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13 hours ago

Hi guys,

We wanted to give you an update on the Migration that’s planned for EUNE, as it was supposed to happen in November as per our message; we’re almost at the end of November and as you’ve probably guessed by now, we did not announce any concrete date.

There are a few reasons to that, but to make a long story short, we are now looking at performing the EUNE migration earlier next year.

As we were working towards our target date, we kept an eye on the feedback and doubts you exposed to us on this thread, and we figured we’d spend more time gathering and analyzing this up, rather than precipitating the migration. It’s important to note that, as we mentioned a few times in the thread, the migration will most likely be linked to an increase/decrease of latency regardless of how we take care of it, this is not due to our will but because of the way Internet routes work. That being said, we are evaluating different options that would perhaps mean hosting the platform somewhere (login, player profile, shop… Not games!) and the game servers (games only!) somewhere else.

Additionally, while all our tests for EUNE’s new home were going well, we realized that a different deployment solution (what we use to apply patches, etc) would probably be a better choice and add more value to the new servers. This is a pretty drastic change that would need to happen, and would have added time to our initial target anyways. Besides, EUNE is in a good place in regards to current service stability and we do not feel the same urgency to move it as we did with EUW (stability is not the only factor for this migration though, do not get hung up on that term ;-)).

As we are adding all these factors up (feedback, latency data, software changes, etc…), it became clear that it would not be an acceptable delay without proper communication – especially given that we had set up an expectation with you by stating November. Hopefully, the next time we communicate on the matter will be to bring you news of a target date. 

Thanks again everyone for your patience and your active participation in this topic, both Riot Tmx and myself have been able to gather a great amount of information from your participation!

1 day ago

Done for real this time. You're safe to play ranked.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Zoric View Post
I just got this

Hi, Zoric

As a player who has used the Refer-a-Friend program to bring new players into League of Legends, we're notifying you that 30 days from now we will be making changes to RAF. As a result, you have 30 days to redeem any rewards you might have outstanding or fulfill the requirements to earn additional rewards.

For more about how Refer-a-Friend continues to evolve, check out our announcement post here .


-Refer-a-Friend Team

Dont know if means on 30th day or need to wait some more + - ?
Aha, I get now why the confusion came up. Guess that we wanted to give players at least 30 days to do what they need to do, but something came up and we couldn't release at the earliest possible date.

Sorry for the delay. You'll see an announcement in the News section when the new system is in place.

3 days ago

Hey MizuiroNo, Shuvo1306,

Your posts, as well as the other ones expressing concerns, are not ignored and we do keep an eye on these. As we mentioned a few times, latency changes is one of the important key factors for us and we do want to ensure that the game experience's conditions are preserved.

This means that we would not disregard any impact the migration might have, but would rather focus on understanding why. You're right, in the sense that latency and geo-location will go hand in hand, but that's a set amount (in general) of milliseconds (plus or minus depending on your country), and a number much higher than that would indicate an issue on the lines.

We're currently working on a small update message for you guys in regards to the migration. :-)

3 days ago

My summoner name is the name of my first D&D character, back in 1997 :P

2nd edition Ravenloft Moon Elf Fighter/Mage. The name was given to him as his skin was the color of the moonlight reflected on a moisty leaf.

So no actual trees are involved in my name.

3 days ago

Yeah, read from a lot of you that you didn't like how the icons look. Feedback duly noted.

3 days ago

Guess you can use your Summoner icon to show your ranking in the forum.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by BÃ*ri White View Post
When do we get the forum badges??? Really want it :3
Hey man. You refer to forum badges similar to season 2 and 3? I checked the rewards in the FAQ and I don't see any forum badges mentioned, so I understand there were no forum badges this season.

3 days ago

1) The new RAF program is being prepared. I don't see any news post mentioning that date. Can you show me that email you got?

2) When it's ready

3) Preseason is the time when we try crazy things and shake up the status quo. With big changes like these, bugs happen, but at least they don't affect your regular-season ranked games. If you report them (with reproduction steps) you can help us find them and fix them faster. I can assure you that our QA team is putting a lot of extra effort this period.

4) As xfr33style said, 8% ap/ad can be massive, if you have 300 AD you get 24 AD, that's a Pickaxe (875 gold)! Also, before it was fairly easy to judge whether a trade of 1 tower for 1 dragon or 2 kills for 1 dragon was worth it. Now, it's much more interesting. Is it worth trading 1 tower for 1 dragon when the enemies have 0 stacks, and how does that change if the enemies have 3 stacks? It makes each situation different, thus makes decisions on defending dragon or letting opponents have it more important.

It's like having more things on the menu. In the past, you opened the menu and you saw 'Pizza, Pasta, Chicken'. Now you see 5 different kinds of pizza, 6 different kinds of pasta and lots and lots of chicken :P (now I'm hungry)

5) Those offers happen periodically but we haven't announced when the next one will be. Last one was on May.

