and in many ways, we're seeing that by having some structure in League, we're able to greatly reduce toxicity. With some structure, we're seeing that the community is actually pretty awesome, and most players have a good time in a majority of their games.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Rueian View Post
Every player goes on tilt, some have explosive tilts, it is just an emotional reaction and not an easily controlled or fixed one. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of middle ground punished players are just emotionally unstable either chronically or because of current stress in life. I know i'm one of those who has an issue controlling my anger, and that is what gets me punished so often, ending up mentally blinded by anger when i'm on tilt, leaves me a bit confused when I was seeing my reform cards. It doesn't help that i have plenty of other emotional issues complicating things. It actually upsets me and often times discourages me reading all these board posts. I feel like the majority is against me, even if I try, i'm running out of excuses of why to try.
I'm not sure "every" player goes on tilt. I've been analyzing player behavior data for a few years now, and there are legitimately hundreds of thousands of players that have never gone on tilt. They might rage IRL, or smack their desk, but they don't rage in-game against another player.

Even when players do go on tilt, they usually say one line "f*ck you, stop XYZ" and then go into complete silence. The vast majority of players know when they've crossed the line, and revert back to a neutral state or stop typing.

However, there are players that go on an explosive tilt and completely go off the rails--it doesn't matter what's going on IRL, or what the circumstances were, this stuff isn't cool. As gamers from the same community, you don't get the right to completely wreck another person's night "just because." Every gamer comes from different walks of life, and everyone is going through something--but, let's show respect for each other. While you go on an explosive tilt, someone else on the other end might have just lost their job, broken up in a relationship, or had a relative pass away. They aren't raging at you, and deserve baseline respect from those they meet in this community.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Bad Fungus View Post
The point you are trying to make is valid, but it is also tangential to the point the OP is trying to make, and really borderlines on a pure ad-hominem response.

If I had made this thread instead, the point would be the same, but you would have no toxic chatlogs to base your response upon. This is the problem with your post, since it hinges on the behavior of the OP as opposed to the validity of his point.

Also, posting chatlogs without being asked is a somewhat scumbaggish thing to do, barring extreme cases.
There's two points that could have been made.

If it was you who posted, we'd probably easily pull a string of 10 games, posted all 10 chat logs, and seen that the behaviors were neutral or positive.

If you were toxic, we'd have trouble pulling the string of 10 games, and I'd explain why.

Whether it was appropriate of me to post the chat logs is feedback well taken, but we're gamers and humans just like you. Sometimes, we see blatant lies or twists of the truth and our options are limited. At a traditional studio, we might be forced to just ignore the comments which endangers the community because these players can sway perception over time. Or, we can confront the situation head on which sometimes gets us in sticky situations.

I'll stick my head out there and take a risk once in awhile, and sometimes I'll be wrong. But at the end of the day, we're all part of the same gaming community and we just want to have fun playing League.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Egrodiel View Post
Lyte could you please give an answer as to what the difficulties are related to the implementation of the "new tribunal"? I'm still confused as to why you've opted to spend months throwing chat logs at people on the General discussion forums instead of perfecting the system. Any projected or aimed release date?
One of the biggest challenges is scale. The Tribunal wasn't architect-ed in a way that could handle millions of gamers casting billions of votes in the system and churning out penalties at this scale daily. We also wanted to allow the system to review positive behaviors, which would triple the scale necessary to run the system.

For a long time we couldn't even launch Tribunal in new territories, so it stayed in NA/EU and a few other regions, but was never launched in places like Oceania or Turkey. We're a bigger studio and company now, so it's our responsibility to make sure players around the world get the same player experience, so we had to fix this problem.

About the current situation, we're testing a lot of new things and the lessons we learn will directly apply to the new Tribunal.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by HKG Tincup View Post

1.Go into silver 5 ranked games soloq.
2.Grind to gold 1 ranked soloq
3.Come back with the results on how many people you banned.

You haven't seen real toxicity until you've walked through it yourself at this time instead of doing a test on people who aren't in that situation. The depths of hell is what you're avoiding.
I recently went from Silver -> Platinum on "Lyte," and recently played multiple Silver -> Gold games on two other accounts.

