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General Discussion RiotTantram How do you climb? (Quick Preview) ( 1 hour ago )
1 hour ago

Originally Posted by Tibberino View Post
Samsung White would like to have a word with you.
They are not human:-).

Seriously though. I've ref'd LCS games and heard the players say things like, "I can't pick X, because I've never practiced that matchup."

2 hours ago

One thing I was told by a Diamond player when I first started working here stuck with me. He said something along the lines of, "Sometimes you will be in a position to carry the game. And that's great. But there will also be many times where you will not be in a position to carry the game. Maybe you got behind, or got ganked, or things just aren't working out. In those situations, you have to stop trying to carry the game. Do your best to try to set up the other members of your team so that they can carry for you".

I'm not a great player either by any means, but its just important to remember that you won't be "the guy" every single game. And sometimes, games will just be unwinnable. That's fine, focus on doing your best within the microcosm of that game.

6 hours ago

Originally Posted by AntiSkillshot View Post

Wait, what?
What would happen if I joined Riot, and this Red was still around? Would the office celebrate both our birthdays? Being that both, seemingly, are on the same day.

Of course! Happy Birthday!

12 hours ago

Originally Posted by DasKopFlos View Post
How are very mobile champions going to like the new terrain. Are we going to be able to wall jump much easier also with the new terrain will it reduce invisible walls .... meaning less fail flashes.
we have cleaned up a lot of areas so that the walls come up to the navmesh now. Things should make more sense so it should be easier to tell what you can and can't jump/flash over now.

1 day ago

Thank you! :3

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Splendid Pie View Post
Happy Birthday.

How do people find or know about these obscure reds that never post on the forums though? o_O
I post on the Beta Boards a lot. :]

1 day ago

Originally Posted by butterhero53 View Post
happy birthday

Thank you!

1 day ago

Originally Posted by IS1d2f73fc65c5cecdf878c View Post
According to Robolions:

"In the Shurima lore Xerath is the bad guy that betrays his emperor and tries to install himself as leader of Shurima. Not cool, let's get him!"

Why do you lie to us Runaan?
From the perspective shown so far, Xerath was the villain of the piece. Xerath would likely disagree, he had his reasons to betray the young emperor.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by SaT Havoc View Post
Actually MacGruber is B4 now, so he's ahead of you now
The climb is real.

Player Behavior CaptnPanda Im innocent! (Quick Preview) ( 2 days ago )
2 days ago

Hey SpaceGhost7,

I went ahead and looked further into your account since the leaver buster system does not ban an account for only leaving one game. When I did I can see that this account has idled or left a high amount of games in only a short seven day period. This is what caused the leaver buster system to flag and suspend the account. The system does have a grace period for those instances where disconnecting or leaving a game is out of your control ( Like your sister unplugging your router or what have you ) but when it becomes a consistent pattern the system will flag and suspend your account.

Your leaver level and suspensions will decay if you continue to consistently play through games without leaving or idling. Keep in mind that Co-op-vs-AI games do still follow the leaver buster rules. As well as even if you reconnect or don't even completely leave the game and just sit idle that the leaver buster system will still flag your account.

If there is a particular time that your siblings like to unplug things you can avoid starting up games around this time of the day. I know that my connection disconnects and resets every night around midnight. So I try not to start up games after 11:30pm That way matches don't interfere with this. If you want to discuss any of these issues further you can feel free to write in a support ticket to us.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by TeaVeeBag View Post
Fun facts. Rivington used to be on PSPB. Before he moved on to be all hot and famous and such.

He always told me I was the naked guy on the desk.

I'd like to think I'm the guy with no pants on though.

General Discussion Lyte @RiotLyte logs please. (Quick Preview) ( 3 days ago )
3 days ago

Your account was actually permanently closed because this was your 3rd 14-day escalated ban.

