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Attention Summoners! For those with intermittent FPS drops to ~5FPS for 1-3 Seconds

48 months ago

Greetings Summoners,

I've been looking into the thread here:

I wanted to make a new thread where I had control of the OP and drive the discussion towards discovering/resolving this issue.

To see if there is a common thread between players experiencing this problem. If you are experiencing this problem and would like assistance or to contribute to finding a solution you can do so by following these instructions.

Step 1: Follow our KB article that may improve your FPS*
I wrote this myself. It is rather... extensive. However, it is important that you follow this guide before posting your problem. It may even resolve your issue! If any of these issues resolve your problem please me a favor and report which step(s) resolved it for you.
* Additionally I want you to try selecting the "Disable all sounds" option in sounds options and restart your game.

Step 2: Post your DxDiag

Step 3: Post your most recent r3d logs where you experienced the problem
C:\Riot Games\LIVE\Logs\Game - R3d Logs
I collected all the old logs in the last thread but they only go to 1/15/2012. This leads me to believe this problem may have been solved. Also to properly compare these logs to a working log I need the versions to match.

I thank you in advance for your time and patience while I attempt to troubleshoot this issue with you. If you have any specific questions for me feel free to ask but please do not derail to far from the topic at hand. If you have a separate issue you would like me to investigate feel free to post a link to it here but please do not post about your issue here directly. Before linking it please be sure to visit our KB and post all relevant information in your thread. (Good advice when posting on this forum in general)

48 months ago

Thanks to everyone who submitted logs! Out of the 12 of you who submitted r3d logs 10 have some version of Windows 7. This means that Lucifiel's analysis may be spot on for this issue. If those of you that have tried it can report back with your results I would be very interested! I would not want to suggest that players do this unless they are confident in their ability to make the changes. I have not verified that these registry changes will not have adverse affects.

As always make sure that you are updated to the latest version of Windows including all service packs before making changes like this. Infact, issues like these are the prime example of why you should strive to keep your Windows machine up to date.

P.S. Please continue to submit r3d logs if you have not already. If you have already done this, thank you for your contribution!

Originally Posted by BaldJustice View Post
@Brentmiester: Aren't these RADS errors in all of these logs a clear indication of a memory leak of some type? Or at the very least an easily identified source of the problem in the client? I'm a lay person when it comes to this stuff but it seems to be common to everyone's logs and rather expensive in the old KB column there.
Not a memory leak! The logging simply includes the amount of new memory allocated to the game since the last log message. So anything that happened between the ERROR and the message before it will be logged as a memory increase. The reason these are so large in the log is because these error messages are taking place during loading of the game.

I see that you implemented the fix Lucifiel found. Now that the problem has reoccurred can you go check your registry to verify that your changes haven't reverted?

48 months ago

If anyone has the time and expertise(doesn't take much) to get me a process monitor log I would love to see one from a game where you experience problems. If you can minimize and get the exact time you experienced the problem that would be exceptionally good to help me pinpoint the area where the problem may have occurred.

You can read about using process monitor here:

A couple notes on how you should use it:
Add the following filters:
Process Name contains League include
Process Name contains LOL include
Process Name contains rads include

Turn on Show Profiling Events

Once you run a game that experiences problems:
File -> Save -> Events in filter

Then upload it to an upload site like mediafire and post a link

This may give insight as to what exactly your computer may be doing that is causing the delay.

48 months ago

Originally Posted by cmbast View Post
Here's my process monitor log, I also submitted my log after the game through the client. This is with the regedit fixes. http://www.mediafire.com/?c3m368nvecnqnzv
Thanks! Downloading the file now. I'll let you know if I find anything.

48 months ago

Originally Posted by Brentmeister View Post
Thanks! Downloading the file now. I'll let you know if I find anything.
Okay so I looked into and initially thought it may be something related to VO sounds being loaded. If the next person who gets me a PML can also tell me the times they lagged that would be exceptional for pinpointing down the exact issue.

Can you attach your DxDiag and r3d logs? I went back to look for them and realized that you hadn't posted them. I want to inspect your hardware and see what features your processor supports.

Here is my heavily filtered PML from my home machine for comparison(my home machine is too slow to process the less filtered versions).

48 months ago

I am going to go off the assumption that this is a Windows 7 error only for now. Of the 14 people I have inspected 12.5 have Windows 7 (.5 = one vista user)

I'd like everyone to experiment with the following.
1) Right-Click on the speaker in the bottom-left and go to "playback devices"
2*) Right-Click on EVERY playback device here and select "Disable"
3) Try playing the game with "All sounds disabled"
* Let me know how many sound devices you had to disable. Its possible you all have multiple sound devices causing this problem.

Windows 7 implemented a "feature" where your network will be throttled to handle audio events if you are receiving more that 10 packets in 1ms.

Here is an article that explains how to disable this feature. DANGER: It requires Registry edits!
Microsoft KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948066

Yes that is true(sorry I was trying to keep this thread from derailing). We try to keep performance impact to nothing or a minimum but we also want to add new better looking champions to the game. When you want to discuss offtopic things like this its better to create another thread and link it to prevent confusing everyone

48 months ago

If more people could try the "Disabling all sound devices" in the bottom right and report back on its success I would appreciate it

I'll be perusing more Windows 7 performance boards and blogs this weekend so hopefully we'll have some fresh strategies on Monday.