In all of those games (about 300), there's 1 player that ended up needing a ban.

Before anyone asks, the other 2 accounts didn't have "Riot" or "Lyte" in them, so they weren't getting any special behavior.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by n3ac3y View Post
His whole 9-5 right now is drooling at forums and trying to humiliate his players, he's been doing this for the past 3-4 days. He'd rather do this then add a mute pings option, fix team builder or work on afk's/leavers.
I'm usually doing forum work or addressing personal tickets and issues on my own time.

During the day, my full-time job is just the design of game systems. We recently did a lot of upgrades to Team Builder with the Summoner Icon promo, and more are on their way. There's a new LeaverBuster system that will greatly improve our systems against leaving/afk, and we're going to test intentional feeder detection systems soon.

There's entire teams working on this stuff, and I'm happy to tank all the criticism, but don't discredit their hard work getting awesome features out to the players.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Zunit31 View Post
Based on Lyte's statistics shown below from a recent analysis, I should see 1 toxic player per every 10 games I play.... 1% of players are considered toxic,10 players in a game, 10 games to =100 players. I find it hard to believe that 99 of those players are positive or neutral. Please don't try to post skewed statistics that can be manipulated by your choice of sample population. What exactly is the definition of neutral? Only being an ass 50% of the time? You could take any 10 game sample size from the hundreds that I have played and I guarantee you wont find one set of ten that has had only one toxic player.

Reviewed approximately 11,150 players
- 11,052 players were neutral or positive (99.1%)
- 94 were chat restricted (0.84%)
- 4 were escalated for extreme toxicity (0.04%)
Well, I'd assume it's difficult to find a string of 10 games in your matches without finding a toxic player when you're in every game and saying things like:

[3:15] Zunit31: wow lux you are beyond useless
[8:04] Zunit31: then gtfo f*ggot its a 1v2 anyways. you stand a mile back


[[23:57] Zunit31: blow me *****
[24:01] Zunit31: you ****in suck
[24:10] Zunit31: dont ***** about your series cuz your ass is to heavy to carry

We generally find that toxic players perceive the world as more negative, and create toxicity in the games they play in.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Zunit31 View Post
Okay cool story Lyte. I never claimed to not be a toxic player. Rather that your statistics are inherently flawed. Toxic players create a toxic environment, I get it. Yet you did nothing to contribute to this conversation. I am so glad to see that instead of contributing to this conversation, you would instead post my logs, which I would perceive as a toxic behavior in itself. Wouldn't posting my logs be done so to embarrass me?
The point is that toxic players tend to create toxicity in their matches, so they perceive the community as far more negative than it actually is.

For example, in your last 10 games, there's about 90 unique players. You and 2 other players deserve a penalty for your negative behaviors; however, that's 3 in 90 players! In many of your matches, you go from pretty neutral speak to instantly raging at your teammates when they don't say anything negative or call you out. Maybe it's because you were having a bad match, or you felt stressed or tension and thought others were criticizing you but they weren't--it's all in the mind, and your perception of events around you.

The stats I showed the other day are accurate for the vast majority of players in the game. However, toxic players do perceive the world quite differently, which is why the statistics may seem unbelievable.

2 days ago

You were banned for continuously attacking your teammates across a large number of games.

For example:

[17:10] Tsubakiii: don't ****ing adc if you don't know how
[18:08] Tsubakiii: yeah graves you're the one that ****in fed them
[18:10] Tsubakiii: gj
[20:06] Tsubakiii: you're terrible graves
[20:09] Tsubakiii: just shut the **** up
[23:41] Tsubakiii: thanks graves for your **** gameplay
[24:50] Tsubakiii: stfu
[24:53] Tsubakiii: you're bad
[26:30] Tsubakiii [ALL]: just report this graves
[28:37] Tsubakiii: you don't belong in g4
[28:41] Tsubakiii: ****ing scrub ass graves
[32:08] Tsubakiii: please stop wasting my ****ing time
[32:11] Tsubakiii: and ff
[32:17] Tsubakiii [ALL]: end it please
[32:24] Tsubakiii [ALL]: they won't ****ing surrender, wasting my ****ing time