Examples of your most recent chat logs are here:

[10:22] Ieo: ****ign annoying
[10:29] Ieo: xin zhao dumb jg
[10:47] Ieo: annoys the fk out of me
[11:23] Ieo: c*nt
[14:08] Ieo [ALL]: YOU STUPID
[14:15] Ieo [ALL]: YOU STUPID


[11:09] Ieo: stfu mf
[11:17] Ieo: fk u
[12:32] Ieo: **** for nami anyday


[6:42] Ieo: *******
[12:33] Ieo: u r bad
[12:34] Ieo: and dumb
[16:37] Ieo: sooo bad
[16:46] Ieo: soo obad
[16:49] Ieo: l2p
[16:49] Ieo: nooob
[17:44] Ieo: are you dumb?
[18:09] Ieo: you guys are trasg
[18:10] Ieo: trashhh
[18:27] Ieo: TRASH
[18:28] Ieo: LOOOL
[18:43] Ieo: LOOOL
[18:45] Ieo: SILVER 2
[18:46] Ieo: LOOOOL
[18:47] Ieo: SOOOO BAD[18:57] Ieo: sine you're so bad
[18:58] Ieo: LOL
[19:00] Ieo: YOU'RE BAD AF'
[19:01] Ieo: LOOL[19:04] Ieo: LOL
[19:14] Ieo: i dont play with
[19:16] Ieo: peaseants
[19:20] Ieo: unranked trash
[19:24] Ieo: ya
[19:25] Ieo: cus ur bad
[19:27] Ieo: not **** talk
[19:29] Ieo: if im saying the truth
[20:16] Ieo: LOL
[20:24] Ieo: i dont need to prove anything to you
[20:28] Ieo: its just a facti m better than you
[20:29] Ieo: trashcan
[20:42] Ieo: alright
[20:43] Ieo: 1v1 after this
[20:50] Ieo: LOL
[20:54] Ieo: ILL 2V1 YOU GUYS
[20:55] Ieo: AND WRECK YO
[20:56] Ieo: LOOLL
[20:57] Ieo: SILVER 2
[20:58] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:01] Ieo: CMON
[21:01] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:04] Ieo: SILVER 2
[21:06] Ieo: PLS
[21:18] Ieo: silver 2
[21:50] Ieo: then 1v1 me
[21:50] Ieo: idiot
[21:54] Ieo: i can wreck you anytime
[22:00] Ieo: then 1v1 me
[22:02] Ieo: idiot
[22:07] Ieo: did i die to braum
[22:09] Ieo: are you an idiot?
[22:20] Ieo: damn
[22:23] Ieo: this is why i think
[22:25] Ieo: everybody under plat
[22:27] Ieo: is retarded
[23:00] Ieo: LOL
[23:03] Ieo: im gonna 11 you
[23:04] Ieo: after this
[23:04] Ieo: 1v1
[23:51] Ieo: idiots think 1vv1 proves anything
[23:51] Ieo: rof
[23:55] Ieo: ill still rape you anyways
[24:36] Ieo: so sad
[24:38] Ieo: how i have same cs as rene
[24:42] Ieo: :
[24:43] Ieo:
[24:49] Ieo: so sad[25:59] Ieo: cus ur too idiotic
[26:00] Ieo: to play with


[1:01] Ieo [ALL]: n*gga i rather be rich than famous
[11:23] Ieo [ALL]: fk u
[13:35] Ieo: n*gga
[14:56] Ieo: naut jg suk dik
[17:25] Ieo: naut jg suck dick
[19:14] Ieo: go afk idc
[19:16] Ieo: ur usless anyways
[19:43] Ieo: are you dumb


[17:08] Ieo: are you retarded
[17:14] Ieo: this nid
[22:54] Ieo: ur dumb


[28:52] Ieo: stfu lucian
[28:53] Ieo: ur useless
[31:53] Ieo: can u stfu?
[33:23] Ieo: stfu
[33:28] Ieo: ur dumb as fk
[33:31] Ieo: u ****in ******
[35:06] Ieo: LOL?
[35:09] Ieo: r u dumb?
[35:16] Ieo: retarded as ****
[35:18] Ieo: stfu trashcan


[2:58] Ieo [ALL]: fu
[9:00] Ieo [ALL]: ur shorter
[9:01] Ieo [ALL]: u midhet
[9:03] Ieo [ALL]: mmidget
[19:12] Ieo: ur bad af
[19:17] Ieo: ******
[21:08] Ieo: this ziggs
[21:11] Ieo: is sooo retarded
[21:20] Ieo: ****ing ******
[21:32] Ieo: omg get butthurt