6 days ago

Hi guys,

This is not the expected behaviour of the Launcher and we're looking into it.

In the meantime however, you can resolve your solution by following the steps mentioned in that comment:

It's essentially on how to change your current DPI size. It should fix it for ya! :-)

General Discussion Riot Boompje Lissandra (Quick Preview) ( 8 days ago )
8 days ago

Originally Posted by Boompje View Post
Whenever I am playing Lissandra (and she's my main mid mage):
- If I am doing well, no matter the opponent, I rush RoA
- If I am doing poorly, and against an AD guy, I get Seeker's armguard
- If I am doing poorly, and against a mage, I still get the RoA.

If you're having a bad game, you can "easily" turn that around with Lissandra. Your E makes roaming not too difficult, and you can evade wards/jump over walls with it. Your W+R are incredibly strong for ganks, so even if your mid lane is a problem, you can massively help other lanes and get yourself/allies fed
Meant to post on this account! Now the thread is redflagged!

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Grinwolf View Post
Still playing, 1 hour ago and through the whole night, gg.

We are still going through all the data, and the bans are being given out. We have not finished yet, so yes, you might still see some folks who use the exploit playing. Not for long though.

General Discussion Riot Moonleaf Advent callendar (Quick Preview) ( 9 days ago )
9 days ago

Originally Posted by Jens Cole View Post
because there no such thing like first win of the day. lately, I log in and play lol once everyday just to have this win and I feel bad if I miss it.
That's to a lesser extend than the idea mentioned. 1st win is a missed opportunity. Advent calendar would be something you paid for but failed to get :/

9 days ago

Hi Shioiko,

We are aware of the issues you're mentioning with the Spanish ISPs and the routes they're taking that seem to be less than optimal. This is something we've been investigating for a while and are looking into what can be done.

While these things are generally out of our influence, we do our best to work towards a perfect player experience and we hope to have improvements done to reduce that latency.

Do note that you can always contact them to discuss the issue with them as well and see what might be possible. Alternatively, some people have found successes by using certain VPN services to try and bypass the routing imposed by their providers.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by BatyStar View Post
Wow, from screenshots on FB i thought all with "CZ" or "PL" at the end of name are negative. I was wrong. (btw, i am also czech)
I volunteer. I allways thought i am neutral, so u suprised me with these logs. U maybe could also create thread where u show us how neutral players looks like.
A Neutral player is pretty much the majority of the thread, people who are chill

There's no negativity but it means you have to go pretty deep. It's very time intensive to run.

Batystar keeps people in the loop as to what's going on and takes mistakes with good grace. I like how you brush off that your opponent is a higher Tier than you and then joke afterwards when there's a play. Being positive isn't just about the plays it's grace and humour and keeping your team from going on tilt.

BatyStar (0:42): that zilean passive isn't global?
BatyStar (0:50): (((((((((((
BatyStar (1:24): who cares
BatyStar (3:11): well, i should care
BatyStar (4:02): dashes dashes, no way
BatyStar (4:19): and poke
BatyStar (9:12): i was too pushed when lucian was bot
BatyStar (9:49): i take wolfs
BatyStar (15:42): no mana
BatyStar (16:31): np
BatyStar (18:33): sorry
BatyStar (20:43): take blue
BatyStar (29:23): this combo op
BatyStar [All] (29:42): gg

I'm going to have to head to another language forum for the rest of tonight but if I have time I'll try and do some more later this week Thanks to everyone who offered and participated.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by BornToDiexD View Post
barely use the chat.. Im using skype and rage on my friends when **** goes sideways instead

I'm also curious to see how my chat logs look like
You're really upbeat when things go wrong in game. A lot of your recent games seemed to be AI on the new map, maybe wrong there You always make sure to say GG WP as well, which is something I personally love.

Also name is one of my favourite songs so you get a high five.

BornToDiexD [All] (24:40): GG
BornToDiexD [All] (24:46): wp

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Koscum View Post
Is that a challenge? >:3
I mean, sure, they aren't going be 2.5M SHU, but I can hope that they will reach at least 750K SHU.
I would never seriously challenge another mans peppers.

General Discussion Riot Moonleaf Advent callendar (Quick Preview) ( 9 days ago )
9 days ago

This is often done in social and mobile games, and it could be possible (something like a mini-mystery gift) but I wouldn't like a system like that for League. People shouldn't be forced to log in each day, and shouldn't feel bad for not logging in.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by ArcaniCZ View Post
I also volunteer. Feel free to check mine.
AtrcaniCZ has a positive attitude, he'll talk to the enemy and his team alike with respect and always calls out big plays on either side of the Rift. He's also getting mad props for his epic shields from his team mates

ArcaniCZ(7:10): gj
ArcaniCZ (11:17): that was our mistake wasnt?
ArcaniCZ [All] (15:26): dont be too greedy morg :¨)
ArcaniCZ [All] (15:58): CZ
ArcaniCZ (21:23): gj
ArcaniCZ [All] (21:36): gg

9 days ago

We often choose the language we use for emails based on the language you play the game with.