[35:11] Tsubakiii: ****ING LISTEN
[36:06] Tsubakiii: what
[36:07] Tsubakiii: the ****
[36:08] Tsubakiii: are u guys
[36:08] Tsubakiii: doing
[36:22] Tsubakiii: SO ****ING DEFEND
[36:23] Tsubakiii: god damnit
[36:31] Tsubakiii: because u guys are g****ing throwing


[9:21] Tsubakiii: kat dive that *****
[13:28] Tsubakiii [ALL]: bunch of scrub complainers
[17:49] Tsubakiii: where the **** are the wards


[7:41] Tsubakiii: this cait
[7:44] Tsubakiii: a freaking ******


[6:21] Tsubakiii: **** you too j4
[9:14] Tsubakiii: no dip****
[11:39] Tsubakiii: im ****ing blitz
[11:42] Tsubakiii: if u arent stupid
[11:43] Tsubakiii: u come top
[12:51] Tsubakiii: because ur ****ing stupid
[13:10] Tsubakiii: cause ur ****ing useless
[13:53] Tsubakiii: ebcuase u didnt ****ing come
[14:08] Tsubakiii: u ****ing idiot
[14:44] Tsubakiii: u ****ing idiot
[14:53] Tsubakiii: god ur so bad
[14:55] Tsubakiii: im done


[12:12] Tsubakiii: tell that to vayne
[12:13] Tsubakiii: scrub'
[13:07] Tsubakiii: terrible kid logic
[13:08] Tsubakiii: muted
[15:17] Tsubakiii: and let vayne talk for her garbage self
[16:17] Tsubakiii [ALL]: calling someone a noob is so toxic
[16:20] Tsubakiii [ALL]: when they clearly have downs
[19:51] Tsubakiii [ALL]: SO WHY DIDNT VAYNE SAY
[19:52] Tsubakiii [ALL]: HEY GUYS
[19:54] Tsubakiii [ALL]: I ****ING BLOW AT ADC
[19:56] Tsubakiii [ALL]: PLZ LET ME MID
[19:57] Tsubakiii [ALL]: OR ANYTHIGN


[2:52] Tsubakiii: ****ing idiotp
[3:09] Tsubakiii: hes a ****ing idiot
[3:47] Tsubakiii: u badddy

2 days ago

It looks like you were banned for numerous examples, and although there is some improvement, the examples are pretty negative.

For example, I can see negative examples of behavior on:

3 on 8/10
2 on 8/11
2 on 8/12
2 on 8/13
2 on 8/14

Given those numbers I wouldn't say you've improved enough that the bans were undeserved.

General Discussion Lyte Alright, Smite me Lyte. (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

You'll have to post on your main account.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by TonyL View Post
What kind of verbal abuse would escalate someone to a straight 14-day ban, Chat logs plz.
Here's a few chat logs from your recent matches that include verbal abuse, homophobic slurs, and even calling people autistic--none of this is acceptable in the game:

[30:46] TonyL: no one ****in faught without you idiot
[30:52] TonyL: like dumb ****ing idiot
[31:03] TonyL: hey *******
[31:54] TonyL: also not my fault you ****s kept dying to tristana
[32:22] TonyL: any ****** couldve realized tristana would carry
[33:01] TonyL: g ****ing f
[33:18] TonyL: like a ****ing idiot
[33:43] TonyL: cause no one knows ****
[33:58] TonyL: you stop being ****ing dumb
[34:13] TonyL: when you're ****ing stupid
[38:53] TonyL: are you dumb
[39:45] TonyL: cause s ome *******


[4:49] TonyL: what the ****
[5:08] TonyL: **** off kid
[7:48] TonyL: wtf
[12:52] TonyL: why are you so bad
[12:57] TonyL: that should jsut be the question
[13:08] TonyL: stop ****ing getting **** on
[15:04] TonyL: you ****s
[15:31] TonyL: you guys are ****ing dumb
[25:08] TonyL: you dumb mother ****er
[27:49] TonyL: hes an idiot
[37:11] TonyL: oh **** man
[37:15] TonyL: you're ****ing genius


