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Who can Counter Viktor?

I ask that question in the situation of solo mid and why can counter him.
Sry if this thread is repeat but i must to know.

47 months ago

Anyone who relies on a single nuke to harass in lane (Katarina, Kassadin..etc) does poorly against Viktor, his Q is extremely good at trading (he can also do a QE combo near instantly).

Champions with long range sustained damage (Karthus, Cassiopeia), high sustain (Ahri, Morgana) give him a lot of problems. Viktor also has a lot of problems last hitting at tower, so its possible to deny him a lot of farm by just aggressively with pushing waves (with AOE characters like Brand).

47 months ago

Originally Posted by Grimmgore View Post
A wild RiotTobster appeared! This puts it pretty much in perspective.


On another note Mr. Tobster, I have a quick off topic question/request for you. Yesterday was my birthday and I tried to get some Rioters to play a game with me via forum post but failed miserably. Any chance you or some other Rioters would be willing to play a post-birthday game with me tonight or some other time this week?
I'm off today, so sure i'll play a game.

47 months ago

Originally Posted by Cromagis View Post
Viktor can't Q If he's silenced. So Kassadin should be winning lane against viktor. It's not necessarily a burst. But if you can continuously Q as kassadin, and force him back (Which is easy, viktor has mana problems and a low HP pool) then their is no reason for kassadin to do poorly laning against a viktor.

Null Sphere - Kassadin fires an ethereal bolt of void energy, dealing damage and silencing the target for a duration.

Power Transfer - Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, returning a portion of the damage dealt as a shield.

50 range is not enough to stop counter harassment due to cast time. If Viktor can see Kassadin's Q's coming (which is possible b/c he's a melee champion), its very easy to trade Q's (though you won't get the full benefit of the shield).

47 months ago

Originally Posted by xkawazux View Post
When they nerfed Kassadin's nullsphere range by 50 and compensated by buffing force pulse, it fundamentally changed the way he is played.

Before the change I could zone people with boots pots while never getting hit and shut down mid entirely unless I got counter picked.

Now you can't do that and he's more reliant on his ult in lane and more of a pubstomper.

50 range is a very big deal.

It single handedly made Kassadin an OP champion in ranked. A 50 range difference is big enough that a good Kassadin should be able to harass Viktor without worrying about viktor's Q at all.
Revulzion already said it, but flat out you are wrong on this. Because of cast time and projectile travel time, Viktor will always get this Q off before he is silenced. It is not a matter of skill, simply mechanics. The extra 50 range ensures that you cast first, which negates the shield strength of Viktor's Q, but not the damage.