Poro, I checked your account and I can see that last time you played the game in Korean, despite being in EUNE. Guess you edited the client.

Another mystery solved.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by MizuiroNo View Post
Important question - Since EUNE is getting a migration it will probably f*** up my ping so I was wondering if we would get a free transfer to EUW or something after the change? I get 90 ping here already so 120 isn't really fun..
We are doing extensive tests with multiple providers and optimizing, to be sure that ping does not rise as much. You can create a smurf on EUW to check what the ping would be now, we're working so by the time we migrate it will be better.

Still, no plans for free transfers between EU servers.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Lashy View Post
Feel free to do mine!

I'm curious to see how my chat logs look like :>

Lashy tends to keep quiet except to call for warding or to apologise for making mild mistakes. He keeps the advice gentle and offers support where he can.

Lashy (5:10): sr
Lashy [All] (6:30): aw
Lashy (14:19): i wanted to get hooked
Lashy (14:23): didnt expect to die
Lashy (14:28): but still wurf i guess
Lashy (16:18): can i get red?
Lashy (16:33):
Lashy (22:17): oh you can 2v3 lol
Lashy [All] (24:27): no winions

9 days ago

Originally Posted by Koscum View Post
Remind me to send you some of my home-grown chilli peppers if they survive the winter. I might even have some Carolina Reapers next year >:3.

Also, I volunteer again for the chat thingie.
Your chilli's can't be that hot considering you're so chill. Especially when you get a frosty duo for the botlane.

Koscum (0:36): Woooooo! Frost duo!
Koscum [All] (1:14): Frost vs. games
Koscum (1:49): wait
Koscum (5:43): 25s
Koscum (10:24): 10s arrow
Koscum (21:12):
Koscum (29:11): Wu, want red or may I?
Koscum [All] (34:31): gg

9 days ago

Originally Posted by BÃ*ri White View Post
I'm not leaving for the Westeners :3 xD

9 days ago

Two topics:

a) We are aware of the consumable exploit and we're working on fixing it and identifying those who used it, similarly to BotRK.

b) MKJogo affects the experience between 'Play' and 'End of game', thus it goes against our stance. You can read more here.

9 days ago

Originally Posted by BÃ*ri White View Post
Well I didn't try the transfer but it definetly saud 0 RP i clicked on it but didnt confirm the tranfer
Yep, I can see in our tools that your account has a free transfer activated. It will probably be there in case you want it in the future. Still, enjoy the game in whichever server you prefer

9 days ago

Hey Bari,

Just to clear out the mystery, your account was created post-split and the free transfer is there for another reason.

To tell the truth, I'm not sure what the reason is. Could be a bug of the system, eg you were provided a free transfer home back on January, which was supposed to be temporary but it somehow got stuck in your account.

General Discussion Riot Nyx Jayce,Gnar Or Orianna? (Quick Preview) ( 10 days ago )
10 days ago

If you're looking to pick a champion that will adapt well between Top/Mid in my opinion I enjoy Jayce most in those lanes out of the options you gave. I played Orianna in mid this season and feel that she might get denied a lot by bullying champions that you may typically find in top lane (maybe that's just me, I'm bad.)

Jayce can switch between a ranged champion and a melee champion, so you get the best of both worlds. He can go against both AP and AD champions, ranged or melee because he is very adaptable. I found him a lot of fun to play (especially when you land a thundering blow on an enemy!) On top of that, he is rather dashing and brings fashionable charm to the team.

I really like the explanation Desapher gave above of when to pick Jayce, that's some awesome advice. I'm going to use that when I'm next on the Rift! It's good to have a pool of champions that you feel comfortable with. Remember practice makes perfect, gl hf and let me know what you decide!

10 days ago

Quick update!

Thank you all for the helping us track down these issues.

We've been able to identify some potential causes of the hitching and major FPS-drop-spikes that many of you have reported. This has allowed us to make progress on a couple of improvements we believe should reduce these problems and help with overall performance. We're looking to get these out to you all in a small patch soon.

We will continue to look into additional ways to improve performance further with the hope that we'll be able to roll out more optimisations in future updates.

Thank you again for helping us understand these issues.

10 days ago

Our hotfix patch, sent out this afternoon (11/17), includes the improvements mentioned in my previous post.

For those of you who are experiencing poor performance on the update to Summoner's Rift, please give playing on the new Rift a try after downloading this patch.

If these fixes are improving your performance or if you are still encountering issues please let us know. Thanks again for your patience and for your help in tracking down these issues.