[0:22] TonyL: also **** u guys
[0:39] TonyL: id much rather be on the other team
[0:47] TonyL: this team comp sucks
[1:11] TonyL: like what man
[1:17] TonyL: we have 2 interupts for katarina ult
[1:20] TonyL: bull****
[1:39] TonyL: polymorph thing ****ing voli flip thing ****ing lulu ult knockup
[1:46] TonyL: bull****
[4:27] TonyL: AHAHAHAHHA
[4:28] TonyL: AHAHAHAHA
[4:31] TonyL: bull****
[6:57] TonyL [ALL]: bull****
[7:09] TonyL [ALL]: Bull****
[7:44] TonyL: u guys are pussies
[7:46] TonyL: god damn lol
[8:09] TonyL: no **** its warded
[8:15] TonyL: you guys are walking around like *******s
[11:24] TonyL: kill this ****er
[11:25] TonyL: god damn it
[11:32] TonyL: what the **** ish appening
[11:58] TonyL: now draven free farming
[12:02] TonyL: holy ****ing ****
[12:05] TonyL: you guys are a ****ing mess
[12:06] TonyL: god damn it
[12:21] TonyL: always scared and bull****
[13:44] TonyL [ALL]: my team is bull****
[13:54] TonyL: a
[14:01] TonyL [ALL]: All they do is walk around like *******s
[16:21] TonyL: how the **** is renekton killing everyone
[16:30] TonyL: hes making us look like *******s
[16:58] TonyL: why flip him that way
[18:30] TonyL: W HIM
[18:30] TonyL: WTF
[18:35] TonyL: HES UNDER TOWER U ****
[18:47] TonyL: omg this ryze is such an *******
[19:17] TonyL [ALL]: this team
[19:22] TonyL [ALL]: all *******s
[22:57] TonyL: SHUT UP
[23:01] TonyL: SAVE UR ULT OR W
[23:03] TonyL: U *****
[24:04] TonyL: see
[24:09] TonyL: all katarina
[24:11] TonyL: cause no cancel
[24:14] TonyL: holy **** lulu
[25:17] TonyL: good luck
[25:31] TonyL: U SHUT UP
[26:08] TonyL: atleast we have 2 top
[26:11] TonyL: farming
[26:13] TonyL: you know
[29:56] TonyL: ****ing *****
[30:06] TonyL [ALL]: my team are *******s


[20:18] TonyL: its so ****ing dumb
[20:27] TonyL: you could land a hook and its the easiest kill ever
[20:31] TonyL: but were sitting here jacking each other off
[20:33] TonyL: for no reason
[20:44] TonyL: im done jacking you off
[20:46] TonyL: i want ****ing kills
[20:51] TonyL: how do you expect to win games
[20:54] TonyL: if you dont do anything
[23:41] TonyL: ****ing god damn it
[23:48] TonyL: i just got chased across the whole map
[25:34] TonyL [ALL]: watched your **** ass run all the way down


[28:40] TonyL: you're ****ing 0 7 and have no idea how to play this game
[28:45] TonyL: where the **** did you buy your account
[29:23] TonyL: and you buy a sighstone after ****ing 20mins
[29:27] TonyL: when lane phase is over my god
[29:32] TonyL: you're ****ing autistic or something

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Betwixts View Post
i have a similar thread that i would appreciate a response to. if you have an opportunity please find it. it is the only thread started by this account.
Unfortunately, in your case, there are multiple examples where you throw homophobic slurs and verbal abuse at players who aren't being toxic and you're just lashing out at them.

There are some examples where you are toxic because someone else is toxic, but both of you are banned. It's just never OK to start throwing homophobic slurs around just because someone is raging--just mute them and move on.

3 days ago

Is there a reason you can't post on your main account? It's easier to post chat logs if you're posting on the account you want logs for.