@All reported:
Thanks for making a separate thread I responded there with what I think the issue is. It is definitely a separate issue.

48 months ago

Hi again guys,

Thank you for the continued insight and discussion into this topic. Hopefully we can come up with a solution soon.

I went back over some of the information given. It appears that most to all the players experiencing this specific problem have more than 2 cores as well as Windows 7. For this reason I want to re-visit Lucifiel's fix by disabling "core parking".

This page describes the necessary changes in detail.

I would strongly recommend using NirSoft's RegScanner to make these changes:
Website: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/regscanner.html
Direct Download Link: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/regscanner_setup.exe

Why use RegScanner? As the guide details you will need to make these changes to several different registry entries. RegScanner makes it easy to make sure you got every one of them. If you don't get them all the issue may re-appear at seemingly random times.

Even if you have already made these changes and still experience the problem I would go ahead and get RegScanner to make sure.

I look forward to everyone's feedback on this fix!

Edit: I just wanted to include this information to make it easier for you guys:
Key: 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583
Name: ValueMax
Default Value: 64
New Value: 0

48 months ago

I looked into your theory about the registry value being bad. I found out that the attempt to access that registry is mad by windows for fullscreen applications only. Can you try running your game in Borderless or windowed mode and see if that resolves the problem for you? It should get rid of the accesses for that registry key completely.

I think you might be right on the money with the problem being some type of "Sleep State" for modern CPUs. I think Windows is saying "hey LOL isn't that expensive to run lets put some cores to sleep. Oh no now its too slow! wake them back up". Finding a way to prevent Windows from powering down the cores is a good approach. Once we understand which specific feature(s) are causing this problem we may be able to implement a fix.

If you haven't tried already try using Borderless or windowed mode. I doubt this is the problem but it could be a common factor and I'd like to eliminate it as a cause. The more likely cause is Windows somehow throttling your CPU's at inappropriate times. SIGHFOOS's fix of overclocking your CPU may prevent Windows from performing this throttling by taking control away from Windows. You may also want to take a look at the advanced powersaving features in your BIOS. If you see anything about CPU throttling you may try disabling it.

Here is an alternate less invasive way to disable CPU throttling on windows:

48 months ago

I just wanted to let everyone know that on Vista / Windows 7 the DEFAULT power option is balanced. It allows for [COLOR="Red"]throttling of your CPU down to 5%[/COLOR].

XP is not as well documented. It appears that different versions and Service Packs have different settings.

You will need to change your power options to prevent this from happening.

Its also important to note that certain hardware throttles itself at a lower level invisible/uncontrollable to Windows. The only way to fix this would be to investigate the settings of your BIOS. I cannot give detailed instructions for this but here are some guidelines:
Turn off any features with the following words:
Power Saver
Low Power
Dynamic Frequency
C-State (aka C1 C2 C3)
Dynamic Multiplier

If you have any questions about these settings or find another wording let me know so I can add it to the list.

Here is the link again for those that missed it in my earlier post:

48 months ago

I just wanted to return and re-iterate what I said before as well as include some "evidence".

Basically this does appear to be an issue with certain CPU/BIOS/OS not playing well with one another.

I was able to recreate this exact issue on my home computer by turning on aggressive CPU throttling. It disappeared once I turned it off. I was also able to confirm this fix with 5 summoners via in-game chat.

DISCLAIMER: Disabling Throttling is NOT the same as overclocking. However, modifying these types of settings does have the potential to hurt your computer. Processors should be able to run at their rated speeds but be sure to monitor your temperatures. If you begin to get blue screens it may be due to a faulty processor. Simply return the settings to their defaults.

To ensure you have it disabled you must do the following:
0) Be sure that you clean out and dust your computer! This is more often a heat problem than anything else. Performing any steps after this will have no affect if you are having heat issues. Consider re-applying thermal paste to your processor. If you are not confident in your ability to do this I recommend taking your computer to the nearest computer repair shop. They should be able to do this for a nominal fee.

1) Disable throttling in your OS.*
2) Disable throttling in your BIOS.
There are no instructions for this because each BIOS is different. Basically you need to check your BIOS for Performance/Power Settings. Try disabling thing like "Cool N' Quiet", "Throttling", "Power saving mode", one at a time until you find the offender.
3) Use a program like throttle stop:

* Laptop users should be especially thorough. Windows likes to revert to old power savings on laptops frequently.

EDIT: A common sentiment seems to be "x game runs fine" or "other games run fine". What you need to understand is that because LoL uses less than 100% of your CPU the CPU will throttle while in use. Other games that require much more CPU are basically running your CPU at full power constantly so you don't see this problem.

48 months ago

I've sent you a friend request in-game. Also can you attach a DxDiag to your post? Sorry if you posted one earlier but I can't find it. Also are you looking at the multiplier on CPU-Z? What does it say? I've attached a screenshot of where you should be looking. If you right-click on this portion you can also see your other cores. You might also try setting the affinity of the "League of Legends.exe" process after your game starts and see if this has any effect.

You definitely have a separate issue. Can you take this information and put it in a seperate new topic and link it here instead? I can't make any promises that I can resolve your issue there but I don't want to derail this thread.

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47 months ago

@UCF Ziggy
Near the top there is a drop down. Selecting Global Preferences should allow you to change this value.