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Employee Behavior

47 months ago

Hello Summoners,

We’ve recently been informed of an incident where a Riot Games team member acted inappropriately during a game. As you know, we’re continuously trying to raise the bar for how players interact with each other so the game experience is awesome for everyone – for anyone on the Riot team, we’re held to extremely high standards. After taking a thorough look at this incident, we’ve determined this person’s action were not acceptable and that person is no longer with Riot Games. We’ll continue to review internal training procedures to prevent similar events from happening in the future.


47 months ago

Originally Posted by Gordo778 View Post
Hey Pendragon, I just kinda wanted to ask, why do all Riot employees have the ability to insta-ban someone?

I understand that the majority of the riot staff would never use the power inappropriately, but that same majority probably don't use it at all. It's already been abused twice, and while fixed, it just seems like it might not be worth it anymore. Opinions?
This actually isn't true. Only our Player Support team members have the power to ban people. I, for example, do not. :P