Also, your smurf account has been permanently banned as well for extreme, excessive toxicity.

3 days ago

It looks like you abuse your teammates pretty often in matches. For example, in your last 10 games, here are some chat log samples:

[6:17] Pool Party Kat: wow
[8:36] Pool Party Kat: report this fukn lux
[9:06] Pool Party Kat: and braum
[10:39] Pool Party Kat: plz leave
[14:40] Pool Party Kat: what do u expect from a mid who talks in all caps? lux is probably 13 yrs old and has no clue how 2 play this game
[17:47] Pool Party Kat: no offence but none of u should be playing ranked. ur all pretty fukn terrible
[20:36] Pool Party Kat: trundle i wont even say what u did wrong. cuz even if i did u would just get pissed and not believe me
[24:22] Pool Party Kat: trundle plz do uninstall or go back to bots, u are pretty bad. not trying to be mean b ut u ruined this game


[20:54] Pool Party Kat: this idiot braum cant even build tanky, what a moron support
[24:53] Pool Party Kat: u guys r gonna report braum and trist right?


[9:37] Pool Party Kat: twitch just stands there
[9:39] Pool Party Kat: what a fukn idiot
[12:12] Pool Party Kat: our kayle how no clue how 2 play this game
[12:47] Pool Party Kat: our kayle doesnt know how 2 mid
[12:49] Pool Party Kat: and cant win her lane
[13:10] Pool Party Kat: its kinda hard 2 gank a losing lane fyi
[22:32] Pool Party Kat: u try 2 save a retraded kayle
[24:11] Pool Party Kat: kayle has no boots
[24:12] Pool Party Kat: WOW
[24:16] Pool Party Kat: just WOW
[24:28] Pool Party Kat: thhats how u know someone shouldnt be playing ranked
[33:29] Pool Party Kat [ALL]: report kayle also


[19:51] Pool Party Kat: fuk this voli
[19:53] Pool Party Kat: srsly
[19:55] Pool Party Kat: fuk this idiot


[9:01] Pool Party Kat: that fukn snare omg
[9:04] Pool Party Kat: fukn so stupid
[17:33] Pool Party Kat: jesus fukn christ
[18:54] Pool Party Kat: lol leona is fukn terrible. ruining any chance u had
[20:24] Pool Party Kat [ALL]: my god this fukn team
[21:06] Pool Party Kat [ALL]: reporting every1
[28:16] Pool Party Kat: jesus christ
[28:26] Pool Party Kat: enjor ur ban zed


[4:22] Pool Party Kat: well if u wasnt a dumbass and didnt stay that long i wouldnt have been salty
[10:31] Pool Party Kat: chill pantheon. just chillll
[10:38] Pool Party Kat: quit being salty pantheon
[28:31] Pool Party Kat: ur getting reported
[10:56] Pool Party Kat: i cant
[10:58] Pool Party Kat: cuz u fukn me over
[11:00] Pool Party Kat: at the start
[11:02] Pool Party Kat: now im behind idiot
[11:06] Pool Party Kat: right kat
[11:08] Pool Party Kat: cuz its not cuz u suck
[11:45] Pool Party Kat: fukn help
[11:48] Pool Party Kat: cuz of u i cant jungle
[14:04] Pool Party Kat: stop being salty pantheon
[14:16] Pool Party Kat: i told u he sucks
[14:49] Pool Party Kat: jesus fukn christ
[17:37] Pool Party Kat: yi is ****
[17:39] Pool Party Kat: nasus is ****
[17:42] Pool Party Kat: gragas ur terrible
[17:46] Pool Party Kat: if i was u gragas
[17:50] Pool Party Kat: id buy a name change
[17:52] Pool Party Kat: u dont pwn ****
[18:14] Pool Party Kat: u dont either
[18:20] Pool Party Kat: right
[18:24] Pool Party Kat: ok gragas
[18:28] Pool Party Kat: keep making excuses as 2 why u suck
[20:18] Pool Party Kat: go ahead
[20:21] Pool Party Kat: ur a fukn moron dude
[20:26] Pool Party Kat: idgaf
[27:32] Pool Party Kat: plz tell me u have a brain?
[27:37] Pool Party Kat: cuz that was fukn dumb

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Xengre View Post
I am pretty sure at least 7+ are from this year. I don't report that often tbh. The hundreds statement by Lyte was an immense exaggeration. I probably have less then 100 reports since beta, maybe even less then 50.
You've reported over 700 players.