[1:40] Ieo: soo retarded
[2:40] Ieo: ******
[2:59] Ieo: you ******
[3:03] Ieo: gold baddie
[3:04] Ieo: gtfo
[13:36] Ieo: ur bad
[13:37] Ieo: as fk
[14:24] Ieo: stfu noob
[15:10] Ieo: ur so bad
[17:07] Ieo: stfu u ******
[17:12] Ieo: u ****ing dumb ****
[17:17] Ieo: WTF
[17:18] Ieo: NICE E
[17:19] Ieo: HOLY ****
[17:19] Ieo: UR
[17:20] Ieo: SO
[17:20] Ieo: ****ING
[17:21] Ieo: BAD
[17:21] Ieo: GTFO
[17:24] Ieo: stfu
[17:25] Ieo: ur so bad
[17:27] Ieo: gtfoooo
[17:53] Ieo: im reporting u
[17:56] Ieo: for being a dumb ****
[18:10] Ieo: stfu
[18:13] Ieo: next time i see you
[18:14] Ieo: ill murk you
[18:16] Ieo: u c*nt
[18:51] Ieo: fkin gg
[23:20] Ieo: dude
[23:22] Ieo: wtf r u doing
[23:30] Ieo: seri
[23:31] Ieo: ****ing
[23:32] Ieo: lu
[24:03] Ieo: im reporting u after
[24:35] Ieo: learn to stfu for once
[28:20] Ieo: ******
[29:42] Ieo: gg
[29:42] Ieo: wtf
[29:43] Ieo: gg

3 days ago

Originally Posted by xPeAcEx View Post
I'm looking at his match history for last 50 games and i can't see him intentionally feeding a large number of games. Maybe something wrong with system? Maybe worth a second look. He just about only plays yi so i don't expect much from other champs in terms of winrate.

if we look at his last 40 games on op.gg. His two worst games are 0-11 and 0-8 and 0-13, which from personal experience i have seen a yi do, doesn't mean they are intentionally feeding just every hard to come back as yi.
Players can only see Ranked Games. We can see all games

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Black Mage Zeref View Post
I just got an email saying my account is suspended for 2 weeks. I wanted to get some clarification on this and know what exactly warrants a 2 week ban.

I will admit that I may have been an argumentative person in the past but I NEVER go to the extreme cases of toxicity, (NEVER intentional feeding, racism, death threats, homophobia, etc.) In actuality, I have been trying to be more of a team player as I try to climb to Gold, and Riot Staff can see for themselves if I'm lying by looking at my recent games.

I play tons of games and forget most of what goes on in them. I legitimately think that NONE of my behavior, especially recently, warranted a 14-day suspension. I would simply like to see chat logs. If I had been toxic and completely blinded by rage, I'll walk out of this, admit my mistake, and try to improve more on my part.

Edit #1:Someone from another thread claimed that there was one case of a 14-day ban being unwarranted and this actually gives me hope.. meaning that there's a chance that this suspension on my account can be a mistake.

Edit #2: Additionally, if I am proven to be deserving of this ban, I'd accept a 100-game chat restriction without any complaints to compensate for my persistence in seeing the chat logs and ignorance to my behavior. That's how strong I feel about this issue.
It looks like your case was one of the borderline ones. Your notes show a pretty diverse range of behaviors, such as spamming "muted and reported" in quite a few games. Generally, players like you should just mute a player and report them after the game and let us take care of the rest--there's no reason to verbally spam players with "muted and reported" or try to get other people to report these players too. You also show consistent moderate toxicity in a huge number of your games but were always just below the line for an escalated ban. But, in a few games you started using homophobic slurs which pushed you over the edge. I've included a few examples of these behaviors below:

