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Forum Ranks?

I am confused as to what the ranks are or how to attain them. I am aware that I am a junior member. How does one become a "member" or a "senior member" or even higher than that? (i see red, blue, and green posts around)


60 months ago

“What do the different avatars/usergroups represent?”

* Red-Riot: These are the Developers. They are the most knowledgeable and are the only usergroup to have power over you, the player. They wield the almighty banhammer, so be good for goodness’ sake.
* Purple-Council: These players advise Riot on the current state of competitive LoL and how to improve it. They acquire this status through exceptional skill, keen insight on the metagame, running a league that sponsors LoL, chairing a sponsored team, or otherwise benefiting the competitive scene.
* Green-Emissaries: These players go above and beyond to help the LoL community as a whole prosper. They are active on the forums and promote LoL in various capacities.
* Blue-Adjudicators: These players have been involved with LoL since very early in the closed beta where their assistance was invaluable. New Adjudicators acquire this status through especially helpful Test Realm feedback.
* Orange-Wrenchmen: These players have invested time on the Help & Support board solving a variety of issues.
* Friend of Urf: These players have placed in the April 2010 contest honoring the death of Urf.
* Recruiter- These players have referred several friends using the Refer a Friend system.

An ungrouped forumite begins as a Junior Member. 30 posts net him Member status, and 100 Senior Member.

See here for more info about the forums - http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=110093