Lyte basically told everyone in this thread that I reported him for the tear bashing. If he posts the report statement AND the full match chat logs you will see me explicitly state that the reason he is being reported is because he threw the match by farming afk top lane as Nidalee against no enemy while our team got slammed for about 20 minutes because the top was NEVER in top lane after he got FB on Nid. The enemy top and mid basically lived bot in somethin akin to ARAB match. I mention how we lost 3 towers and an inhib I believe while Nid never once went to mid or bot lane during that time frame before the 20 min mark (though that tower/inhib part could be mixed up with another match, not 100% certain).
Here's your comment about the Summoner harassing you and berating you for tear:

Xegre: "Goes on to harass me about buying a Tear and blaming it as the reason we are losing when bot got 5 man dived throuhg both towers in the first 10 minutes or close to that because Shen was never top lane after she gave him FB. She rather get red buff when everyone is bot then get the towers like the entire team suggested and provides garbage logic to excuse herself. Its no wonder she got so much farm in a empty lane which helped her but screwed every other player on our team."

Here's two more players you reported for "toxic attitudes":

[7:18] Summoner1: myb
[14:47] Summoner1 [ALL]: i saw
[14:48] Summoner1 [ALL]: u
[14:54] Summoner1 [ALL]: was .1 s away
[33:31] Summoner1: or naw
[40:35] Summoner1: sona no ult
[41:36] Summoner1: 10s
[42:30] Summoner1: idk why garen
[42:33] Summoner1: tp so far
[42:37] Summoner1: instead of to baron
[47:08] Summoner1: my w
[47:17] Summoner1: was barely out of range
[47:20] Summoner1: of full leap
[47:30] Summoner1: and her ga would be gone
[50:49] Summoner1 [ALL]: gg
[50:55] Summoner1: no
[50:59] Summoner1: we won with 0 wards


[2:09] Summoner2 [ALL]: goodbye
[8:51] Summoner2: tf man
[18:10] Summoner2 [ALL]: bug
[18:13] Summoner2 [ALL]: you attacked me
[18:30] Summoner2 [ALL]: yeah, shouldnt kill you
[19:04] Summoner2 [ALL]: for sure
[19:58] Summoner2 [ALL]: bug
[20:19] Summoner2 [ALL]: and you not blaming everything on a bug or riot isnt?
[20:24] Summoner2 [ALL]: own medicine sucks right
[20:37] Summoner2 [ALL]: sure thing bud
[34:37] Summoner2: ward
[34:38] Summoner2: pr i;lt
[34:39] Summoner2: or ult
[39:46] Summoner2: nid blue
[42:24] Summoner2: free baron for them
[45:25] Summoner2 [ALL]: ;[
[47:02] Summoner2: i dont get it
[48:08] Summoner2: tf go
[48:10] Summoner2: i defend
[48:12] Summoner2: you have lich
[50:24] Summoner2: ward
[50:42] Summoner2 [ALL]: wards win games
[50:43] Summoner2 [ALL]: we have zero
[50:55] Summoner2: OMG
[50:56] Summoner2 [ALL]: gg

I will note that the ban is corrected to 7 days, which is what report abusers get.

4 days ago

Originally Posted by Banuvan View Post
I asked Lyte to post the pregame and postgame chat as well. The thresh is the summoner bashing on Lucian. He started in pregame chat, continued the verbal abuse into the game, then continued to attack the entire team in post game chat.

Notice how Lyte didn't post pre/post game chat logs for whatever reason.
I'm intentionally not concluding whether behaviors should be banned in this exercise, or manually banning players if I happen to see it--the systems will take care of it.

Regarding pre/post-game chat logs, I'm at home and don't have the same tools that I do at work.