[14:39] Black Mage Zeref: muted
[14:42] Black Mage Zeref: and reported
[19:15] Black Mage Zeref: and report galio for refusint to communicate with team
[22:35] Black Mage Zeref: that attitude is of a 12 year old
[24:54] Black Mage Zeref: you guys
[24:54] Black Mage Zeref: died
[24:55] Black Mage Zeref: 9 times
[24:56] Black Mage Zeref: at bot
[25:02] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9 times at bot
[25:10] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:14] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:17] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:19] Black Mage Zeref: together
[25:23] Black Mage Zeref: you died 9x at bot
[25:26] Black Mage Zeref: i called mia
[25:29] Black Mage Zeref: all 5x
[26:09] Black Mage Zeref: 11 times
[26:29] Black Mage Zeref: sad
[26:32] Black Mage Zeref: youre the one staying in silver
[26:32] Black Mage Zeref: lol
[28:05] Black Mage Zeref: look
[28:07] Black Mage Zeref: at your scores
[28:08] Black Mage Zeref: lol
[28:10] Black Mage Zeref: kda is horrible
[28:34] Black Mage Zeref: im done talking
[28:53] Black Mage Zeref: you need to stfu
[28:53] Black Mage Zeref: again
[29:58] Black Mage Zeref: 9 year old attitude
[30:00] Black Mage Zeref: give me a break
[33:10] Black Mage Zeref: how old are you? 10?


[20:18] Black Mage Zeref: youre always at the wrong place at the wrong time
[20:23] Black Mage Zeref: report her


[9:48] Black Mage Zeref: jinx
[9:51] Black Mage Zeref: that was the stupidest thing
[9:52] Black Mage Zeref: you could do
[10:07] Black Mage Zeref: you should really pay attention
[10:10] Black Mage Zeref: to whats happening on the map
[14:23] Black Mage Zeref: just making sure
[14:25] Black Mage Zeref: you dont die again
[14:32] Black Mage Zeref: in a stupid manner
[15:41] Black Mage Zeref: sigh jinx
[16:04] Black Mage Zeref: its giving me cancer
[24:00] Black Mage Zeref: and jinx still cant function with team
[27:43] Black Mage Zeref: reported amumu for toxic


[6:42] Black Mage Zeref: jinx
[6:45] Black Mage Zeref: youre the most retarded adc
[20:25] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: kinda sad that im stuck in support role
[20:36] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: when my adc is as bad as it gets


[22:21] Black Mage Zeref: you have more deaths than me
[23:30] Black Mage Zeref: before you get muted
[27:33] Black Mage Zeref: because youre stupid
[28:10] Black Mage Zeref: pure stupid


[11:34] Black Mage Zeref: warwick
[11:37] Black Mage Zeref: that ws pure
[11:39] Black Mage Zeref: stupidity
[12:17] Black Mage Zeref: all im asking for
[12:19] Black Mage Zeref: is a little common sense
[13:12] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: you know whats getting lucky?
[13:21] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: going against a nother person with a down syndrome
[23:25] Black Mage Zeref: just report leo


[12:33] Black Mage Zeref: because youre bad
[16:45] Black Mage Zeref: exactly
[16:46] Black Mage Zeref: what i meant
[16:47] Black Mage Zeref: by retarded
[21:43] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: just another excuse for being bad
[24:40] Black Mage Zeref: look at that tryhard


[2:08] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: this f*ggot
[3:35] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: so bad
[3:58] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: who?
[4:05] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: sounds like you lmfao
[5:19] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: but who died
[5:25] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: but who died like an idiot?
[6:12] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: ill stay mad then just 4 u bb
[13:52] Black Mage Zeref: youre failing hard
[13:53] Black Mage Zeref: not me
[14:05] Black Mage Zeref: youre falling hard
[14:06] Black Mage Zeref: not me
[14:27] Black Mage Zeref: every mispoisitoining you make costs you a death
[22:58] Black Mage Zeref: vi you have 3 deaths
[23:52] Black Mage Zeref: vi
[23:54] Black Mage Zeref: is a ******
[24:31] Black Mage Zeref: youre a ******

[32:25] Black Mage Zeref: useless jungler


[8:50] Black Mage Zeref: i can afk
[10:56] Black Mage Zeref: team full of *******
[12:28] Black Mage Zeref: youre doing horribly
[13:36] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: they already fed you so hard
[14:36] Black Mage Zeref: nothing can cure idiocy


[37:40] Black Mage Zeref: maybe i can go afk now
[38:08] Black Mage Zeref: goodluck on your game
[38:11] Black Mage Zeref: im not playing with any of you


[43:37] Black Mage Zeref [ALL]: teammates as retarded af


3 days ago

Originally Posted by SteamyPink70 View Post
i am unbanned in 2 weeks bruh
I've permanently closed your account due to intentional feeding in a large number of games.

3 days ago

For everyone who wants to play a game with me, feel free to add me. Right now I'm mostly playing on my private account trying to make sure I don't get dropped down to Silver before the end of season rewards XD, but once that's done I should be playing a few games on my riot account.

3 days ago

You were banned for intentional feeding, not chat-related offenses.

General Discussion WookieeCookie How do get laid? (Quick Preview) ( 3 days ago )
3 days ago

Step 1) Don't ask how to get laid on the internet.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Mad Policecars View Post
Couldn't, ya know, do your job properly and move it to off-topic?
I know a lot of you guys. You might not realize it. But I'm on the forums more than I'd like to admit. It's not too hard to remember you guys.

I recognize your names.

If it's a poster I think is legit confused about the nature of this sub-forum, I'll move them to Off Topic.

A lot of the posters here though know that Off-Topic exists. They just don't care, or are lazy.

And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Mad Policecars View Post
That's actually a fairly logical conclusion.
Though it seems to me they're just trying to have a conversation with their colleagues, instead of talk to the same three people on a dead forum.

I always found it funny though. If all the Off Topic trolls went to the Off Topic forum it would be a pretty happening place.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Ganiklis View Post
Wookie, tell me you said to your boss "And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post." before you decided to post it??

My boss also knows who a lot of the troll posters are too.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Maximum Mundo View Post
You closed that redhead thread.

I dislike you.
There are a lot of places to get pictures of redheads.

GD is not one of them.


3 days ago

Originally Posted by engieninja View Post
Personally, I think that if Riot actually hired psychologists to help reduce toxicity in the League community, they'd probably look for people who've already seen it all and don't have a sanity to snap.

I used to work Disney Online games'. League is the minor leagues compared to the twisted minds of 12 year olds.

I've seen some **** man.

3 days ago

I think I closed your math thread because it's off topic and we have a forum for that.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by Color Deaf View Post
There's a lot more off-topic stuff on GD than that tbh.

True. But GD doesn't have to sleep or work. I do.

3 days ago

Originally Posted by jaymc1130 View Post
isn't it kinda called gd at the moment?



Name:  GD.jpgViews: 718Size:  12.1 KB

4 days ago

Thank you for the awesome report! We are aware of this issue. For the time being, please don't dance as Azir with Sand Soldiers

4 days ago

Originally Posted by DiggerPat View Post
To appearances, OP is in fact trying to "cool it". We can lay off the #reking crew now.

Just an FYI though OP: Vegas Dad is one of the ragiest ragers you'd ever have the misfortune to meet ever since he got banned a short while ago. You don't really want to be agreeing with him.
Agree. I generally haven't re-visited threads after posting in them, so let's make this very clear: Being toxic towards someone because they had chat logs posted or spewing obscenities/homophobic/sexual/racial slurs at toxic players on the forums will result in forum bans and in egregious cases I've seen mods ban in-game accounts for forum behavior as well.

4 days ago

Originally Posted by swiftxtheshadow View Post
I would like to see more of my match chat logs and know if Lyte can find any others in the past month.

Those two games really warrant the severest punishment possible??? I don't believe that.

I think it's a mistake, that those two games which are in a row are isolated events, and that I was accidentally escalated from a chat restriction to this ban.
Unfortunately not at my desk right now, but there were a lot more than 2 examples. When we pull chat logs it's usually going back 2 weeks maximum, and I remember that you had a really high % of games that had offensive examples (i.e = higher than 25%).

4 days ago

As a Leona main I'm partial to "Get Sunned, Son."

Against a Lucian to Lux bot lane: "Do you even light?"

Crushing with a Lucian or Lux: "Photons OP."